The things coming on the earth are unimaginable… – Bekah Pearson Jones

Bekah Pearson Jones

April 25, 2018

It’s time to Listen.
It’s time to fast and pray.
It is past time children.
Take heed! Hear what I AM saying!
All you see happening is real and just as I told you it would be.
You must first remain calm.
You must seek repentance at every place, inside and out.
I AM coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle.
My bride has been tainted and tempted with lies and deception….But she has also believed these vile things instead of listening to her first Love…
The things coming on the earth are unimaginable…
You must wash yourselves clean in My Blood, fill your lamps, and pray without ceasing.
I want to deliver you from every infirmity and disease…
Following natural disasters are Famine and Pestilence ….War and Death.
You must not fear.
You must put the Blood above your doorposts.
Pray to escape these things that you may rescue the Pershing!
Be unified in my Love and Truth, that the World may know and believe that the Father sent Me.
That they may repent, for it is My Will that ALL should be saved!
The blood of the innocent in your land cries out from the ground…
My Justice is swift and merciful..
You MUST repent!
You must ask for the gifts until the fullness inhabits you!
Repentance brings fresh anointing!
I love you SO MUCH!
I want to pour out on you and use you like My Son and His apostles.
Some of you will pay the ultimate price for this.
I call you BLESSED.
In the Holy Place, the Secret Place!
Soon your debts, bills, jobs, illnesses won’t matter anymore.
I will deliver you from Egypt and Babylon!
You must step out in faith, let Me wash you clean, and use you for My Glory.
My beloved Lost Sheep have been deceived, but I say NO MORE!
A time is coming, yay even here, when my prophets will be vindicated and all will be shown forth.
Repent Church!
Come out and be separate, lest ya partake of her plagues!
I AM the Good Shepherd!
I will lead you beside still waters and feed you good food in due season!
You shall bear abundant fruit!
Keep praying! Keep worshipping Me, with you whole life!
Living Rivers will flow out of you!
The world will hate you for your peace and joy during suffering…
But the Lost Sheep will follow and cling to you.
Cleanse your heart, mind, lips, hands and feet!
For I want to use you.
I do not LIE!
Abide, Abide, Abide.

Psalm 91.

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