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Dec 5, 2019
Looking towards the Heaven for Jesus

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hi brother and  sisters in Christ hope
everyone’s doing well and you’re having
a blast day I’m back today to talk about
a vision that I had received on
Thanksgiving Day I was in prayer with
the lower on that day also received
another vision however in this video I
will just be covering one of the visions
and I’ll come back and do the other
vision at another time and the reason
behind that is that I would like for
each each of the content of the video
excuse me of the visions to be looked at
separately and to be taken in account in
that way if that makes sense but I just
feel like that this particular video
here needs its own attention due to what
we see in the Middle East and just
tensions right now mounting so let me go
ahead and give you the title of the
video it’s called the sinking of USS
Abraham Lincoln and its fate now in this
vision was just like a lot of them I was
taken above and so I can look down and
see some time I have a full finish point
some time it’s just a limited vantage
point and with this one I will tell you
it was limited to what I could see okay
and I do know that the Lord showed me
what he felt like I was allowed to hand
but because he knows us it’s been very
difficult and stressful for me as I have
said that it’s been a burden it’s been
you know very hard for me knowing the
fate of what’s going to happen here to
the ship and those on board if they you
know would not escape so it was a
limited view and I wanted to say to that
the reason why I’ve been up I was very
upset I didn’t really discuss it
yesterday it’s you know I do want you
know all these in harm’s way to receive
the salvation of Jesus Christ just
anybody’s throughout the world you know
the Lord’s children you know we’re
scattered throughout the world so what I
wanted to say that you know it was very
like I said it was hard to see this
bitch and even though I’d already
declared it with them you know word of
the Lord
you know when we declare event it’s
speaking it into existence our words as
we see in the you know the Bible you
know our words are very powerful and
they the words can be seen just like we
see with the Lord his words is the soul
sort of the spirit and so they are very
very powerful to speak things into
existence and even death over others in
you know in a situation like this that
has been revealed to us so it it fans me
and I grieve over such things and that’s
why I said that it’s a serious thing you
know we better know from the you know
that we it’s from the Lord when we speak
because we don’t want to speak
destruction over anyone or anything and
because the Lord has said that you know
he will overpay and he will recompense
what is stolen from his children and
that those that are in era of doing this
should repent but you know those that
are truly speaking for the Lord as a
prophet or Watchmen you know he will
allow these things to come to pass you
know he’s using us as a vessel to warn
ahead of time of what’s coming so that
we possibly could avert if it’s not a
set judgment to less than a judgment or
delay of judgment or you know like you
know like I said avert just stop it all
you know in support when we get these
worse than what we do try to find out
what the case is with each prophecy or
words of knowledge given to sound the
so it’s you know anyway with that being
said I’ll go ahead and share you know
this one vision at this at this time I
was shown an ocean and so a ship it’s a
large ship with its front the boat the
bow excuse me sticking up out of the
choppy waters and smoke of rising from a
fast crack in its hole the ship was
sinking with more than half of it
underwater immediately I heard USS
Abraham Lincoln and it was revealed that
the first bomb which stroke had come
from the right side of Iran now this was
the right this is when I say the right
side that’s my absurd point of view of
me you know standing above observing it
was a powerful blow to its frame okay
but the only thing when I say it’s
limited I was not shown that he was like
Sean ran that fire that that you know
bomb that hit it what I was showing it
come from that direction from Iran and
you know when the Lord did give me a
little bit of the map so that I could
see what you know when I looked to the
right what it was and it was Iranian
okay so other key words that were given
in the original word in regards to this
prophecy is Abraham Lincoln USS Abraham
Lincoln the aircraft carrier the Persian
waters trouble arises out of the strait
from this and a mind and once again I
was not given a time frame but shown
more confirmation it will indeed happen
and that I’m you know meet to war also I
was given as the Lord has said before
this is a said judgment this nation is
in unrepentant and fails to acknowledge
God no longer it is a is it a Christian
his food from his mighty throne
therefore the Lord has asked that we
pray for their souls on this aircraft
carrier and others in harm’s way in this
area of mounting tensions that they that
they would come to salvation that they
would come to salvation of Jesus Christ
and now I’ve already that was it and
I’ve already posted this earlier and oh
my community page because I wasn’t sure
if I’d be able to get it up today but
there was just a lot going on and I’ll
go ahead and be adding a description
excuse me the scripture to the
description box so you can view that as
well in regards to this prophecy and the
other one this was – the other ones I
would seek to the original word about
the Abraham leek and yes I say for him
Lincoln get struck and trouble arising
out of the strait of hormuz and also you
know bitchery World War three starting
so anyway guys that’s it and I won’t
keep you any longer I just ask that you
would also share this video wherever you
can and I was told I don’t have a
Twitter account but if you’ve got a
Twitter account and they do look at the
tweet so if you would if you anybody
that has an account please leave a
warning on their share this video so
that they are aware and we could try to
reach them and and and just pray that
they would be you know saved before this
event would happen this disastrous event
and also I won’t just stayed in this
video I meant to at the beginning but
this video is not is it for viewers
discretion not for viewers 8 of 8 H 18
and below it’s not for children okay so
I want to make that clear
due to the new policies that YouTube has
presented to us and so that’s it
I love you all god bless you Shalom


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