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the storm is upon us

August 6, 2020 10:37 AM

I have been visiting this site for months now after coming across a sister reading posts from here on YouTube. I just wanted to share a dream I had early this morning but 1st.

3/18/20 My husband and I were in our living room. He tells me to prepare Brooklyn and Mason for the storm. After this I woke up.
Flash forward early this morning 8/06/20.
My nephew, 2 others I didn’t recognize and myself we sitting at a table outside eating. The weather was stormy so we were listening to a weather report. The weather reporter mentioned tornadoes. (I don’t remember exactly but I guess tornadoes had been spotted.) Those I was with started talking about how we hadn’t seen any. Just then I look across the street towards Best Buy I see a long skinny tornado. I watch it to see which way it was headed. I realize it was heading straight for us. I tell the others to look but they do not. They just keep talking. I then point and say look!! My nephew finally sees it and tells the others. I get under the table, cover my head and held on to the table. I feel it is getting closer then I wake up to the words “the storm is upon us.”
Like everything take this to the Lord for discernment.
Psalm 55 &91
Jeremiah 25:32-38


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