The Storm has arrived, The Fallen angels celebrate – Spirit and Truth


The Storm has arrived, The Fallen angels celebrate

October 1, 2020
Spirit and Truth

Dream October 1st 2020

Last night I had a dream of a giant black tornado approaching a convention building full of people gathered inside for shelter. There were people outside I tried to gather in but they were stubborn and wouldn’t come in for safety.

I went inside the building and was able to fly up into a high window and watch the tornado approaching, it hit the windows of the building but they never shattered. They did crack and chip as the powerful winds hit and people in the convention center became afraid but were safe inside.

The scene then changed and I was inside of a supermarket full of fallen angels with torn wings. They were drinking, fornicating, and laughing as the people ran frantically around for food and water.
They were whispering into shoppers ears as they ran around telling them terrible things about themselves and talking about children in a perverse manner. I heard one say to a woman, “God only wants you to love yourself, don’t worry about anyone else… take everything for yourself.”
This particular fallen angel was adorned in sun worship clothing and had bronze skin, he wore makeup as a woman on his eye lids that was yellow.

I received the understanding of Sunday law and Noahid law beginning.

Brothers and Sisters the Storm has arrived and the fallen will stake their claim over many. Do not fall for the whispers of the enemy and stay strong in JESUS CHRIST!


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