The Third Word – Moriah

The Third Word

April 5, 2022 9:23 AM

In yesterday’s message, I cited 3 words Jesus Christ Our Redeemer and Friend had given me to communicate. I didn’t fully describe the message, I’ll try here. Please understand I don’t speak or study Hebrew.

This is what Jesus was communucating… The third word was actually KEDOSHIM, קדשים, with SPECIAL emphasis given by HIM to the yod in that word, which HE called the “Kev-yohd.” You see, Jesus put a word IN a word, or used a compound-word with the yod י having a seperate and important emphasis.

So, the THREE words were:
3. KEDOSHIM with KEVOD, both the words in the 3rd word, had a yod: Kevod spelled כבודי (MY glory) and the yod was to be emphasized, as I had shown. This third word pictograph was a mountain with 2 peaks.

Jesus Our Beloved son of David wants us to know this divine event is near. More importantly, He wants us to understand there would be NO moedim (divine appointment), NO shamayim (heavenly expanses), and NO kedoshim (holy ones) without “kev-yod” (MY HONOR, MY GLORY, MY RIGHT ARM, MY HAND) which facilitates the connection between the creator and the created.

For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are yours now and forever.

All praise and glory to Yahushua, the King of Kings, and the House of David, and may Father bless the house of the Son of David forever and for ages to ages without end.

Thank you for your patience in my getting this message out. Father bless you.

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