The Sanhedrin States of America! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Sanhedrin States of America!

Posted on Apr 21, 2019

By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

America, the mixture of your potion of deception has been readied! Your poison has been poured into the chalices of betrayal! Drink-Drink, says the enemies of the Cross, have your fill, for soon we will divide the land-and soon we will conquer our enemies and peace will come over the horizon of war! But I say unto you oh nation of fools, the drink within your hands is not for celebration, but for the declaration of My Judgments to begin! For as this evil cabal of religious entities crucified My Son, so shall they seek to crucify My Church! Not on a cross of wood but with persecution and murder. For the spirit of anti-Christ will arise within their hearts and to them, what they will do, will seem right unto them. But it has been written, they think they do God a favor! John 16:2 (Service)! America, you have been fooled again, snake bitten, deceived into believing a lie! Drawn to the side of those who have no desire for your survival, you are merely a whore and vessel to give birth to their plan! My People will perish for their lack of knowledge of My Word. My True Church will suffer at the hands of these religious ones, blinded by zeal, hardened by deception, they will slay them at the altar! But I will arise says your God in the midst of gross darkness with My marvelous light and those who are mine, will arise and shine with My Glory and Power! But wow unto those who hurt My Little Ones, it would be better had they never been born!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Matthew 12)

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