THE SPIRIT SPEAKETH – Pastor Eddie Paul Flowers


September 17, 2021
Pastor Eddie Paul Flowers

Do you hear my heart crying out to you today?
Have you heard the message?
And what will you do with it saith the Lord?

Time is shorter than you think.
Some, won’t be here tomorrow.
Some, won’t be here the day after.
Look around you, there were some
here days ago… and they’re already gone.

Out of love and mercy,
I’m plucking my children out.

Some of them have been chosen to come home. Many because they are not ready, have not
been taken out. My mercy gives you a little more time to get ready before you lose it.

Some, I am most proud of because they’re
strong in me and they’re ready to fight
the fight until the finish.
They’re willing to endure to the end and
I will give them more than what they
have that they will do more that men
will see my light in them that will see
my power manifested in them saith the Lord.

I know my children.
I know the ones that depend on me.
I know the ones that are self-righteous.

Remember my word children the ones that
have I will give you more and those who
have less I’m gonna take that away
because without what you need you’re
good for nothing.

You shame me with a life that you live!
You worship the darkness and curse the
light by the life that you live.
Do you really want to hear me
in that day of judgment look at you and
say depart from me in the outer word
outer iniquity for i never knew you?

Do you want to hear that?
I don’t want to say it.
I want to look at you and say well done
thou faithful servant, enter into your rest.

All that I’ve done since the beginning
is to have a family.
A family that would endure
hell if they had to because of their love for me.

I love you more .
I’m not slack in my promises
but I’m patient
not willing that any should be lost.

Come unto me.
Come unto me.
You won’t hear that
much longer.

Repent, saith the Lord
and I will forgive you.

End of Word.

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