The Sadness Of God The Almighty Father & His Son Jesus The Messiah – Only a Grain of Sand

The Sadness Of God The Almighty Father & His Son Jesus The Messiah

September 12, 2019
On A Grain Of Sand

Do you think The Father, wants to punish His own Children? I AM mourns the loss of every damned Child. And My Son Jesus wept tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane, over those who would be lost, through all the ages.

I AM has waited many years; but humanity has only gotten worse, and now at an accelerating pace. For you have speeded up your fornication, with My adversary, the king of snakes. Nothing has changed since the Fall, in the Garden of Eden.

Your itching ears, can not wait for the next trick, of the evil one. He knows all your weaknesses, both individually and collectively, and does not hesitate to use them all.

When the Judgments roll out further, for they have already started, many will Curse My Holy Names. You Life Is In The Breath. Do Not Choose Death: For Those That Throw Mud At Heaven, It Only Falls Back On Them. Do Not Engage With Those That Blaspheme My Holy Names.

You may pray for them, but those that hate their Creator God, will soon be abandoned, to their fate, and like Judas, go to their place, where Love, Light, Peace, are no more.


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