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The Tall Thin Pale Man – Margaret Blake/Rosa Ray

The Tall Thin Pale Man

Jun 20, 2019, 10:00 AM
Margaret Blake/Rosa Ray

I (Rosa) had this dream last night June 17, 2019

The understanding of this dream,
Is that the message is crystal clear

The city is New York
The warnings given concerning it’s impending destruction are clear as water

I was in a city with tall buildings and it came to my mind that it was New York.

I was standing on the street waiting to cross when on the other side was a Tall Thin Pale Man, his skin was the color of ash, waiting also, he was wearing a clear raincoat with a clear hood, the raincoat was knee length.

The mans skin was the color of ash and the buildings behind him were the color of ash also

As we started walking I noticed he had sort of a feminine way about him

and as we got closer to the middle of the street he turned up a bottle of clear water, (I say clear water because it looked clearer for some reason)
When he put it to his mouth and started drinking his cheeks sunk in really deep, as though he was trying to suck the life out of it
He tilted his head way back

I don’t think he could see me
But there was no one else in sight

I remember thinking about everything being ash in color even him (The Pale Man) and Then the water he was drinking was so clear
Made me think of death, and tsunami

The pale man had and arrogance about him like he really done something

I told Margaret Blake about the dream and we were getting the same thoughts about the dream through prayer


The tall pale man represents the judgements of God coming against New York
For all it’s corruption, sin, and iniquity

All are doomed for there perversions, sins, arrogance, and pride

The man being tall and pale represents the water,
and the clear hood pulled over his head
signifies the height of the tsunami that will cover even the tallest of buildings

Him walking towards me is both the tsunami coming and engulfing everything in it’s path

The turning up of the bottle of water is the release of the event that will cause the tsunami that will rise over the whole of New York

The pale and ash color represents death and destruction over everything in it’s path

The pale man being on the other side of the street I feel represents those who belong to God from those under judgment

I believe many believers will be caught up in this tsunami whether they survive I do not know
But there was no other person on the street but the pale man and me

The warnings are out and it’s crystal clear
That Gods judgements are soon to come
upon New York

The wise will get out
Like Lot fleeing Sodom & Gomorra

The unwise will likely not survive
Except by Gods intervention
They will become the dead in Christ if they perish in the tsunami

Thinking on what the pale man looked like
Was walking death

Gods warning people


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