The Sanhedrin States of America! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Sanhedrin States of America!

Posted on Apr 21, 2019

By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

America, the mixture of your potion of deception has been readied! Your poison has been poured into the chalices of betrayal! Drink-Drink, says the enemies of the Cross, have your fill, for soon we will divide the land-and soon we will conquer our enemies and peace will come over the horizon of war! But I say unto you oh nation of fools, the drink within your hands is not for celebration, but for the declaration of My Judgments to begin! For as this evil cabal of religious entities crucified My Son, so shall they seek to crucify My Church! Not on a cross of wood but with persecution and murder. For the spirit of anti-Christ will arise within their hearts and to them, what they will do, will seem right unto them. But it has been written, they think they do God a favor! John 16:2 (Service)! America, you have been fooled again, snake bitten, deceived into believing a lie! Drawn to the side of those who have no desire for your survival, you are merely a whore and vessel to give birth to their plan! My People will perish for their lack of knowledge of My Word. My True Church will suffer at the hands of these religious ones, blinded by zeal, hardened by deception, they will slay them at the altar! But I will arise says your God in the midst of gross darkness with My marvelous light and those who are mine, will arise and shine with My Glory and Power! But wow unto those who hurt My Little Ones, it would be better had they never been born!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Matthew 12)

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  1. rev. brad medd


    How is it that you talk about the sanhedrin , and that ‘666 hellish luciferian
    flag of Israel is raised in the background?”

  2. John Ashcraft

    Star of Remphan is on every Jewish Flag. It is a 6 pointed star of 666. USA is Babylon the Great in Revelation 17/18. Both come from the Tower of Babel. Catholic Jesuits control the USA. Tower of Babels Foundation is Roman Catholic Church and all other Christian Churces are stacked up on top of the RCC. Pentecost 2014 Asteroid Passed by. Cross in the Corona of the Sun. One World Religion signed by RCC, Judaism, and Islam. Trump now has to fulfill the agreement with the Sanhedrine to bring in the Noahide Laws into the USA which will cause Sunday Laws to be enacted and all believers who keep the Sabbaths of God to be beheaded. Also comes in the Mark of the Beast (RFID Chips) to be implemented and all of this occurs during the Day of the Lord over these next 6 months.

    Patterns are important to God and we set dates by patterns.
    April 6th New Moon of Biblical Aviv. Obama (the Anti-Messiah) speaks in the front of Pergamum Temple in a museum in Berlin, Germany.
    April 16th, Tenth of Aviv. Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. Christian Churches get judged now for not following the Torah of God.
    April 19th. Asteroid passes by
    April 20th, Passover. Birth and Crowning of the King. Virgo, Moon, Black hole ring of fire.
    April 21. Feast of First Fruits. Bali Mount Agung Volcano Eruption. 2 Asteroids Pass by.
    April 26th. 2 more asteroids Pass by.
    April 27 Sabbath.
    April 28. Feast of Unleavened Bread Annual Sabbath 2 (USA taken out by Nuclear War).
    May 4th New Moon Sabbath. Asteroid Passes by. Arrival of Nibiru, Axial Poleshift. Rapture. Earthquake of 4.0-15.0 depending upon where you live. 3 Days of Darkness (72 hours).

  3. CH

    Are you making the claim that the United States will get nuked on April the 28th?

  4. John Ashcraft

    2017 dream prior to Chanukkah said: Monday, 27, 11 AM. Dream 2 said Monday, 6 PM.

    27 could be on the Julian Calendar and/or on the Gregorian calendar.
    Before the rapture takes place. USA gets taken out by Nuclear War.
    So I watch and record all events on Mondays and all events on the the 27th.
    That list includes Sabbaths 4th day of the Week, 1st, 7th, 8th days of Passover Week, Chanukkah, and FEast of Tabernacles week. All of the days mentioned in the Bible like the 11th month and 24th day. And we the planets move into a new constellation border and for Libra, the day the planet moves into the Holy Altar of Libra. For the other constellations, the day when the planet moves from the right side to the left side of the constellation from God’s perspective.

  5. John Ashcraft

    May New Moon Sabbath to October Full Moon Millennium
    Day of the Lord Wrath Calendar based on Exodus plagues New Moon to Full Moon 5.5 month period

    Armageddon is on October 10th, 2019 based on Strong’s Greek Numbers tied to Tetrads of 2014 and 2015 and Revelation 12:1-2 sign on Sept 23, 2017. The rapture is on the New Moon in May but can be on Passover. This sentence was derived by adding between 2 dates.
    The words in the Strong’s Greek Numbers tells us a story which is: Command to entice Israelitess to prove the governor as a chief leader.

    No more monthly Astronomical Calendars needed so from the New Moon Sabbath on just count the days for there is no more electricity and no more way to know what day we are on. Every 13th day is a possible Trumpet Judgment with 6 Trumpet Judgments and then 6 Bowl Judgments. The 7th Trumpet and Bowl Judgment is just a preparation day for the following judgments.

    W= 4th Day; S= Sabbath; NM = New Moon; FM= Full Moon.

    These days are what I normally watch for in a monthly calendar but for 2017 and 2018, and 2019, I added days for movement of the planets into the constellation borders. This calendar has the days from the Bible and some from other calendars like 44 days between point a to point b. When I combined the 44 day count and the generations day count from Revelation 12:1-2 sign using 38, 40, 50, 70, 80, 100, and 120, and Ezekiel watch day, I had some days below with 3 or 4 w’s (watch). Some of these days were on days of the possible Bowl judgment lining up on that date like October 8th.

  6. John Ashcraft

    Celestial Aviv New Moon Sabbath (May 4S; Ps 81:3; Amos 8:5) Rapture Sun in Aries; May 8W, 11S, 14, 15W, 16, 17, 18S, 19FM, 22W, 23, 24, 25S, 26, 27, 29W, 30

    June 1S, 2, 4NM; 5W, 8S, 9, 10 (Rabbinic Pentecost), 12W, 14,15, 18FM, 19 WFM, 22S, 24, 25, 26W, 29 Notice the Full Moons are lined up on Wednesdays.

    July 3NM W, 5, 6, 8, 10W (Biblical Pentecost), 12, 13S, 16, 17FMW, 18, 20S, 22, 24W, 27S, 31W

    August 2NM, 3S, 4, 7W, 8, 9, 10S, 12 14W, 16 FM, 17S, 21W, 24S, 29, 30, 31WNM

    September Note: This month and the next month is when the month of Elul and Tishrei line up with the Gregorian Calendar Days because of the advancement of the day by one day in the month of April New Moon from the 6th to the 7th.

    September 3, 4W, 5, 7S, 11W, 12, 13, 14S, 15FM, 16, 18W, 21S, 24, 25W, 28S 29NM, 30 Day of Trumpet New Moon (Rev 12:1-2) Sabbath

    October 2W, 5S, 8, 10 (Armageddon, Day of Atonement Fast and Sabbath), 12S, 13, 15 Millennium), 16 W, 19S, 21, 23W, 24, 26S, 30W

  7. ivan dimitrov


  8. ivan dimitrov


  9. John Ashcraft

    Ivan. IF YOU CUT OUT 30 percent of the BIBLE, then there is NO DATE SETTING, NO SECOND COMING, No Millennium, and NO MORE EARTH.

  10. Mark

    “For as this evil cabal of religious entities crucified My Son …”

    That wouldn’t be the religion of the Jews, would it? You know… Judaism?

    Galatians 1:13 – 1:14

    Just wondering…

  11. John Ashcraft

    Mark, What do these events have in common. Flood Timeline, Exodus Plague Time Line, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Leviticus 23 with meteorite storms, passing asteroids, and April 2019 Timeline with all that has happened since April NEW with the Anti-Messiah speaking in front of the Temple of Pergamum and the Death of the Messiah on Wednesday to Sabbath which is 3 days and 3 nights (72 hours). I will tell you this. The article will be 10-20 pages in length. Then events began to line up the first week of November in 2018 but they actually were spilled out in detail between Genesis 7:11-8:13-20.

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