The swab test is not your friend – Anonymous

The swab (test) is not your friend

May 6, 2020 6:11 AM

The swab [test] is not your friend
It is an enemy in disguise
My flowers are shivering
And getting weaken as the dark
Days are preventing them sunshine
Freedom and exercise
They are getting weaken, as the soil
Is not fertile like it used to be
Cycles come and go
Nothing new under the 🌞
Wake up the flowers and their children for they
are being suffocated as they are oblivious
To the changes of weather,and powers to be.
Are dictating their future. It time to not let the blood, sweat and tears they toiled and labor for’ to go to waste.
If we don’t protect our precious flowers
today, it will be too late tomorrow.
🌼 and children are precious 💖
Why let the powers to be
Have control when flowers are
Meant to be free and grow.

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  1. Tatyanna

    I’m glad I didn’t get it this past Sunday. I don’t like having a long swab going deep in my nose anyways.

  2. Eyes Open

    I am supposed to get it next week prior to surgery. I am not cleally understanding this warning though. Can you please be more concise as to what it does to you. And what is this connection to flowers ???

  3. Arizona

    THE GOVERNMENT ARE ALL DEMONS AND FALLEN ANGELS,the only way they can destroy you is to INFECT you with “ALIEN DNA” once its in you..YOU’LL NEVER see the day you get into heaven,NO HYBREDS ALLOWED IN HEAVEN….vaccines and swabs,they’ll do what ever they have to to keep you from getting into heaven,YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT YOUR HERO’S,their all devils…AND THERE ARE NO GOOD ONES..learn it the hard way…

  4. Rita

    I’ve seen only pictures of people having these Swabs shoved up their noses, and it looks ‘Painful’.

    I haven’t done much research into Brain Chips, which Elon Musk has talked about on YouTube. After seeing these swabs being shoved up people’s noses, I was asking myself…could this possibly be a way to inject a Brain Chip???

    As Arizona mentioned, all Governments are “Evil”, and I certainly don’t trust them at all, and to take a CV Test??? Not for me!!!

  5. Rita

    Donald Trump admitted a while back that the Corporate Media is instilling FEAR into the people about this so-called Corona Virus
    -“How the NDAA Allows US Gov to Use Propaganda Against Americans”


    -In 2012 Obama “modernizes” the “SMITH-MUNDT-ACT” of 1948 and thereby legalizes Domestic Propaganda allowing the US Gov to pass off “STAGED DRILLS” as real in the MSM. Almost overnight mass “shootings” sky rocket.


    -The Smith-Mundt Act was repealed. Now it’s legal for the Government to manipulate us through a torrent of LIES.

    On December 29, 2012, President Obama signed HR 4310, The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 of the bill authorizes the use of PROPAGANDA inside the USA, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed.


    -May 6, 2020 – “Smoking Gun PROOF CBS & Clinic FAKED Footage To Stoke FEAR & Drive Testing Demand”



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