The Tentacles Of Gerontology Governing The Psychic Activity And Health Of Humanity – Only a Grain Of Sand

The Tentacles Of Gerontology Governing The Psychic Activity And Health Of Humanity
April 12, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

The course and history of fallen humanity continues. Satan is now manipulating billions, through technology, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. HAARP, radiation, electric magnetic transmissions, and the 5G are now operative. Chemtrails have fallen from the sky since 1950, when lithium was sprayed, over the city of San Francisco, in the first experiments.

You walk into a store, or board a plane, and are sprayed with mind and health altering chemicals, pathogens, bacteria to give a certified laboratory tested result. Your blood is drunk by those who worship satan, as your flesh is devoured by cannibals. Serums of rejuvenation are created from infant blood, and aborted fetuses, to keep old satanic flesh young. Children are abducted, stolen, sold, murdered, raped, devoured, harvested in secret farms, and government supported businesses, across your world. Your rich keep vials of fresh blood in their fridges.

The kabbalists, alchemists, and satanists have studied this for centuries. Now institutes of the blood, brain, and laboratories experiment behind barbed wire fences, paid for for by your tax dollars in Russia, Canada, Europe, China and the USA. The elixir of youth and the search for the basis of life has been advanced by the fallen ones, to destroy humanity: the family, male and female, and finally totally eradicate all the Christians of the world.

You turn a blind eye to all this many of you, preferring not to believe all these monstrous crimes are a reality, or even possible. The connection of homosexuality, transgenderism and communism, to all these satanic agendas are implicit, but again, it does not raise your ire.

I AM calls this a sin of omission!

The degenerates of this generation have raised their standard higher and higher, while you sleep. They control all aspects of your world: politics, banking, culture, sports, business, health, education, media, churches, NGO’s, recreation, military, financial transactions, and communications. What are you waiting for?

Where are My prayer warriors?
Where are My people, wearing the full armor of God, and fighting these demoniacs?
Where are the intercessors, advocates and protesters?
Where are the men of God in all this?
Who will expose this agenda?
Who is willing to stand in the breach?

I AM has had enough of your indifference, doubts, hesitation, fears, your refusals to confront the destruction of your bodies, souls, minds, families, children and Christian civilization. You have slumbered while the enemy has overturned all that is decent, holy and pure. You will now fall!

Many will enter the pit suddenly, at their particular judgment.
Many will die unsaved, unmourned, their bodies will lie in the street.
Many will plead innocent.
But I AM is not fooled by any of you human beings: cold hearts, stiff necked, self-absorbed.
Your will to live during the coming wars, famine, persecution, and pestilence, will drive you to act, like the monsters I have just described.
Consider My Words Now!

God The Father

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  1. Catherine

    Every time I am in the streets to give testimony for Jesus, I ask myself: where is the church? I see the witness of Jehova, I see the Mormons, the Muslims but not really the christians. Where are they? Perhaps they are already in the rapture and I don‘t know that!
    Wake up church! You are still here and you will still be here for some time because there is a lot of work to do.

  2. Mark

    Very true Catherine, the church sleeps but will soon have a rude awakening…

  3. Mark

    I am interested in putting together a small prayer group of individuals who have come out of the world, have thoroughly repented of all of their sins going back to their youth, and are keeping all of the commandments including honoring the true Sabbath.
    I am interested in praying with those who will be comfortable in agreeing with judicial prayers which are prayers for people to be brought under judgment. We will meet on Skype and get to know each other first. Please contact Mark at if you are interested.

    • Catherine

      Mark, don’t do the same mistake like so many christians. Most of the christians don’t pray, don’t care but even the people, who pray, hide themselves behind prayer. Prayer without Evangelisation is pregnancy without birth!
      Today everybody want to be a prophet but nobody want to be an Evangelist or a simple witness for Jesus. It’s so much about Names and Honor. If you are not a witness, if you don’t care for the Lost, forget the rapture and anything else. The judgment will come upon the Laodicea church.
      If you have a car, take the car and go from village to village, from city to city and warn people. Then your prayer will become different. SInce 2014 I pray the judgment of God above terror groups, ISIS etc. and many things happened. I pray the judgment of God above the dictators of Africa, Asia, South America, Islamic world and one after the other fall. There is a place in God, when your prayers are different, are with authority and bring results.
      Don’t try to bring people together, you loose your time. Go and do the work. To bring unity in the body of Christ, it needs first a nuclear bomb and even then the division will be bigger. Babylon and Zion don’t belong together.

    • Wow! I have also thought about doing something similar.

  4. Mark

    Sorry that email needs to be the following

  5. Barb N

    I have shared all these truths and the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my family, friends and neighbors — for years… They have decided that I am “mentally ill” and refuse to listen, believe or have anything to do with me. The demons inside of them are too strong — and they love their sins too much to come to the light.

    • Catherine

      Barb, there are about 7 billions people in the world or more, not only your small family. It‘s not important how people react, it‘s about my obedience. Who is faithful now and go and preach, will receive the power and the spirit of Elijah in the time before us to do the great works.

    • Joelina

      Barb N,

      it’s the same with me. My family hates me because I’m christian, they also say that I’m mentally ill. They even persecute me and try to put me to a “jail hospital” fo mental ill people. Also my “so called christian friends”. They don’t want to hear the truth. They are just running after their fleshly desires and say that’s God’s blessing. And everybody who suffers like Christ is of Satan. They left me. All none believers reject, mock and scoff me anyway. Well, the sad truth is that they will wake up one day and find out that they were deceived. Until then they will keep on running down the comfortable broad road, while mocking and scoffing all christians. Be blessed

  6. Tammy Hamilton

    I was prompted to use my talent and created some post-card sized art work that I hand colored to make them more personal. I printed a bunch and each night I color. On my one day our a week I tuck them here and there in store and under windshield wipers. I offer them to people. Some refuse, I then pray for them to Father God to touch their heart. I recently printed out the 10 commandments and the 2 commandments from Jesus and made bookmarks out of them. I sneak those out too. I will keep at this until we are called up.

    • Catherine

      Tammy, I have in my webside two flyers about Endtime. I distribute thousands every year. These flyers are translated in many languages like German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, etc. If you like you can contact me and print them in English. They are A4 2 sides.

    • That’s very lovely, keep it up. May God bless your efforts.

  7. Welle

    Barb N for me the same thing happen and happening and they do react like that. and me in this country lithuania is very tough me is only with Father Lord Jesus .
    When i was a child , He (LORD JESUS AND ALMIGHTY FATHER) told me this words but even know he told me and even remind me by telling this words : that you are only who truly believes in me (not anyone else).
    ME: amen.

  8. Welle

    and me is one of remnants brides . i was meant for him to serve exactly that way as he showed to me every time with visions and dreams. those most of it is personal so i cant tell for me is mystery . i can only tell like this if that is from FATHER LORD JESUS AND ALMIGHTY then : Y E S but if not SO I SAY : N O.

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