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The Temptress Dream – Solitary Man

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The Temptress Dream

February 8, 2023 6:34 PM
Solitary Man


I had a dream last night that was of a different quality than the ones I have been recently receiving. In this one I was on vacation on a cruise ship, my favourite form of vacation in the past. For some reason a woman I used to work with (but have not really thought of at all since I left that job almost 2 years ago) was on the ship as well. We started to get romantically involved. Before it got too serious, I woke up.

I felt the Lord speak then:

The dream you had last night was sent by the enemy to tempt you to indulge in your old sin of impure sexual imagination. He had you begin to get romantically involved with someone you knew from work, while on a cruise ship, on a vacation.

The lesson here is to beware of familiar spirits. Satan will send people, and spirits, and spirits in people, that will seem to know things about you, but practise impurity and uncleanness. You shall know them by their fruits.

Many so-called prophets are prophesying via familiar spirits, just as the witch of Endor (1 Sam 28:7). They seem to know trivial little personal details, that captivate the gullible, usually lonely, single women. As they open their hearts to the false prophet, evil spirits are transferred from the false prophet to the unsuspecting sheep, and their lives take a turn for the worse. Confusion, depression, and strife start to plague them.

You are right in bringing every dream to me. Not all dreams are of me. Yet even those of the enemy have lessons in them, if you refuse to yield to him, and come to me for understanding. This is how I want my children to walk with me – bring everything of significance to me, and I will teach you things you ought to know , as you are able to bear them. [end of the direct word of the Lord].

Some other insights that I believe I gleaned through further prayer is as follows: This temptation occurred while on vacation, on a cruise ship, which was my favourite form of vacation in the past. This represents relaxing and letting our guard down spiritually, indulging ourselves in what we find pleasurable. That will open the door to temptation.

Note the devil brought someone unexpected, yet not unfamiliar, to tempt me. Satan knows our past, he is keenly observing our behaviour. He will use familiar things from our past at unexpected times to test us.

I truly believe the test was to not linger on the pleasant illicit sensation the dream portrayed, but to recognize the inappropriateness of it and immediately take it to the Lord. I believe he appreciated using the discernment I had to recognize the wrongness of the dream, yet to reward me with insight and revelation because I brought it to him.

We see the devil is constantly seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet 5:7). We also see that God can take something evil and turn it into something good (Rom 8:28).

I hope that by sharing this, others may be warned, instructed, and encouraged should they face something similar.


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