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The Storm Is Here! – Cherrie Archer

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The Storm Is Here!

February 7, 2024 11:05 AM
Cherrie Archer

2-7-24 7:49am

The Storm Is Here! The convergence of all things evil has arrived. There is no where to run. Man can not run, he can not hide. Evil permeates the land.

Many flee in hopes of avoiding disaster. This will not help. The entire world is enveloped in evil.

Man’s only hope is in Me. Yet, man believes in his heart that he will figure it out and still come out on top.

Foolishness, Foolishness at its core, a lie told by Satan and believed by man.

No Repentance

No Forgiveness

No Relationship in Me.

Am I the acquaintance in mans life? The one called on in that desperate hour of need to pull man out of a mess. Yet, to be forgotten until the next emergency comes?

Is man a user? With no true love or caring for the one who is called upon for help only.

Put yourself in the same position. One who calls themselves friend, even family, only wants to talk to you when they need something, want something or are calling for help.

Because you truly care, you help, until you can’t help any more. These friends and family suddenly have nothing good to say about you. Turning their backs on you rather than helping you when you are in need.

This is the state of the church. Man goes to put in his time in, yet never seeks a true relationship with Me.

Saying you believe in Me is like saying you know an acquaintance, you have truly never known. Never having spent any time with Me man doesn’t know My voice. He doesn’t know how to take instruction through discernment.

The days are upon you that man must know My voice.

If man does not have an intimate relationship with Me he does not know My voice.

If man does not know My voice he does not know Me.

Does man invite others into his home whom he does not know? Or he does know them to have a dark heart only saying the right words to be let in.

Is that man at your home for good or evil purposes?

Is he there to cause descension among those who love the master of the house?

Why would a stranger be allowed in? Just because he said, “I Believe?”

Foolishness and lies taught by the master of manipulator Satan, the father of lies, and the author of confusion. Mixing My word with a lie to create a new doctrine that leads many to Hell.

Know the truth, it will set you free.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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