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The Rich Richer, The Poor Poorer – WMIFU

The Rich Richer, The Poor Poorer

November 12, 2022 1:52 AM

The below prophetic Word applies to Australia’s situation.

Judges 9:23-24a
God stirred up animosity between Abimelek and the citizens of Shechem so that they acted treacherously against Abimelek. God did this in order that the crime against Jerub-Baal's seventy sons, the shedding of their blood, might be avenged on their brother Abimelek

Note this verse starts at 23 the Lord put in on my heart that this is no coincidence to that fact the year of 2023 is coming up.

God will again stir up animosity, he is tell me to be ready.

My brothers it is now time to prepare, we have had many years of warning and some of us have taken them very seriously however this is not just about food or water preservation for the turmoil to come, this is about being spiritually READY. Are you spiritually ready? I have done a lot of work with the Lord and this is what he has to say…..

My Child,
Thank you for coming to Me. Letting Me IN deep into your heart. You are as ready as you are ever going to be for the things that are about to happen. Keep collecting as I guide, this collapse will not happen fast but it will happen over time and you must be mentally and emotionally ready IN Me to handle what is coming. As the collapse happens many things will take place. They will not know Me, breadlines will form again and people will not know which way to turn.

They will be looking for Me and for answers. I will soften many people’s hearts. Many will come to Me. You can see people are prime for the taking as they are on their ‘last legs’ as you would say.

I want them Ready, ready to come to Me on humble knee, ready to beg for forgiveness. I have many things planned. The rich will get richer and the poor poorer, in many circumstances. Be ready for this, as they will have to take a leading roll on how to ‘help’ people but the middle ‘class’ will fall away, left to be devastated. This is My Plan for My People. They must learn what they have done to Me and learn of the consequences of there actions. Matthew 6:9

This and many more things will happen. I know many of My Plans for you and many will come about in time. Keep coming back to Me and your safe place IN Me. I will fill you up and refresh you.

If you do not know what it is to be refreshed in the LORD. Then ask and I will be faithful to reward you, but you must ask on humble knee for it, or it will not take place before Me. Do you understand that I come to your call and answer your prayer, you MUST ask and you will receive.

This is the time to be in prayer, much prayer to Me for the things you desire. They will not come the Way you expect but they will happen as I know what you ask for before you even ask it. Mathew 6:8

This is how well I know you. So intermediately we are twins and your reward is with Me. But your stubborn heart will have you walk away from Me if you are not in prayer and desirous of a humble heart AWAYS, not just sometimes when it suits you. I will not listen to a stubborn heart against Me. It must humble itself and call on its master.
As we all have one and it is the owner of the universe. Colossians 4:11

This I know, as I lock doors and I open them. You must come humbly and knock and all will be revealed to you. These Words have meaning. See the door and knock, it will be opened unto you if you do. I promise, I am a true and faithful God. Mathew 7:7

Purge yourself of all understanding that is not of Me and I will help you obtain your true hearts desire. This is the Way IN Me.

That is all My Child for Now it is taking a toll on your heart to write this. The end for now.

16:41 12th November 2022 Sabbath

The Lord wanted me to add my email address

This is a private Word, I have the Lord’s permission to make it public.

Dear Father, What would you like Me to do today? The pressure is off, you can feel it, finally the pressure is off, the enemy has rescinded. They are on the march but not in your quarter. They have lost the battle and the war is won. You now have to help your brothers. It has been a mighty battle and to watch you was hard, truly hard as they fought hard, you kept calling on Me and I can not be over come. The time has come for others. Your anointing will grow and grow like Elijah you will become very powerful in My Strength.

People will seek you out. It will become very very powerful, so powerful that it will overwhelm them. To their very feet. They will not be able to stand in your presence, which will be My Presence IN and through you. Be Ready, as many are not ready. They will fall like Johnathan (aka nathan your brother in Christ) he will happily receive you one day but for now he has a MAJOR struggle ahead. The deadly enemy is trying to over come him. I have him in the palm of My hand, do not worry. He will take the battle. There are others that need a hand. You know them. They are weak in faith and knowledge. They will not go thought the process without Me and My guidance in and though you. Be patient with them, know how hard it was for you. Years of patients and then you will see their completion. I have many plans for them but know this, you will help them with your strength. My first fruits are hard to find, as you must do so much in Me and work so incredibly hard for the anointing but it is worth it, as you enter My Rest. You wanted to give up many times but know this I never did, you are a hard fighter it was beyond Me sometimes but worth the fight. It is very hard to get you though and not let the enemy distract you or take you. You will enter My Complete Rest very soon just keep fighting the last of them and there infusion into you and it will be done. You will ‘feel’ very different, then the anointing just gets stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter.

You will not be working in the dark like you have been. Light will shine so bright around you. You will be very calm like now and then again in public. It is very hard to describe as you need to feel it but you are over the cusp and it is a good feeling. Some very intense hours out there. Very intense, you called Me IN strong and it makes a difference to your anointing. That is all for now My Child. That is all.

Can I send this Word to 444prophecynews?
They can read it and it is a good understanding of what is coming for them. They do not understand how intense the enemy gets in your brain how you need to flush it out in Me and keep moving forward. That is all.


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