The swab test is not your friend – Anonymous

The swab (test) is not your friend

May 6, 2020 6:11 AM

The swab [test] is not your friend
It is an enemy in disguise
My flowers are shivering
And getting weaken as the dark
Days are preventing them sunshine
Freedom and exercise
They are getting weaken, as the soil
Is not fertile like it used to be
Cycles come and go
Nothing new under the 🌞
Wake up the flowers and their children for they
are being suffocated as they are oblivious
To the changes of weather,and powers to be.
Are dictating their future. It time to not let the blood, sweat and tears they toiled and labor for’ to go to waste.
If we don’t protect our precious flowers
today, it will be too late tomorrow.
🌼 and children are precious 💖
Why let the powers to be
Have control when flowers are
Meant to be free and grow.


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