The Seeds that were Planted in 2019 shall be Reaped in 2020 and Beyond – Holy Spirit Wind

The Seeds that were Planted in 2019 shall be Reaped in 2020 and Beyond

Dec 27, 2019
Holy Spirit Wind
[Jeff Byerly]


“I have been seeking the Lord for a couple of weeks on the message that He gave me at the end of December 2018, you can read it here. I had not really gotten any answer until the afternoon of 12-22-19. I know it was Him because I was resting and not thinking about anything in particular. These are the words that the Holy Spirit has given me 12-22 through 12-27-19.

“Last year I had told you that things would begin to change in 2019 and they have. I told you that not everything that I spoke to you about last year would take place in 2019 and most of it did not. I tell you now, only fools do not recognize what has taken place over this last year. The seeds that were planted in 2019 shall be reaped in 2020 and beyond.
Also I tell you, there were reapings in 2019 of seeds that were sown in prior years that have come to bear fruit now. Seeds that are covered up right now will spring forth suddenly and begin to grow this next year. Not everything will be fully grown even by the end of 2020. Please remember that I am not giving you any specific date that any certain event will happen but I want you to know that this world will continue to be covered in ever growing darkness as it is separated completely from My light because of the evil desires of the hearts of men. This is a process that has not happened overnight, it has taken many years to get to the state that the world is in right now. Now is the appointed time for the world to experience judgment for her great sin and then My wrath will soon follow.

Seeds of pride and arrogance will grow into destruction. Nations who think that they are above My judgment shall experience it ever more severely in the coming year. My word shall not be mocked!

Seeds of disobedience will grow into rebellion and then witchcraft. All those who do not have My Spirit inside of them are the children of disobedience and their fruit shall grow according to the seed that was allowed to be planted.

The seeds of discord that were planted will grow into conflict and then war, inside and outside of nations who have experienced peace. Do not forget about the ships named after two leaders that were struck down, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, these judgments are set and they will take place. After this happens war shall burst forth in full bloom. The fall guys are in place, they are those you can see, while evil plans go on behind the scenes.

The seeds of selfishness, excess and greed have been growing for a very long time in, especially America and all of the rich “western nations” but in 2020 you will see marked change. The financial system that you now use has been teetering on the brink of destruction for years now. When you see the fiery kickoff event take place in Manhattan you will know that it is no more, but even before that it shall falter.

The seeds of discontent that were planted will grow into violent protests and then civil war and revolution because of the tyranny that is coming upon all of your lands, even you America. The Satanic one-world government will prevail for a short time upon all of the earth, for it is written and the time for this to come to pass is now. Know this, no one will stop it or slow it down, don’t be fooled! Every elected or appointed government office is held by those who agree with the one-world government, no matter what kind of facade they try to put on. They even kill their own, when they deem it necessary and beneficial. They have done it before and will again soon. I do not call My people to fight to save any land or country, only to help Me to seek and save the lost sheep. My kingdom is not of this world and there will not be peace on earth until My return when I will rule it. The battle I call you to is not in the physical but the spiritual realm. Wrestle not with flesh and blood, you will lose! No man will ever bring lasting peace. Do not forget, if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. The sword that proceeds from My mouth will strike the nations and all those who are deceived and follow after the beast and receive his mark, because they did not desire to know Me.

Seeds of complacency in the church have grown into lukewarmness, religiousness, coldness and even idolatry. I will allow the land to be shaken as never before to awaken those who are sleeping. Many lives will be lost but the ones who remain will have yet another chance to repent before Me. I am the one in control of who is taken and who remains and I am the one who controls the destruction no matter what source it is from. You will know what comes directly from Me, for I will once again shake the earth and it will be worse than anything that any man has ever experienced.

Doubt in Me and My return will grow into unbelief and the spirit of antichrist shall spread throughout the earth like never before. Those who say they are Jews but of the synagogue of Satan are passing laws to make it illegal to worship Me and you will see this increase in the next year and ever more until I return. All of you will be persecuted for My sake and some will be put to death but DO NOT FEAR for I am with you! The beast, who was and is and is to come, a mockery of the one, true, almighty El Elyon, will continue to rise from the sea. He will seemingly have all the answers and bring false peace.

America, there was much of your soil that was too saturated to plant seeds and many seeds that were sown in the soil of your land that rotted and then much that was to be harvested was flattened by snow. This shows the conditions of the heart of your country as a whole, saturated with sin and the seed of My word is rotting within you and your hearts are cold toward Me. My protective hand has been and is being removed and as it leaves the enemy rushes in. This will continue into the next year. Floods and snow and then drought and heat will come upon your crops because you have forgotten Me. The effect shall multiplied year upon year and there will be famine in the land that used to have plenty. Prices of food will rise and your money shall be worth less in the year to come. This will not only affect America but the entire world, for America affects the whole world in all things. Will you remember to cry out to Me when you have nothing to eat? Pray to Me, My people, I AM your provider!

There will not only be a famine of physical food but of spiritual also. Soon those who preach, teach and prophesy My true word will be shut up. Some I will allow to be silenced and some I will silence Myself. I tell you now, hide My word in your heart because My word will be outlawed and only false teachers, preachers and prophets will be allowed to speak publicly. My true church will go into hiding, just as it already is in many countries, but when underground I will water and feed it and it will suddenly burst forth and then it will see My glory and be nourished by My Son-shine.

Now, to those that have allowed My seed to be planted in the soil of their heart: you shall begin to see a great spiritual harvest, in the coming year and years to come, if you have continued cultivating and breaking up the fallow ground of your hearts by the working of the Holy Spirit. Then if you have allowed the living water of My Spirit to penetrate into that soil. The seed will suddenly burst forth and grow, some 30, some 60 and some 100 times if you allow the glory of the Son to shine upon them. My glory shall shine ever brighter as the world around you grows ever darker. The fruit of the Spirit, the result of My glory and presence within you shall be ever more evident. These fruits are, love for Me and those around you. Joy that is unaffected by earthly circumstances or physical things. Inner peace no matter what happens around you that the world cannot understand. Patience, not the ability to wait, but acting with grace while waiting. Kindness, for this leads to repentance. Goodness, there is none that is good without My Spirit in them. Faithfulness, not double mindedness, being thrown about by the waves of the sea. Gentleness, showing meekness and humility like Me. And Self-control, not allowing fleshly desires and lusts to overtake you. When these things are evident in your lives, that is when I will show My glory through you and you will see healings and miracles and then things that are greater than what I did on the earth as you are transformed into My image for My great harvest at the end of the age. When you are a reflection of My glory, My lost sheep will be drawn to you and you will touch them and heal them and tell them of Me.

Most of the multitudes that have been in the valley of decision still have not made a decision. They have been halted between two opinions but they shall begin to see My scriptures be fulfilled like never before and some will recognize that I AM Lord of all and that everything that I have said is coming to pass. Before the end of 2020 it shall be evident to all that things are not the same as they once were. They never will go back to be the same as they were. But do not think that 2020 is the end because it is not. There are many things to come. The warnings are almost over and what I have told you shall come to pass and when it does it will happen quickly, like a flood and nothing will stop it. The delays in judgment have been over and the end of the age is at hand.



Jesus The Christ

Yeshua Ha Mashiach”

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