The Surprise – Merab Olfert

The Surprise

the announcement of the “good news!”

October 6, 2019 12:24:57 PM
Merab Olfert
This is the dream that I saw on October 3rd, 2019.

October 3, 2019

About 2:30 am (approximately)
I had a dream in which I was among a known gathering of the people of the faith in the Massiah.
We were visiting with each other and suddenly someone mentions to me pointing towards a certain sister in Yashua saying – Did you get the “good news” about her? She is expecting a baby.
I heard the news and was so overjoyed about it. As that happened I felt a baby’s head move inside my stomach and then I felt that little kick in my stomach. I was surprised to feel these movements because I did not know that I was pregnant too.
Then I take my husband aside and try to tell him what just happened. Now the scene changes and I see myself and my husband standing in a busy mall. Now that I tell him the news that I just felt a baby kick inside my stomach and I felt it’s head move, I see that he confidently holds my hands and calms me down and leads me to a table at a restaurant (this was a patio seating and not the indoor seating). He sits me down and calms me down saying that this is all going to be okay. He was constantly reassuring me about the whole situation. He could see that I was nervous and very confused while there was no ounce of worry on his face at all.
The scene changed again. Now I was back with the group of the believers (back in the first scene) and now I saw this other woman who was pregnant (about whom I heard in the first part of the dream). I joyfully I went over to greet saying – sister, I just heard that you are expecting a baby. Come here let me tell you of an amazing surprise that I just found out about. Then I tell her that I am expecting a baby as well but this is a secret and others don’t know about it yet. I also knew that I was expecting a boy.
References to babies in the bible:
1. John the Baptist (unexpected but a surprise announcement)
2. Yashua the Messiah (unexpected but also a surprise announcement)
3. Revelation 12 (son is born and is caught up before the throne of Yahuah)
I saw two women in dream who were expecting a baby. The “woman” in Revelation 12 is the Bride of Yashua (made of multiple believers that is the body of Yashua). This woman gives birth to a son and her son is snatched away from the dragon (old serpent / satan) and was caught up to Yahuah in heaven (representing first fruits harvest, people who are worthy to be removed away from the time of Great Tribulation so they will not see the serpent’s rule on Earth. That’s why they are caught up to heaven and are in Yahuah’s presence).
Literal Son, Yashua, represents the holy one who kept all the Torah (full instruction of Yahuah) perfectly, he walked in holiness and fulfilled prophecy concerning Him.
The son in Revelation 12 would have to be similar in characteristic. They are the holy ones who guard the commands of Yahuah and love Him with all their heart, soul and strength. They walk in holiness and bear much fruit which makes them worthy to be removed and not fight with the dragon.
The woman flees into the wilderness (just like Israel leaving Egypt and entering the wilderness). There Yahuah had prepared a place for her to take care of her for 1260 days. This would be the body of believers in the wilderness (literal and spiritual experience) during the Tribulation.
Since in the dream I felt the baby kick in my stomach – this indicates the baby could be between 16 – 25 weeks into development. 40 weeks is the total duration of pregnancy. 20 weeks is about half way into the pregnancy.
I’m understanding this to be a good indicator of how far along we are into the times of the end. We could very well be about half way in. Man-child (son) soon to be born and snatched away and the woman then is to flee into the wilderness.
Sister in Yashua,

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