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September 21, 2021 10:16 AM

September 15 – 21, 2021


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Scriptural Reference: Isaiah Chapter 31 Verse 1
“Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help, trusting in horses, and putting their confidence in chariots, because they are very strong: and have not trusted in the Holy One of Israel, and have not sought after the Lord.”

Note: God has been showing me the end of a sword in the sky for awhile now, not a vision of metal but real cloud shapes, very obvious, not possible in nature.

It is everywhere now.
It will come from the sky to the land: meteors & bombs.
It will come from the land to the sky: volcanoes.
It will come from the sea to the land: tsunamis & invasion.
It will come from the core of the planet to the surface: earthquakes.

People are not ready, even those who are aware of what if coming are still immersed in the past, in their possessions, in their investments, in their own plans.

Note:Three cases in point were given to me of good Christian people who are not ready! I have tried to talk to all three…not possible.

Case #1
An end-timer, this person is extremely wealthy, a prayer warrior and great in charity towards their neighbor. Many companies, buildings, a farm, properties here in this country and internationally, million dollar home. Children and spouse not with God. Trying to keep the family empire going is destroying this person’s health. Because they are praying and fasting for loved ones, doesn’t eat, hydrate or sleep properly and has therefore crashed/destroyed three cars by blacking out at the wheel while driving. This person can not let go of the world. The Sword Of Damocles Hangs Over Head!

Case #2
An end-timer this person is an Emergency Worker/Ambulance, home-schooler, big family, true Christian. Will shortly loose the job as has not taken the the V. Is filled with doubts, calls true prophets false because all has not shaken-out as yet, doesn’t read the Bible, doesn’t hear the Holy Spirit. Thinks when they are out of work, they will finish writing and publish a book, has been working on for ages. Talks for hours about problems but never acts on advise given. Still talking pension funds, mortgages and financial dealings. The Sword Of Damocles Hangs Over Head!

Case #3
An end-timer, parent, grandparent, very prayerful, moral, decent, charitable to others, holy. Children not with God. Still lives in the city, had opportunity to sell but turned it down. Owns a cottage in the country. Instead of preparing the cottage as a Refuge, he has rented it out to tenants (one who has sub-let to others), as the owner wants wants some financial remuneration. By-law in this country no tenant can be evicted or asked to leave over the Winter months. This person will not be able to go to their country nest til next April: too late. Their children (if they can or will flee the city when you must) don’t believe in any prepper or end-time agenda. This person spends a lot of time on gold & silver price levels and the latest financial stock market economy lies and machinations. The Sword Of Damocles Hangs Over Head!

The Sword of Damocles Hangs Over Your Heads! “But there is still time,” you say? The clouds part, you see a shaft of the sun. Time passed. The day moved on. The Jacobs Well closed forever. You lost your opportunity. You were not ready. You didn’t seek the Lord, not His Voice: the Holy Spirit. Nor trust in His timing. Nor obey His prophets, nor test and try the spirits, regarding your thoughts, actions, plans. You Trusted In Egypt: The World! Ye Shall Weep And Wail!


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