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the storm is upon us

August 6, 2020 10:37 AM

I have been visiting this site for months now after coming across a sister reading posts from here on YouTube. I just wanted to share a dream I had early this morning but 1st.

3/18/20 My husband and I were in our living room. He tells me to prepare Brooklyn and Mason for the storm. After this I woke up.
Flash forward early this morning 8/06/20.
My nephew, 2 others I didn’t recognize and myself we sitting at a table outside eating. The weather was stormy so we were listening to a weather report. The weather reporter mentioned tornadoes. (I don’t remember exactly but I guess tornadoes had been spotted.) Those I was with started talking about how we hadn’t seen any. Just then I look across the street towards Best Buy I see a long skinny tornado. I watch it to see which way it was headed. I realize it was heading straight for us. I tell the others to look but they do not. They just keep talking. I then point and say look!! My nephew finally sees it and tells the others. I get under the table, cover my head and held on to the table. I feel it is getting closer then I wake up to the words “the storm is upon us.”
Like everything take this to the Lord for discernment.
Psalm 55 &91
Jeremiah 25:32-38

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  1. Thanks for sharing sister. Glory to God.

  2. Crystal Ybarra

    Hi my daughter is 10 years old and last night she had a dream that was very similar she said that I felt it was so real that she even looked out the window to see if there was a tornado going on outside

    In Her Dream she said that there was a tornado outside of our house she said she kept trying to tell me but that I would not listen because I thought she was lying and I was too busy watching TV she said finally I listen to her got up and looked and seen the tornado outside of our window
    She said the funny thing about it was that everyone else’s house was destroyed except for ours the cars were flipped over but our house was not hurt by the tornado she said the flag that we had hanging outside was undisturbed it didn’t even move because of the wind she said it was like we were in a bubble but that the tornado was at our door but wasn’t doing nothing to us.

    I told her to write it down and to pray about it and she did and then we pray together and this morning we woke up to find this dream in our email so we believe that this was given from God. Thank you.

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