The Saints Are Hidden Now But Their Coming Out – Only a Grain of Sand

The Saints Are Hidden Now But Their Coming Out

May 30, 2020
Only a Grain of Sand

Get Ready, Set, Go!
Out to collect the harvest
Out to save the lost
Out to heal the lame, the blind, the deaf, the dumb, the sorrowful, the sinners
All of a sudden: No will be Yes
Down will be Up
Weak will be Strong
Left with be Right
Parched will be Verdant
No Lord will be Yes Lord
Come forward My Bride
I AM awaits you Now
Trim your wicks
The times are Now
The hour has arrived.

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  1. Ann

    GODs Hidden Vessels

    Hidden: to (a) put or remain out of sight, (b) conceal for shelter or protection, and (c) keep secret.
    Vessels: A (a) hollow or concave utensil, (b) person held to be recipient of quality (grace); (c) craft bigger than a rowboat for navigation of the water, and (d) tube in which a body fluid ( as blood) is contained and circulated.

    29 day of May, 2006: 11:58 pm
    In these last days The Father has selected Hidden Vessels to reveal His final plan for the restoration of mankind back to Himself . These vessels are unknown to the world at large, they have never been on radio or tv, they have not written books nor have they recorded tapes. Then who are these people that God has chosen for this hour? They are simply those who heard the Good News, Believed the Good News, and by Faith accepted the Good News.

  2. C

    That word is so encouraging. I read it over and over and over like many other words, too. But when is NOW? When I hear something like that I expect it to happen any moment, maybe within the next days. But so much time passed and the severe persecution and great great great pain my persecuters caused me and cause is never ending and so unbearable. I’m at the very end of myself. Right now I’m losing all faith that God would ever come to rescue me, transform me and send me. Does anybody have encouragement or any straw of hope for me? God bless

  3. Chris

    Thank you very much fpr sharing that word! This message blessed me tremendously. I’ve been waiting for such a long time now under such great affliction. “Get Ready, Set, Go!” sounds to me like any moment maybe few days. Now one month passed and I’m still in unbearable pain and persecuted to the core. The hidden ones didn’t come out yet. I’m so discouraged, I’m losing all hope and faith. Always God says NOW and days go by, weeks, month and years and nothing ever happens what he says. I’m falling into great desperation and give up, because I have to assume that God’s now might be in several thousand years. It’s so frustrating. I can’t go on living under that great persecution and God never comes to rescue me and never keeps his promises. I’m at the very end of myself of all strenght and all I have within me. I have to fight against suicide very hard every day. The affliction is unbearable and my only hope (Jesus) leaves me alone in the hand of the enemy. I can do nothing without him. I can cry out to him as much as I want. Jesus told his deciples of old that he would come soon and quickly, so they waited, but all there came was persecution, torment and torture to death. How can know that Jesus is not doing the same to us? Telling us he is coming, but never comes, instead suffering without an end. I don’t uderstand anything any more. God knows exactly how we understand time and what means NOW and Get Ready, Set, Go! means for us. Can anybody help me?
    God bless

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