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The Third Seal Dream – Aaron Purser

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The Third Seal Dream

December 25, 2022
Aaron Purser

July – 1- 2020 Dream.

I was in a state of nothingness And a figure was approaching towards me from the front. I could only see the outline of its human esque shape. When it got very close I could see it was a skeleton in a cloak in the blackness all I could see were his hands and skull. In one hand he held a golden old school scale, in the other hand he held a single stock of wheat. The wheat grows in a “v” shape until it reaches the top which is larger and more like a diamond.

The skeleton remove the very end of the wheat the diamond portion and put it on the scale and it tipped the scale all the way down. Then money began to fall on the other side. There ones and fives and tens and twenties of American money. There were no coins. The more it piled on their weight was not enough to tip the scale from the single grain of wheat. Eventually the money had reached the top and all the rest of the bills began to fall away into the darkness. I was surprised that all the money and its weight did not lift the scale.

Then I woke up.

Take it to the Lord for discernment because I haven’t got a clue what it means. I just know this is a dream I havent been able to shake for days now.

Please feel free to interpret as the Lord shows you. This was really weird and kinda creepy for me for sure

Just to set the record straight I don’t have any kind of megachurch or microministry or anything, I’m just a construction worker in Texas. I bust my ass everyday for an opportunity to stand up for my Lord and I get the opportunity more than you would think, thankfully. I love the Lord Jesus of Nazareth and I’m a sinner, this ain’t for my glory only for the glory of the kingdom. So please interpret accordingly.

In Christ, AP

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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