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The Smallest Member Of The Body: Is It Your Enemy?

August 2, 2021 6:57 PM

August 2, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Wisdom Chapter 8 Verse 16
“Converse with the Lord before conversing with men For his conversation hath no bitterness, nor his company and tediousness.”

Many of you have prepared your land, your house, your families, your pantries for what is coming. Many of you have prepared Spiritually and Repent daily. But there is one tiny member, you have overlooked, in your preparation for The Great Tribulation. Although small it is stronger than the arm of an athlete and able to kill. Not only your neighbor but you yourself My Children!

The Tongue! Look Out! It will destroy all your preparations, mission, charity, fortitude, friends, loved ones, even your vary life. Whoever without any reason rashly exposes him or herself to the temptation of gossip, slander, calumny or lies has every reason to fear that God Almighty will humiliate them by a shameful fall.

If you can’t trim your sails (curb your tongue) and get ready for the coming storm, you will surly sink, the ship of your soul. We have come to the end of the world as you knew it, in the recent past. We now plunge into The Great Tribulation. Save your own soul, cause no man, women or child any sorrow, nor to stumble. Secure your own safety and soul in the coming Days of Judgment!


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