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The Threat on Trumps Life Continues/ Ministering to Pirates [Vision #245] – Sharlene Reimer

The Threat on Trumps Life Continues/ Ministering to Pirates

[Vision #245]

September 30, 2020 6:23 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Sept 20/20 sun evg

I was worshiping and praising our Lord in His Throne room as I always do. When I came to praying and to the time of proclaiming Ps 91,(this is my spirit travel where I am sitting on a giant bald eagle – like seen in TLOTR or Narnia) I found myself over ocean. I saw a boat in the distance and came up to it and stopped over it. It appeared to be a type of small transport boat maybe for fishing possibly but I didn’t see any fishing equipment. There was a powerful motor(s) at the stern of the boat; maybe 2 of them but I couldn’t say for sure. There were several men in the boat- dark skinned, short dark tight curly hair in t-shirts and shorts. My focus was on one of them as a face came in full view. I gave the reason for my hope and sang to him.  I pray that Jesus will be very real to this man, convict him and bring him out of a life of crime. My understanding was that they were pirates off the coast of Somalia. I found a picture similar to what I saw. These men are lured with big money that piracy offers. But it’s a deadly occupation.

Back at the white bench, I didn’t really ask much about the pirates as I looked into Somalia and piracy on the internet.  Jesus just mentioned to pray for them. I went on to the vision area.

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and walked over to the area where the others have already gathered. The vision opened up to see Trump walking across a stage with a podium placed in the front. He was shaking hands of those seated in the front row behind the podium.  I was looking mid air towards the stage, as I saw him walking across it. Then my perspective changed as I saw the same thing but now I was standing behind those seated in the front row ( behind the podium) as Trump was shaking their hands and greeting them. These were possibly political dignitaries. Then Trump went to the podium to address the large crowd in front of him. I didn’t see the crowd much. It was blurred. But I knew they were there. Suddenly Trump turned as if he was hit from something and fell to the stage floor. It happened very quickly. Chaos ensued. I know I have seen a previous vision about this(#111, 213). Sigh. But I know now that just because I see it doesn’t mean it will happen (unless it’s biblical prophecy and or if Jesus says it will ) because prayer changes outcomes. I asked Jesus why did I have another vision about an attempted assassination on Trump? He said: “His life continues to be threatened as the enemy wants him dead. There is an assignment on him.  Continue to pray for his protection.” I thought I released a mighty angel to protect him?  “Yes, you did daughter, and he is working but prayer changes outcomes. This will require the prayers of the people. Wake up church and pray!” What will happen if Trump is assassinated?  Jesus replied: “My mercy for this nation will be over. I have placed Trump in this office for such a time as this. He needs your prayers, not your criticism.” Jesus also said after that: “I am calling this nation to repent! In repentance is your salvation.”

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