The Surprise – Merab Olfert

The Surprise

the announcement of the “good news!”

October 6, 2019 12:24:57 PM
Merab Olfert
This is the dream that I saw on October 3rd, 2019.

October 3, 2019

About 2:30 am (approximately)
I had a dream in which I was among a known gathering of the people of the faith in the Massiah.
We were visiting with each other and suddenly someone mentions to me pointing towards a certain sister in Yashua saying – Did you get the “good news” about her? She is expecting a baby.
I heard the news and was so overjoyed about it. As that happened I felt a baby’s head move inside my stomach and then I felt that little kick in my stomach. I was surprised to feel these movements because I did not know that I was pregnant too.
Then I take my husband aside and try to tell him what just happened. Now the scene changes and I see myself and my husband standing in a busy mall. Now that I tell him the news that I just felt a baby kick inside my stomach and I felt it’s head move, I see that he confidently holds my hands and calms me down and leads me to a table at a restaurant (this was a patio seating and not the indoor seating). He sits me down and calms me down saying that this is all going to be okay. He was constantly reassuring me about the whole situation. He could see that I was nervous and very confused while there was no ounce of worry on his face at all.
The scene changed again. Now I was back with the group of the believers (back in the first scene) and now I saw this other woman who was pregnant (about whom I heard in the first part of the dream). I joyfully I went over to greet saying – sister, I just heard that you are expecting a baby. Come here let me tell you of an amazing surprise that I just found out about. Then I tell her that I am expecting a baby as well but this is a secret and others don’t know about it yet. I also knew that I was expecting a boy.
References to babies in the bible:
1. John the Baptist (unexpected but a surprise announcement)
2. Yashua the Messiah (unexpected but also a surprise announcement)
3. Revelation 12 (son is born and is caught up before the throne of Yahuah)
I saw two women in dream who were expecting a baby. The “woman” in Revelation 12 is the Bride of Yashua (made of multiple believers that is the body of Yashua). This woman gives birth to a son and her son is snatched away from the dragon (old serpent / satan) and was caught up to Yahuah in heaven (representing first fruits harvest, people who are worthy to be removed away from the time of Great Tribulation so they will not see the serpent’s rule on Earth. That’s why they are caught up to heaven and are in Yahuah’s presence).
Literal Son, Yashua, represents the holy one who kept all the Torah (full instruction of Yahuah) perfectly, he walked in holiness and fulfilled prophecy concerning Him.
The son in Revelation 12 would have to be similar in characteristic. They are the holy ones who guard the commands of Yahuah and love Him with all their heart, soul and strength. They walk in holiness and bear much fruit which makes them worthy to be removed and not fight with the dragon.
The woman flees into the wilderness (just like Israel leaving Egypt and entering the wilderness). There Yahuah had prepared a place for her to take care of her for 1260 days. This would be the body of believers in the wilderness (literal and spiritual experience) during the Tribulation.
Since in the dream I felt the baby kick in my stomach – this indicates the baby could be between 16 – 25 weeks into development. 40 weeks is the total duration of pregnancy. 20 weeks is about half way into the pregnancy.
I’m understanding this to be a good indicator of how far along we are into the times of the end. We could very well be about half way in. Man-child (son) soon to be born and snatched away and the woman then is to flee into the wilderness.
Sister in Yashua,

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  1. Welle

    Lord Jesus is not from torah teachings . those who fallow torah they dont believe in JESUS because they call him in torah he just a priest not God AND messaiah who was send by GOD HIMSELF. torah commandment s are fleshly but real teaching is from REAL JESUS himself amen.

  2. Jared

    Let’s me ask you a question? What do you consider to be Torah? Do you know the significance of Torah? Have you ever read about it? Do you know what the Father says about it? If you don’t know the answer to any of these I suggest you study the first five books of the Bible. They’re the same in all our Bibles. May I suggest you read from Genesis to Deuteronomy very closely because it talks about Yeshua(Jesus) because no where in these books Yeshua was only a priest. I don’t know if you know this but Yeshua actually quoted Torah while he preached and it speaks of him in Genesis 3:15. “And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your descendants and her descendant. He will crush your head and you will bruise his heel”. This verse is a part of Torah.

    Also did you know there are references to Torah in over 200 verses in the New Testament. Telling how important it is!.

    I’m not trying to put you down but just asked you to read and study diligently to show yourself approved just like a good Berean. Read 2nd Timothy 2:15 ” Study to show thyself approved unto Yahuah (God)…”

  3. Merab

    @Welle: I would ask that you study the Torah, which is the first five books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) yourself by looking in your Bible.

    I have read it and nowhere in my bible did the Torah ever state Jesus as “just a priest”.

    After you have done your due diligence in searching the true scripture, and you do find me a reference from the Torah which shows Jesus as “just a priest” (as you claim), please respond and I would be willing to reconsider your suggestion in the above comment. However, as of right now what you have stated above is false.

    Here is something for you to consider:

    Jesus quoted and preached from the Torah so many times. Infact He used the TORAH to answer and defeat satan in the wilderness when satan came to tempt JESUS. Consider the following words of Jesus:
    “But Jesus told him, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”
    NLT Matthew 4:4

    Where did Jesus quote those words from to overcome satan’s temptation?

    He quoted it from the TORAH. It’s in all our Bibles if only we would study it.
    Deuteronomy 8:3 NLT
    “Yes, he humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna, a food previously unknown to you and your ancestors. He did it to teach you that people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord .”

    Jesus is THE WORD made Flesh.
    Most of us don’t realize that the WORD starts in GENESIS and not in MATTHEW. Also it doesn’t end with PAUL. It ends in REVELATION by JOHN.

    So JESUS is the” entire” WORD of GOD – From Genesis to Revelation, all of it.

    Jesus references the burning bush incident when explaining the resurrection (Torah – Exodus 3:6; New Testament – Mt 22:32; Mk 12:26; Lk 20:37).

    He recalls the Ten Commandments when telling a rich man how to enter the kingdom of God (Torah – Ex 20:12–16; New Testament – Mt 19:18–19; Mk 10:19; Lk 18:20).

    He mentions the fifth commandment (honoring parents) when exposing the Pharisees’ and scribes’ hypocrisy (Torah – Ex 20:12, 21:17; New Testament – Mt 15:4; Mk 7:10).

    And of course, the commandments against murder and adultery show up in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Torah – Ex 20:12–13; New Testament – Mt 5:21, 27).

    Jesus sums up the law and the prophets with a line from Deuteronomy (which is Torah) (and another from Leviticus, which is also Torah): “love God, and love your neighbor as yourself” (Dt 6:5; Mt 22:37; Mk 12:29–33; Lk 10:27).

    The Ten Commandments are in both Exodus and Deuteronomy (Torah) : Jesus references both books when he cites the commandments.

    Jesus references Deuteronomy (Torah) when he discusses divorce (Dt 24:1–3; Mt 5:31, 19:7; Mk 10:4).

    He mentions Moses’ rule of witnesses when he outlines church discipline (Torah – Dt 19:15; Mt 18:16).

    When Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus responds with passages from Deuteronomy (Torah) (Dt 6:13, 16, 8:3;) (New Testament – Mt 4:4, 7, 10; Lk 4:4, 8, 12).

    I would suggest you study the whole WORD of God and ask HIM for understanding and revelation which HE can and will give beyond measure to those who will seek and ask.

  4. Jared

    Here is study material for you. Please read them and find them in your own bible.
    1.) Is.2 [The Torah will be taught in the Millennial Kingdom]
    2.) Is.8:20 [Those who are against the Torah have no light in them]
    3.) Is.42:4 [The coastlands will wait for YHWH’s Torah]
    4.) Is.42:21 [YHWH will exalt the Torah and make it honorable]
    5.) Is.51:7 [The Torah mentioned to be on people’s hearts before Jer.31:33]
    6.) Jer.31:33 [The Torah will be on our hearts during the Millennial Kingdom]
    7.) Micah 4:2 [Nations will come to learn the Torah in the Millennial Kingdom]
    8.) Zech.14:16-19 [The Feast of Tabernacles will be kept in the Millennial Kingdom (Lev.23)]
    9.) Lam 2:9 [Jeremiah lamented that the Torah is no more. Why lament if it will be done away with?]
    10.) Psalm 119 [David exalted the Torah]

    -The Gospels-

    11.) Matt.4:4-10 [Yeshua used the Torah to rebuke the adversary (Deut 8:3; 6:16; 6:13)]
    12.) Matt.5:17-19 [Those who teach against Torah will be least in the Kingdom of Heaven]
    13.) Matt.7:12 [The Golden Rule (Midrash on Torah)]
    14.) Matt.9:20 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]
    15.) Matt.11:13 [Yeshua used the Torah & the Prophets to prove John the Baptist valid]
    16.) Matt.12:5 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]
    17.) Matt.14:36 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]
    18.) Matt.22:36-40 [Yeshua taught the greatest commandments from the Torah USING the Torah]
    19.) Matt.23:23 [Yeshua emphasized the weightier matters of the Torah USING the Torah]

    20.) Mark 3:4 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]
    21.) Mark 6:18 [John the Baptist used Torah to rebuke Herod (Lev.20:21)]
    22.) Mark 6:56 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]
    23.) Mark 10:5-12 [Yeshua taught on divorce using the creation account]

    24.) Luke 2:21 [Yeshua circumcised on the eighth day (Lev.12:2-3)]
    25.) Luke 2:22-39 [Yeshua was presented before YHWH as the first born (Ex.34:19)]
    26.) Luke 2:24 [An offering was made for Yeshua being the first born (Lev.12:6)]
    27.) Luke 4:16 [Yeshua’s custom was to attend Synagogue on the Sabbath day not Sunday]
    28.) Luke 6:3-9 [Yeshua is Master of the Sabbath]
    29.) Luke 10:26-28 [Yeshua encouraged Torah observance by elevating the weightier commandments]
    30.) Luke 10:30-37 [Yeshua gave a parable of the good Samaritan/love your neighbor]
    31.) Luke 14:5 [Yeshua preserved life on the Sabbath]
    32.) Luke 16:16 [Yeshua used Torah and the Prophets to prove John the Baptist is valid]
    33.) Luke 16:17 [It is easier for heaven & earth to pass away than for Torah to do so]
    34.) Luke 24:44 [Suffering Servant Prophecy fulfilled]

    35.) John 1:17 [Through the Torah, Messiah’s Grace was manifested] *
    36.) John 1:45 [Phillip used the Torah & the Prophets to convince Nathaniel about Yeshua being Messiah]
    37.) John 5:8 [Yeshua healed a lame man on the Sabbath]
    38.) John 7:19 [Yeshua used the Torah to defend Himself]
    39.) John 7:22-23 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]
    40.) John 7:24 [Yeshua taught to judge righteously (Lev.19:15)]
    41.) John 7:49 [Yeshua said those who do not know Torah are accursed]
    42.) John 7:51 [Nicodemus used the Torah to prove Yeshua innocent]
    43.) John 8:5-12 [Yeshua won the challenge concerning the woman in “adultery” (Lev.20:10)]

    44.) Acts 2 [The disciples celebrated Shavuot (Pentecost)]
    45.) Acts 6:13 [False witnesses accused the disciples of teaching against the Torah]
    46.) Acts 13:14 [Paul went to Synagogue on Sabbath]
    47.) Acts 13:15 [Paul attended Synagogue on Sabbath]
    48.) Acts 13:39 [Paul taught the Torah and the Prophets in Synagogue]
    49.) Acts 13:42 [Gentiles wanted to hear more about Torah and Messiah next Sabbath]
    50.) Acts 13:44 [Almost the whole city came the next Sabbath and wanted to learn]
    51.) Acts 13:46 [Paul and Barnabas decided to teach Torah/Prophets to the Gentiles (Is.49:6)]
    52.) Acts 13:48 [Gentiles were filled with gladness because they get to learn about Yeshua & Torah]
    53.) Acts 13:49 [Torah and the Prophets were spread throughout all the region of Antioch]
    54.) Acts 15:21 [Moses was taught in all the cities in Synagogues on the Sabbath Day]
    55.) Acts 15:28-29
    [New gentile converts were to keep the kosher laws of Torah before learning the rest of it]
    [Foods offered to idols/eating blood/eating things strangled/sexual immorality]
    [(Ex.20:3/Lev.7:26;17:12; 22:8/Deut.14:21)]
    56.) Acts 16:13 [Prayer was customarily made on the Sabbath Day]
    57.) Acts 17:2-4 [Paul taught Yeshua and Torah for THREE Sabbaths not three Sundays!]
    58.) Acts 18:4 [Paul persuaded Jews and Greeks about Yeshua EVERY Sabbath!]
    59.) Acts 18:13 [False witness accused Paul of teaching against Torah]
    60.) Acts 18:18 [Paul takes a Nazirite vow and shaves his head (Num.6)]
    61.) Acts 20:6 [Paul sails to Philippi AFTER Unleavened Bread. Why mention this if it’s done away with?] 62.) Acts 20:7-12 [Paul kept the Sabbath and taught for Havdallah until midnight]
    63.) Acts 20:16 [Paul wanted to arrive in time at Jerusalem to keep Shavuot (Ex.34:22/Lev.23:15-22)]
    64.) Acts 21:20 [New converts were ZEALOUS for the Torah!]
    65.) Acts 21:24 [Paul showed that he keeps the Torah]
    66.) Acts 21:28 [More false accusations saying that Paul taught against the Torah]
    67.) Acts 22:12 [Paul used the Torah to say Ananias was a devout man]
    68.) Acts 23:3 [Paul used the Torah to defend his position]
    69.) Acts 23:4 [Paul quoted the Torah (Ex.22:28)]
    70.) Acts 24:14 [Paul believed all things in the Torah and the Prophets]
    71.) Acts 28:23 [Paul taught people the Torah and the Prophets]

    -Pauline Epistles-
    72.) Rom.2:13 [Those who do the Torah and not just hear it are considered justified]
    73.) Rom.3:31 [Faith does not make void Torah]
    74.) Rom.6:15 [Grace is not permission to sin]
    75.) Rom.7:2 [Paul taught the laws of marriage & divorce (Deut.24)]
    76.) Rom.7:7 [The Torah is not sin]
    77.) Rom.7:12 [The Torah is holy, just, and good]
    78.) Rom.7:26 [The Torah is good]
    79.) Rom.7:22 [Paul delighted in the Torah of YHWH]
    80.) Rom.13:18 [Love fulfills the Torah]
    81.) Rom.13:10 [Love fulfills the Torah]

    *1 Corinthians:
    82.) 1Cor.1:18 [Paul quoted Isaiah 29:14 for his doctrine]
    83.) 1Cor.1:31 [Paul quoted Jeremiah 9:24]
    84.) 1Cor.2:9 [Paul quoted Isaiah 64:4]
    85.) 1Cor.2:16 [Paul quoted Isaiah 40:13]
    86.) 1Cor.3:19 [Paul quoted Job 5:13]
    87.) 1Cor.3:20 [Paul quoted Psalm 94:11]
    88.) 1Cor.5:1 [Paul used Torah to rebuke sin (Lev.20:11)
    89.) 1Cor.5:6-8 [Paul encouraged believers to keep Passover (Lev.23)]
    90.) 1Cor.5:9-11 [Paul taught to not be yoked with the sexually immoral (Lev.20)]
    91.) 1Cor.5:12-13 [Paul quoted Deut.17:7; 19:19; 22:21; 24:7]
    92.) 1Cor.6:9-10 [Paul listed immoral actions defined by Torah (Lev.20)]
    93.) 1Cor.6:16 [Paul quotes Gen.2:24]
    94.) 1Cor.7:10-11 [Paul taught on marriage and divorce (Deut.24)]
    95.) 1Cor.7:19 [Paul taught that keeping the Torah is more important than IMMEDIATE circumcision]*
    96.) 1Cor.7:39 [Paul taught the laws of marriage and re-marriage]
    97.) 1Cor.9:9-12 [Paul did a midrash on Deut.25:4]
    98.) 1Cor.9:21 [Paul kept YHWH’s Torah when ministering to those who didn’t have the Torah]
    99.) 1Cor.10:1-22 [Paul did a midrash on Ex.32:6]
    100.) 1Cor.10:26 [Paul quoted Psalm 24:1]
    101.) 1Cor.14:21 [Paul quoted Isaiah 28:11-12]
    102.) 1Cor.15:27 [Paul quoted Psalm 8:6]
    103.) 1Cor.15:32 [Paul quoted Isaiah 22:13]
    104.) 1Cor.15:45 [Paul quoted Gen.2:7]
    105.) 1Cor.15:54 [Paul quoted Isaiah 25:8]
    106.) 1Cor.15:55 [Paul quoted Hosea 13:14]

    *2 Corinthians:
    107.) 2Cor.3:12-17 [Paul did a midrash on the veil of Moses (Ex.34:33-35)]
    108.) 2Cor.4:13 [Paul quoted Psalm 116:10]
    109.) 2Cor.6:2 [Paul quoted Isaiah 49:8]
    110.) 2Cor.6:16 [Paul quoted Lev.26:12/Jeremiah 32:38/Ezekiel 37:27]
    111.) 2Cor.6:17 [Paul quoted Isaiah 52:11/Ezekiel 20:34; 41]
    112.) 2Cor.6:18 [Paul quoted 2 Samuel 7:14]
    113.) 2Cor.8:15 [Paul quoted Ex.16:18]
    114.) 2Cor.9:9 [Paul quoted Psalm 112:9]
    115.) 2Cor.10:17 [Paul quoted Jeremiah 9:24]
    116.) 2Cor.13:1 [Paul quotes Deut.19:15]

    117.) Gal.3:6 [Paul quoted Gen.15:6]
    118.) Gal.3:8 [Paul quoted Gen.12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14]
    119.) Gal.3:10 [Paul quoted Deut.27:26]
    120.) Gal.3:11 [Paul quoted Habakkuk 2:4]
    121.) Gal 3:12 [Paul quoted Lev.18:5]
    122.) Gal.3:13 [Paul quoted Deut 11:26-28; 27:15-26]
    123.) Gal.3:16 [Paul quoted Gen.12:7; 13:15; 24:7]
    124.) Gal.4:27 [Paul quoted Isaiah 54:1]
    125.) Gal.4:30 [Paul quoted Gen.21:10]
    126.) Gal.5:14 [Paul quoted Lev.19:18]

    127.) Eph.4:8 [Paul quoted Psalm 68:18]
    128.) Eph.4:25 [Paul quoted Zechariah 8:16]
    129.) Eph.4:26 [Paul quoted Psalm 4:4]
    130.) Eph.5:31 [Paul quoted Gen.2:24]
    131.) Eph.6:2 [Paul quoted Deut.5:16]

    132.) Philipp.2:17 [Paul related himself to a drink offering (Lev.23:13)]

    *1 Thessalonians:
    133.) 1Thess.4:2 [Paul taught to walk in the Commandments of YHWH]
    134.) 1Thess.4:3 [Paul taught to avoid sexual immorality (Lev.20)]
    135.) 1Thess.5:1-11 [Paul taught that those who don’t know the Feast Days are in darkness/blind]

    *2 Thessalonians:
    136.) 2Thess.1:8 [Paul quoted Isaiah 24:23]

    *1 Timothy:
    137.) 1Tim.1:8 [Paul taught that the Torah is good if one uses it right]
    138.) 1Tim.5:18 [Paul quoted Deut.25:4]
    139.) 1Tim.5:19 [Paul taught the concept of two witnesses (Deut.19:15)]

    *2 Timothy:
    140.) 2Tim.3:15 [Paul said Timothy had known the “Holy Scriptures” (Torah/Prophets) since his youth]
    141.) 2Tim.3:16 [Paul referred to the Torah/Prophets when he said “Scripture, Doctrine, Instruction”]
    142.) 2Tim.4:6 [Paul related himself as a drink offering (Lev.23:13)]

    143.) Titus 2:9 [Paul taught obedience to the Torah concerning bondservants & masters (Deut.15:12-18)]
    144.) Titus 2:14 [Paul taught that Yeshua died so we will have zeal for good works (Torah)]

    -Other Epistles-

    145.) Heb.1:5 [quoted Ps.2:7/2Sam.7:14]
    146.) Heb.1:6 [quoted Deut.32:43/Psalm 97:7]
    147.) Heb.1:7 [quoted Ps.104:4]
    148.) Heb.1:9 [quoted Ps.45:6-7]
    149.) Heb.1:12 [quoted Ps.102:25-27]
    150.) Heb.1:13 [quoted Ps.110:1]
    151.) Heb.2:8 [quoted Ps.8:4-6]
    152.) Heb.2:12 [quoted Ps.22:22]
    153.) Heb.2:13 [quoted 2Sam.22:3/Isaiah 8:17-18]
    154.) Heb.3:11 [quoted Ps. 5:7-11]
    155.) Heb.3:15 [quoted Ps.95:7-8]
    156.) Heb.4:3 [quoted Ps.95:11]
    157.) Heb.4:4 [quoted Gen.2:2]
    158.) Heb.4:5 [quoted Ps.95:11]
    159.) Heb.4:7 [quoted Ps.95:7-8]
    160.) Heb.5:5 [quoted Ps.2:7]
    161.) Heb.5:6 [quoted Ps.110:4]
    162.) Heb.6:14 [quoted Gen.22:17]
    163.) Heb.7:17 [quoted Ps.110:4]
    164.) Heb.7:21 [quoted Ps.110:4]
    165.) Heb.8:5 [quoted Ex.25:40]
    166.) Heb.8:12 [quoted Jer.31:31-34]
    167.) Heb.9:20 [quoted Ex. 24:8]
    168.) Heb.10:7 [quoted Ps.40:6-8]
    169.) Heb.10:16 [quoted Jer.31:33]
    170.) Heb.10:17 [quoted Jer.31:34]
    171.) Heb.10:30 [quoted Deut.32:35-36]
    172.) Heb.10:37 [quoted Hab.2:3-4]
    173.) Heb.11:5 [quoted Gen.5:24]
    174.) Heb.11:18 [quoted Gen.21:2]
    175.) Heb.12:6 [quoted Prov.3:11-12]
    176.) Heb.12:20 [quoted Ex.19:12-13]
    177.) Heb.12:21 [quoted Deut.9:19]
    178.) Heb.12:26 [quoted Hag.2:6]
    179.) Heb.13:5 [quoted Deut.31:6-8/Josh.1:5]
    180.) Heb.13:6 [quoted Ps.118:6]

    181.) Jam.1:22-24 [James taught to be a doer of the Word]
    182.) Jam.1:25 [The Torah is liberating]
    183.) Jam.2:8 [James quoted Lev.19:18]
    184.) Jam.2:11 [James quoted Ex.20:13-14/Deut.5:17-18]
    185.) Jam.2:23 [James quoted Gen.15:6]
    186.) Jam.3:2-12 [James did a midrash on the evil tongue (Lev.14)]
    187.) Jam.4:6 [James quoted Prov.3:34]
    188.) Jam.4:12 [James said YHWH is our Lawgiver. Why need a Lawgiver if the Law is done away with?]

    *1 Peter:
    189.) 1Pet.1:16 [Peter quoted Lev.11:44-45; 19:2; 20:7]
    190.) 1Pet.1:25 [Peter quoted Isaiah.40:6-8]
    191.) 1Pet.2:6 [Peter quoted Isaiah 28:16]
    192.) 1Pet.2:7 [Peter quoted Ps.118:22]
    193.) 1Pet.2:8 [Peter quoted Isaiah 8:14]
    194.) 1Pet.2:22 [Peter quoted Isaiah 53:9]
    195.) 1Pet.3:12 [Peter quoted Ps.34:12-16
    196.) 1Pet.3:14 [Peter quoted Isaiah 8:12]
    197.) 1Pet.4:8 [Peter quoted Prov.10:12]
    198.) 1Pet.4:11 [Peter taught to speak as the Oracles of YHWH (Heb.5:12; Acts 7:38; Rom.3:2)]
    199.) 1Pet.4:18 [Peter quoted Prov.11:31]
    200.) 1Pet.5:5 [Peter quoted Prov.3:34]

    *2 Peter:
    201.) 2Pet.2:22 [Peter quoted Prov.26:11]

    *1 John:
    202.) 1Jo.2:3-5 [We are YHWH’s children if we keep His commandments]
    203.) 1Jo.2:6 [We are to walk as Yeshua Messiah walked (Torah)]
    204.) 1Jo.3:4 [Sin is violating the Torah]
    205.) 1Jo.3:22 [We are to do YHWH’s commandments and do things that are pleasing to Him]
    206.) 1Jo.3:23 [To believe in Yeshua as Messiah is a Torah based faith]
    207.) 1Jo.3:24 [Those who keep YHWH’s commandments abide in Him, and He in them]
    208.) 1Jo.5:2 [We are YHWH’s children if we keep His commandments]
    209.) 1Jo.53 [It is the love of YHWH to keep His commandments and they aren’t a burden]

    *2 John:
    210.) 2Jo.1:6 [It is love to walk in His commandments]
    211.) 2Jo.1:9 [Violators of Torah do not abide in the teaching of Yeshua which is to follow Torah]
    [Those who abide in the teaching of Messiah has both YHWH and Yeshua]
    212.) 2Jo.1:10 [John said to have nothing to do with those who teach against the teaching of Messiah]

    213.) Jude 1:12 [“love feasts” were the Feast Days (Lev.23)]

    214.) Rev.1:6 [The Torah comes forth from Yeshua’s mouth]
    215.) Rev.12:17 [The adversary is enraged mainly with those who keep Torah & believe in Yeshua]
    216.) Rev.14:12 [Those who endure are they that keep the Torah and believe in Yeshua]
    217.) Rev.19:15 [Yeshua judges and strikes the nations with the Torah (Word of YHWH/His Sword)]
    218.) Rev.22:14

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