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The Saints Go Marching On – LynL

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

The Saints Go Marching On

June 12, 2023 3:54 PM


Those who are of me and have followed my lead and rules, are my Saints. Chosen to do my work, you (some) will be placed in places, that will lead and guide others to Salvation. Your work in my Kingdom will save numerous souls. Be ready for placement into your positions. Be available to do my work at a moment’s notice. You will be guided by me in all you do. We will work collectively, efficiently and swiftly to accomplish the impossible. But nothing is impossible with I Am.

Be battle ready and make sure all repentance has been addressed. Your life is about to change. You are my front-line workers that will change it all, in record time. Show my love, through you, with all whom you encounter. You represent me as you visit with each person, each soul.

Your responsibility is great and many of you were chosen for your heart. Let your heart show through with every encounter you have. We are at the cusp of all things, ready for change.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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