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The Satanic Whirlwind – Daniel Masika / lbrownstone

The Satanic Whirlwind

September 4, 2021 5:10 PM
Daniel Masika


Dear Friends and Partners on 444 Prophecy News

The Angel Appeared in the Sky and there was all Over Lightening and Thunder But there was Dark Cloud all Over the World , The Angel Had a Sword In the Hand, and He was Given assignment to Stop the Storm That was Moving very Fast Kind of Tsunami ,But the Angel come quickly and stood one Feet on the Ground of USA and Another Feet on the water, Because the Wind, and waters and the Whirlwind was Coming very quickly on America when it saw an Angel, But the Wind Divided itself into Four heads and begun to go On Different Direction as to sink the whole World, The Angel ascended and stood above between the sky and the Waters then He streach His hand that had a sword on the Sea and the Power come out of the sword as Fire that was scattered all over the water and the Tsunami ceased and there was Calm

-But the Angel come down in the Cave and there was 21 Different presidents in the Cave, and their were worshiping and Making the covenant with the Whirlwind that the Angel scattered, Their were Calling the Fallen Angel to Give them Power and to Case the wave of Destruction on earth But the Angel said with Voice that spoke from above saying it Wont Happen , Make Them Confused Until the Lamb is Glorified and those presidents Come out of the Cave Dump and Mute their Could not Talk to each Other

-The World and Satan are Planning to wipe away the Human Race in unseen world Making Covenant with Demons and Evil Forces But we God has Loved and Showed Mercy Everyone that has Understand and ears should Hide in the Lamb of God

Much Love


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