The storm and threshing season has begun – Todd “Andrew” Farley

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The storm and threshing season has begun

October 31, 2023 10:23 PM
Todd “Andrew” Farley

Peace; I give My peace to you- freely I give it to the sons and daughters of liberty,
those who even now abide under the shadow of My wings; in and through their absolute trust in Me;
as the storm has begun!

Threshing…I have begun the threshing of my people, yet it now comes in the fullness of time and in greater measure- to the nations who rage against Me.

Did I not already say in My living Word that the wheat and the tares would remain together until the end?

My seed is being fully separated and gathered unto Me and in Me, and they will be safely kept in my barn of the righteous harvest and in the mighty ark of the Name above all names.

The season of righteous judgment has come, for the stiff-necked and prideful tares. At the end of the great day, there will no longer be remembrance of those who reject My love offering made for all. I have wept for them, but I will weep no more.

This does not mean that I don’t love them, on the contrary! It is through My true love that I will attempt to assist them in coming to the end of themselves, and for those who do, when they cry out unto me from the depth of their heart- I will break the chains and the spirit of bondage or pride, and they will encounter My great love and mercy!

Focus on Me in the midst of the storm My children; for My plan and purposes will prevail; be still and know that I AM, and I AM for you- who can be against you?

I love you My children, it’s time to rise and shine- behold, I AM with you!

The Lion of Judah

End of word.

-Heard and scribed on Saturday October 21st, 2023 by Todd “Andrew” Farley in the fear of YAH.

I declare that the The King of Glory, Jesus Christ of Nazareth (aka:YAH or YaHuWaH ) came in the flesh, died and rose again, making atonement for all men by the power of His blood and (love) sacrifice! -TAF

(Scripture follows)

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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