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The Song of God – Watchman Marah

The Song of God

January 24, 2022 9:47 PM
Watchman Marah

Blessings, brothers & Sisters in Christ.

I would like to share an experience I had with God this morning, 01/24/22.

I have a disfunctional family, that has caused me much grief. Last night, after prayer I felt utterly depressed, hopeless, undone and over whelmed with emotions and tears. And I wrestled with sleep all night.

I awoke at dawn and went to my prayer altar to spend some time before the Lord. Then, still feeling depressed I went back to bed.

I drifted off into a deep slumber, it was then when God began to sing a hauntinngly beautiful melody, with drums as you would hear in Native American or African cultures. He was singing revel- ations of His name’s,

‘I am the Great I AM’, ‘I am the God who sees’, ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega!’ ‘I am Yahveh’; ‘El Shaddai’, ‘El Gibor’, ‘El Roi’, ‘El Elyon’, ‘YHVH Yeshua’, ‘Rapha’, ‘Yireh, Nissi, Ra’ah, Kaddesh’...

the list goes on, as He sang I felt the creative power of God. The formation of the earth, the universe, and all the spectacular powers of the raging seas, the volcanic eruptions, fire, dark clouds, lightnings. I think God actually sang the world into existence. The drum beat, the rythym, and the names Pierced me, body, soul and spirit.

But through all of the wonders and hearing Him speak to me, I could sense Him declaring who He was in my Life! He is the God who sees me!
He is the God who heals me! He is the God who provides for me! Who loves me, protects me, cares for my disfunctional family…. And so much more.
And if He cares about me and my life,

He cares about you as well. Our God sees you, loves you, is jealous for you!

With all that He is, and all that He has done and can do, He is still jealous for our time spent with Him…
What an Awesome God we serve, that He sees and collects every tear you shed. To know how much He wants to reveal himself to you. Or how much joy He feels when you come to spend time with Him… How many thoughts He thinks of you. I mean really? More in number than the sand?

. I worked in two or three hospitals caring for so many. There were some patients that never received a visitor, parents that put their children in hospitals to die alone. It is heart breaking to fill rejected by the parents you thought loved you. To fill abandoned. But to understand, that God yearns so for our love and affection, that He would never leave you or forsake you. You have to know that God was there for that little girl.

In 2015, I left all to serve Him…

But it can be a lonely life, and one that people cannot relate to. I think people think of God that way too. You can’t relate to who He really is! What, God is lonely?

God is a Father. Your parents had little to do with your looks, intelligence and the abilities, that you were born with. But God knew from the time He wrote about you in His book. The days fashioned for you from the beginning. Before you were conceived. He has a plan for you! A destiny for you. Your parents might expect you to follow the family business.

But I imagine that the Father’s of the disciples thought the same thing. Peter and John and James were fishermen. But when Jesus called, they left all to serve Him.

Here we are, in the last generation. The end times! And don’t think for a moment that we last days people are not here for a reason.

He is the God who Sees. He is the Provider that will meet all our needs.

He is our Healer. And we are His! So while we still have time, stop and get to know the one who really loves you, and calls you His son/His daughter. He wants to be everything to you. Allow Him to reveal Himself to you, now while we watch with Expectation.

I Pray that you will be ready. We do not have much time.

Watchman Marah
Psalm 91 ;Ps 139 ;PS 121


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