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The Sonambulant Ones

April 14, 2021 1:29 PM

April 12 – 14, 2021

Some are asleep My Children and many more are in a coma. Very few are awake, sadly. The ones that are asleep, may wake-up when the Judgments continue to roll-out? The ones in a coma will only wake-up when they have passed into eternity and the Lake of Fire.

You have put your trust in governments that has flouted and destroyed the 10 Commandments for decades. This begs the question? Do you really care at all what God gave in the Laws of the Old Testament or the Law of Love and Charity of the New Testament? Most would not bother to even answer for the high court decisions are now decades old. But Almighty God has not slumbered, just because He has not destroyed to date, your evil generation, does not mean He has forgotten all your murders, machinations and witchcraft.

I AM Mercy, but the Door of Mercy, you have ignored, so you did not even notice that it is closing now, sadly. Do you think I AM wants to replicate your indifference, sefish actions, murders (Abortion, Euthanasia, Drugs, War) and destroy the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve, anniliate the verdant world created in beauty, grace, strength and love. No, but you leave Me no redress, collectively or individually. Very few are willing to repent, turn from their idols, the world, the flesh and devil. Very few will choose eternal life with God, they will try to hold onto the last second the baubles of this world and what they have accumulated as they go up in smoke, are washed away or shaken to dissimulation.

Weep and wail for the horrors will come forward in stages! Those that are under My Wings be at peace! I AM will protect My Own! Read PSALM 91!


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