The Sifting – Madelyn Camp

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The Sifting

July 9, 2024 7:55 PM
Madelyn Camp

June 2024

It’s a relationship that God’s after. Our God’s a consuming fire. Fire 🔥 purifies or destroys. Who can live with continual burning? Vessels of readiness. The Bride Made Ready. We’re about to be sifted people of God! He aims to find out what we’re in love with. Welcome the sifting!

THE. “Sifting” has begun! It WILL be heartbreaking. There will be no relief. It stops with “Well done My good and faithful servant!”.

The “Delusion” so great only refuge in Him will sustain you. Only those who KNOW their God will go forth in “ Great Exploits”. Daniel 22:32 KNOWING their God! The “oil” of relationship in their lamps.

They do not love their lives unto death! Lovers of self=coward. You must be Dead to self but ALIVE IN Christ! High stakes!

In that day He will discern the righteous from the wicked.

Do not attribute all happening to the powers of darkness. God allows nothing that is not His plans and purpose.

It is YOUR God! “It is My hand sifting! My hand sending forth the strong delusion! says the Lord, Stop fighting against Me! You can’t help those under My delusion! I’ve given them over to SELF! Their choice.”.

There’s a difference in those suffering brokenness and woundedness and those in pride and haughtiness.

WOE! To the complacent fools!

ALL is centered on the fear of the Lord! There is no fear and awe of the Lord in the world today.


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