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The Salad Days Are Over My Children – Pollox

The Salad Days Are Over My Children

November 7, 2021 12:06 PM

November 7, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Revelation Chapter 9 Verse 21
“Neither repented they of their murders, not their sorceries, nor their fornications, nor their thefts.”

Note: In the Greek Bible “Sorceries” translates as “Pharmakia”, so not only the Occult/Magic but drugs Big Pharma and all the Vaccines/Boosters.

The Salad Days are over My Children. Now is the time for Stone Soup: Jacob’s Trouble. The Great Tribulation will fall on you like ton of bricks. Everything is going to change so fast your head will spin. And those who have rejected Me their heads will spin 360. The fools who have swallowed the Occult pills (any technique or aspect, part of that world) will soon realize they can not control anything. They can not manipulate, dominate or intimidate anything as satan will abandon his own children, to fall into an eternal punishment, that they themselves have chosen.

I AM has waited! I AM has prayed that none would be lost but your transfixed, programmed, en-trained, obsessed attention can not be diverted from the vomit you call your world: money, decadence, lust filled, power driven, greed, sloth, perversions, vile angry lives. What you call normal (and hope to return to) is a selfish, self-absorbed, violent, relentless pursuit of distraction, gluttonous compulsion. Give Me More! In many cases a chemically dependent existence.

It Will Not Stand Any Longer! Your grandparents would never recognize the present day world, you have fallen so low! My own should not regret the passing of this Trojan Horse sent from satan’s nest into the City of God, for Babylon (which means confusion), the Great Harlot will be replaced by the New Jerusalem, God’s gift to His Own Children! Selah.


Note: The Holy Spirit told me to mention that His Children smoking marijuana are under the influence of Rege or Reggae, the demonic entity attached to all usage of that drug, so if you are stressed out and think that by smoking a little dope you are off the hook with God, get a life with God not the snake king. It must be repented.

It is sorcery and pharmakia. I know I was addicted for decades and struggled to get off it for many years. Get that crap out of your life now before it is too late to do it.

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