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The Sunset of America – Caroline Diadem

The Sunset of America

Dec 10, 2019
Caroline Diadem

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hi friends and this is my my next
message that I said I was going to share
as well so I got this message and I you
know it is prophetic and is from the
Lord I believe from the Lord I just want
to share with you and I got it on the
24th of November 2019 mmm so I’ll go
straight into it at church today we were
praying before the start of the meeting
after worshiping and I heard the word
clearly landslide at first I didn’t
understand I thought it was a landslide
into the ocean but then I realize this
must be about the next election that
Trump wins by Lam a landslide so that’s
what I felt so you can pray about that
and test that but I know that I know
that Kim Clement had mentioned that as
well that he wins by lanza but anyway
that’s what I felt like that I’ve got
that word so I’ll just leave it with you
to seek the Lord and pray I could be
wrong I’m not saying I’m absolutely
right there mm-hmm
in the church service as I was as I
worshiped I was seeing images images of
a sunset and buildings being destroyed
and I was seeing disasters buildings
coming down and smoke then I felt the
Lord say this is the sunset of America
as a nation I was actually seeing red
skies as things were happening so that’s
what I got there so I continue on here
writing later she was infiltrated
America and poisoned with black blood
Lucifer is blood it’s gone too far for
too long his evil tentacles cannot be
removed she has given herself over to
corruption of every kind and whoever
does righteous Lee makes himself a prey
I see the things done in secret places
this nation has become the House of the
Rising Sun it is a house of shame and
misery it ensnares the innocent and
corrupts them into debauchery my
cherished children have become
pray and I will tolerate it no longer
the schemes and intents of men are evil
continually their evil knows no bounds
one brother killed the other brother and
I felt that he was referring to Cain and
Abel and so it is now a house divided
against itself cannot stand and neither
can you for you murder your own brother
and care not for him as I have commanded
just as I’m reading that’s it reading
this to you I’m sensing the balance has
tipped you know like at one point the
balance was in favor of the righteous
you know because there was more
righteous there was more weight there
was more Christian weight and now it
just as I was reading that I was just
seeing the balance the scales have just
tipped tipped down so the evil has
become on par you know what I mean
so you murder your own brother and care
not for him as I have commanded your
hands are filthy with the lust for power
and selfish gain at the betrayal of your
own flesh and blood
who can stand on the day of the Lord who
can stand only him who has clean hands
and a pure heart
but you are you are filthy yet you have
not come to me who can make you clean I
separate the wheat from the tares and so
I will separate you on my days of
judgments my divine judgments for it is
divine retribution for your wicked deeds
you who marks get and curse your Creator
you who are publicly you publicly commit
abomination and revel in the things that
ought not to be done you who parade
around to unveil your shame openly who
participate with unclean unholy spirits
and deny the one who calls you to
holiness to uprightness to love to
wholeness I paid the price for you I did
it all for you to restore you back to
my grace is sufficient for you I call
again return before your sin finds you
out before it catches you out when you
were unaware I am that I am the Creator
God the only Creator God for I created
you for my glory to display the glory of
my son Jesus deny yourself carry the
cross and follow me for I lead you to
everlasting life
true eternal life and so that was that
was the message that I got and you know
it just feels very strongly in the
context of that that message that God is
also referring to you know the internal
warfare really between you know the
Democrats and the Republicans and and
what’s happening between you know
between in America the struggles that
are going on there you know and that
brothers fighting brothers really that
that was the feeling that I was getting
in that message as I as the Lord gave it
to me to know that he’s unhappy about
this kind of inner warfare in her
warnings that is going on you know he’s
not happy with it he’s not happy at all
with it and it’s not pleasing him so
that’s the message and God bless you
please give me your comments and your
feedback is always welcome if you want
to email me and I put my email address
in the link as well so feel free to
write to me as well god bless you all be
safe bye

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