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The return of Jesus: A study of messages, dreams and visions – Petra Quirke

The return of Jesus: A study
of messages, dreams and visions

By Petra Quirke

Table of contents

Chapter one: What is the return of Jesus Christ and how does it relate to the rapture of believers?The raptureThe three days of darkness (3 DOD)The (day of) wrathThe day of the LordThe return of the fallen onesCelestial weddingThe great harvest of souls – revivalThe resurrection of the dead believersThe latter rain – The transformation of the Bride“See you in two”Chapter two: What about the feasts?Chapter three: Could this be the year of His coming?The conclusionBonus: the great tribulation – challenging the standard timelineBonus 2: is hell temporary or final destination?


Over the past year, a community of believers that is expecting “the rapture” to take place very soon has emerged around the network of messengers of God, who have been receiving dreams, visions and direct Words from the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, revealing snippets of knowledge of just how the end times are going to unfold. All these revelations have been given to us so that we understand MORE and not LESS, not for a confusion, but for more peace and readiness.

The problem we face now is that what we have been told or taught doesn’t line up with these dreams, visions and messages. These new revelations are often hard to understand as some of them seem to be in conflict with what we’ve been taught, imagined ourselves or wrongly understood from reading the Bible, or the events differ in order from what we’ve believed.

This document was put together so that we can integrate what Bible said about the return of Jesus with what the dreamers, visionaries and messengers have been telling us. It is a document, hopefully to help us gain a greater understanding of the events and their timing.

This work is still in progress; therefore, this is a working document and may change from time to time. We respectfully request those who have any revelation from Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, that is in line but not identified in this document, to please contact us. We want to be as inclusive as possible. Furthermore, should an error be found, please do not hesitate to contact us was well. Contact details will be provided at the bottom of the document.

There are many messages, dreams and visions cited throughout the text. Where possible, a link to the source is always provided. You need to click on the underlined title of the message and the click again on the link that will pop up.

Let’s begin.

1. Chapter one: What is the return of Jesus Christ and how does it relate to the rapture of believers?

Just like His first coming wasn’t a one off event that people could miss if they blinked at the right moment, Jesus’ return to Earth is also going to be a process. This process involves many stages – it certainly doesn’t mean Jesus coming down in a cloud and disappearing with His elect, leaving all hell to break loose on the Earth. Just like His first ministry took about 3.5 years, His reappearance will also take some time. Everything God does somehow works towards the cause of saving all that are His. Christ’s return is the climax of this process.

There are many events that believers expect to take place in the end-times, for example:

The raptureThe three days of darkness (3 DOD)The (day of) wrathThe day of the LordThe return of the fallen onesCelestial weddingThe great harvest of souls – revivalThe resurrection of the dead believersThe latter rain – The transformation of the Bride“See you in two”

We will try to connect these events and put them into an order based on scriptures and the many messages, dreams and visions of other believers; however, a disclaimer must be made that only God will ultimately determine the timing, order of events and / or fulfillment of these events. The purposes of this document is not to set in stone when or how this will absolutely happen but give an overall understanding and timeline of all information pointing to how and when it could.

A. The rapture

There is one place in Revelation that suggests more than one wave of the rapture. There could be more, but for the purpose of explanation here, we will only identify one. In Chapter 14, there are two angels reaping the Earth’s harvest. Notice there are 2 different angles and the story is repeated. When combined with the parable of wheat and tares from Matthew 13 and its explanation in the same chapter, it appears we are shown that there are at least 2 raptures mentioned in the Bible. While this appears to invalidate the very popular teaching that once you miss “the rapture”, you have to die to get to Heaven, it does offer hope and encouragement, and lines up well with the many messages we’ve been given. While some messengers say the different stages of raptures will be only weeks or months apart, others have different thoughts; however, the fact that there are more rounds / waves should bring a bit peace and hope to those whose family members aren’t saved yet.

The raptures seem to copy or depict Jewish agricultural habits. There are 3 harvests depicted in the old testament: barley, wheat and fruit. Different groups of believers will be taken at different times depending on their maturity level in the Lord. Let’s not forget that we harvest only what has brought forth fruit… Please read / listen to the following messages to find out more about the different stages:

Wendi Gross, Jan 27, 2016 – Many harvests (message transcribed in the description)Mark Chen, Oct 2, 2014, Rapture(s)Gwendolen Rix, Aug 2014: Message Sharon Garrison, Jun 8, 2016, I will take the innocent278pikelk, Jun 8, 2016, WarningCollection of words on rapture of the children, https://goo.gl/Js0XoZ

EDIT September 13th: It is also possible, that the different harvests depicted in the book of revelation and in the messages mentioned above don’t necessarily have to meet multiple raptures, if we define rapture as being an exodus of believers from the Earth to Heaven for good. The different waves of harvests might mean the time of calling of the different “body parts” that have matured enough to bring forth its fruit. Based on Erin’s recent dream (from www.http://sparrowcloud9.com/) and on Walter B. Shepherd’s many visions (rapture cloud 1, rapture cloud 2, rapture cloud 3) it would seem that there is only one final exodus from the Earth. That doesn’t mean Jesus cannot move His Bride or its part from place to place even to Heaven for a while, transform it all at once or in parts at different times. Walter’s vision of the rapture cloud would suggest at least 2 different groups of people with different gifts being taken up, which would suggest the Bride is coming up with the rest of the believers from the great soul harvest at the same time. We just have to wait and see. Maybe we’ve been confusing many different events together, giving them all the same name – the rapture.

B. The three days of darkness (3 DOD)

If you’ve never heard of the three days of darkness, please read Mark Chen’s excellent article backed up with many scriptures.

I will only quickly sum it up:

it is triggered by the opening of the 6th sealJesus will come to every person on Earth and testify of what He has done for them, will show them the true state of their heart and everyone will have to make a decision to follow Him or reject Himmany messengers have been given information that the transformation of the bride (we deal with this topic in the section I. The latter rain – the transformation of the bride) is connected with the time of the 3 DOD: some that it will happen BEFORE the 3 DOD, some that it will happen on the 2nd day of the 3 DOD

Why three days? God works in patterns. There are 4 accounts of darkness in the Bible: in Egypt as part of the 10 judgements, Jonah in the belly of the fist, Jesus in the grave and Paul being blind for 3 days. If there is going to be another time that darkness comes to the Earth, it is possible to assume that God is going to repeat the previous pattern and makes it last for 3 days. More about this in the “Day of the Lord” article below.

“The darkness that covers the earth will last for three days and it is during this time that I will manifest Myself to mankind. Don’t fear this event, My children, for it is out of My great love for you that this event has been prepared since the beginning of time. After your hearts are purified, My Holy Spirit will invade your beings as never before and you will arise to do great miracles and will lead many to Me in the short time left before I come for My Bride.” Bon, The Order of Events to Come

“This [the three days of darkness] will indeed take place during My Great Wrath. It will be a great time for My Faithful Saints. This occurs after you receive My Glory [i.e. the transformation]. I will not give you a time sequence on this, My Loves. Just know that it will come, and it will be complete darkness, as in the days of Moses when My Children were about to be set free of pharaoh’s imprisonment. This will be a time of prayer, much prayer for all the ones who will be going through much of the terror, that will be presented in those evil three days for the unrepentant children. However, for My Faithful, a time of Wonders. You will not believe what I will do.” Wendi, Three days of darkness

“This planet is going to wreak havoc with all of the properties of your earth. It is going to put the earth in complete travail and My Creation are not going to know what to think. They are going to know that something huge is happening on this earth; some it will wake them up, and they will go running to My Son, some; alas, will listen to your now in office president.” Wendi, The age is ending in the breakneck manner

“A lot of questions about the timing of my 3 days of darkness have been asked. Father will tell you. It will be before the first barley rapture. It will be a formidable event for my lost and backslidden and lukewarm, but a fantastic and glorious event for my Son’s Bride.” Wendi, Message 2

C. The (day of) Wrath

In the book of Revelation, “wrath” is firstly mentioned after the 6th seal is opened, and all that are on the Earth seem to recognize that the terrible things happening to them are caused by God. Then it is mentioned again in connection with the bowls, in the sense that they COMPLETE the wrath.

Let’s look at other interesting scriptures about the wrath:

1 Thes 5:9 “For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,…”Romans 2:5-10 “But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, who “will render to each one according to his deeds”: eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality; but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness—indignation and wrath, tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek; but glory, honor, and peace to everyone who works what is good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

The first verse is highly abused as the “proof” that rapture, the great escape to Heaven, has to happen before the wrath begin. But there are more means to escape the wrath of God than fleeing to Heaven. Here’s what Di Olivieri received in regards to the safety places:

The second verse seems to indicate, that on the day of the wrath people will be shown their true status with God, similar to what have been depicted in Matthew 25:31-36. We believe this passage speaks of the 3 DOD, not of the white throne judgement as depicted in the book of Revelation, where Jesus is judging the dead.

It seems there are 2 groups of believers in the Bible: those that have given themselves fully to Jesus and will be ready at His coming, and the others, who either never converted fully, or kept parts of their lives to themselves, or went back to the world some time after their conversion. The first group has many names: 144.000, the Bride, elect, chosen ones (who are the elect?). Now here’s the thing: Matthew 24:45-46, Isaiah 2:3, Isaiah chapter 60, Isaiah 66:8, Daniel 12:3 all indicate, that these elect will be participating in helping the other, the fallen away group, to come back to Jesus. Therefore the day of wrath will SEPARATE those groups, with the elect protected from the wrath – maybe taken to a safe place, either on Earth or somewhere in Heaven, but certainly NOT raptured to Heaven for good – yet.

D. The day of the Lord

“The day of the Lord” is mentioned in the Bible 27 times, both in Old and New Testaments. Let’s have a look at some of the verses:

Isaiah 13:6 Wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand! It will come as destructionfrom the Almighty.

Isaiah 13:9 Behold, the day of the Lord comes, Cruel, with both wrath and fierce anger, To lay the land desolate; And He will destroy its sinners from it.

Ezekiel 30:3 For the day is near, Even the day of the Lord is near; It will be a day of clouds, the time of the Gentiles.

Joel 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. (In Czech Bibles this is Joel 4:14!!)

Amos 5:20 Is not the day of the Lord darkness, and not light? Is it not very dark, with no brightness in it?

Obadiah 1:15 For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near; As you have done, it shall be done to you; Your reprisal shall return upon your own head.

Joel 2:1b-3 For the day of the Lord is coming, For it is at hand: A day of darkness and gloominess, A day of clouds and thick darkness, Like the morning clouds spread over the mountains. A people come, great and strong, The like of whom has never been; Nor will there ever be any such after them, Even for many successive generations. A fire devours before them, And behind them a flame burns; The land is like the Garden of Eden before them, And behind them a desolate wilderness; Surely nothing shall escape them.

Zephaniah 2:3 Seek the Lord, all you meek of the earth, Who have upheld His justice. Seek righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden in the day of the Lord’s anger.

Let’s summarize these verses: The day of the Lord is a time of destruction, darkness, clouds (rapture cloud? cloud taking the elect to a safe place?) and decisions to be made by the multitudes. One can be hidden from it if they just seek meekness, righteousness and humility (his bride is meek, righteous and humble). It is also the time of the invasion of the fallen ones (Joel 2).

In other words, the day of the Lord is the same event described to the prophets and messengers as the three days of darkness, which begins the period of the wrath of God. During the 3 DOD, everybody will be presented with the truth about Jesus and what He did for us, and about the condition of one’s heart (see Judgement of nations in Matthew 25). Then everyone will have to make a decision for or against God, to accept or refuse Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation. There will be no atheists left on the Earth after this experience.

“Darkness comes so people can choose. I will call out to all in that darkness. If you once knew Me, you can return to Me. If you never knew Me, I will show you who I AM. When darkness comes, choices will be made choosing either the light or remaining in that darkness.” Di Olivieri, The Darkness

Di Olivieri also received many revelations concerning the places of safety and training provided for the bride:

Take to Places of SafetyOuter Rim – Tanzania – ZanzibarZanzibar – Ark of safety for ManyHeavenly places Guarded Upon the EarthThe Time Has Come (Terri Taplin)

E. The return of the fallen ones

To those of you who have not yet learned how the fallen angels manifest themselves in this day and age, I would recommend for you to familiarize yourself with this article. It is important to know the enemy so that we don’t make ourselves an easy target for the upcoming deception.

From Joel chapter 2 we learned that the invasion of the fallen angels, disguised as UFOs, will begin on the day of the Lord / during the 3 DOD. From Matthew 24:23 we also learn that there will be many false Christs between the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place and opening of the 6th seal. Here we would allow ourselves a speculation, that the “false Christs” from Matthew 24 could very well mean a fake rapture, or raptures.

Also, since the concept of multiple raptures is quite new, once the first rapture of the bride / the first fruit / the barley occurs, the government will try to explain it away with many sorts of deceitful explanations. Karen, a messenger from God, have had a revelation recently of one such deception. This lie is already being spread throughout the New Age communities. The new-agers are basically told that the “rapture” is taking away of the people that WEREN’T ready to meet with the Messiah. Please watch her short videos here on her channel: part 1 and part 2.

F. Celestial wedding

The symbolism of Jesus uniting with His church depicted as a celestial wedding is widely used and understood. But have you ever asked yourself, why Jesus needs a bride? We attempt to answer this question in our video comparing this process of unification of the true believers with Jesus to the traditional Jewish wedding customs. Please take the few minutes to watch it, the similarities are startling.

G. The great harvest of souls

As it’s been mentioned in one of the previous parts, Matthew 24:45-46, Isaiah 2:3, Isaiah chapter 60, Isaiah 66:8, Daniel 12:3 all suggest that the elect will be involved in one of the greatest revivals on Earth, leaving to Heavens afterwards to attend the celestial wedding. This last revival has been labeled as the great harvest of souls. It will happen after the 3 DOD when the multitudes have made their decision either for or against God. Once the 3 DOD finishes, the elect will be walking all over the Earth, testifying of Jesus, helping the multitudes with their conversions, healing, fighting demons, and much more, each assigned a specific task.

“My Bride has been trained and raised up for as a time as this. This is what they were born to do. Is to help me collect my end times harvest. They will be sent out 2 by 2 just like my disciples were in my days on earth. They will preach my Holy Word they will heal the sick. They will raise the dead. They will cast out evil spirits. They will do much much more in my name.” Wendi, This is my last message to you

H. The resurrection of dead believers

There are two verses describing the rapture of the resurrected and the living saints:

1 Thes 4:16-17 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.1 Cor 15:51-52 Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed — in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

Here we have to explain who the dead in Christ are. These are not dead believers. Nowhere in the Bible are the sleeping called this way. The dead in Christ are those who are still alive, but died to their flesh (read Galatians 2:20 and watch this video for further understanding).

From the two scriptures we can decide on the order of events:

trumpet sounds and Jesus descends from Heavensdead in Christ (the bride) are changed and risebefore all believers go up in the rapture the dead are resurrected (1 Thes 4:15)all go up together to meet the Lord in the air

NOWHERE it’s suggested that these events happen shortly after each other or on the same day! This will be discussed further.

J. The latter rain – The transformation of the Bride

The term “latter rain” means the great outpouring of God’s spirit upon His children, even greater than at the time after Jesus Christ left the Earth, when the first disciples received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. The latter rain will transformation the elect, the bride to prepare them for their mission before they are raptured to Heaven. The scripture from Isaiah 60 describes speaks of this very thing. There are also many messages that speak of this event. Here’s a very detailed vision from an unknown author – let’s read a short section from it:

“The raining fire of the Father that I saw falling was the Real Living Essence of the Father Himself that was being released upon those whom He had prepared to receive it below. It was interesting to watch this happen, as it fell upon people whom you would not expect nor think that it would, or even that it would not, by our thinking or reasoning of qualifications. The fiery rain would come down and fall upon a particular person who would be either aware of it falling or not be aware of it falling at that particular moment, but when it did hit them, they underwent a sudden tremendous change. I watched close up as the living fire seemed to penetrate into them and infuse itself or radiate itself throughout their beings and bodies. They literally became the very same Essence of the Father that the rain was that had fell upon them. Their eyes burned with a new life and even their skin was changed. It was not like ours now. It had a different texture or spiritual component to its makeup, and the fire flowed throughout their skin like a radiance, but it was not just an outward surface shining, but it was an internal radiance from within the skin layers itself. It was not like human skin as we know it, the qualities had been divinely altered, and the people now had new natures. I did not fully understand all of this process, but it was real and it was new. They were of a different spirit, as they now embodied the divine in such a way that we have yet to experience up to now. The people who were infused would now physically embody the divine fire, but it also lived through them and it became them as they became it, also. They did not lose their individual personalities through the process, but each person was still their own unique vessel, but they were also now divinely infused and were more divinely aware of God and understood their earthly purpose now.”

“Some of the tasks that the illuminated ones will be doing will surprise them greatly. Even those who are reading this letter may be disappointed that they were not chosen. The shyest persons will be preaching to large crowds at stadiums. The previously crippled ones who were chosen to be illuminated will actually be healing the sick and causing the blind to see. It will be the greatest manifestation of Jesus Christ working throughout the earth at the moments prior to the rapture of the Bride. Demons will be cast out of alcoholics. The abused will be set free. Those who were publicly humiliated for the cause of Christ will be able to shine at this time for their Lord and Savior.” Gwendoline Rix, The Illuminated Ones

“I have been somewhat silent in the years in between My Early and Latter Rain. I just gave this revelation to My Daughter, that I have not always poured out My Spirit as I AM now doing this present day.” Wendi, Stay on the fire for my son Yeshua

“As I gave My Daughter a dream of her receiving My Latter Rain upon her head, the demon could not hold her arms, for it burned him. So shall My Son Yeshua’s Mighty Faithful be filled with My Holy Power and Fire. Some shall receive this in a gradual sense and some shall receive all of a sudden such as the disciples did on Pentecost. Either way, you will receive it.” Wendi, What is in your heart shall come forth

“You will be completely shocked when this occurs. You will feel the Holy Spirit Wind blowing upon you just like it was when My Disciples received My Holy Spirit and was filled. So shall it be this time also. I AM revealing more and more to you now, My Beautiful Bride of Mine. You will have My Complete Authority just by walking around, the demons will know who you are in Me, and they will flee from you screaming. I had given a vision to My Daughter once when she rebuked the demons in My Powerful Name, that they would be put on fire and screaming to get away. This will be like that, only so much more stronger. My Loves, you will be able to walk up to the sick and heal them right then and there through My Awesome Power. You are almost there, My Faithful.” Wendi, Holy Spirit Wind

“Saints, you will receive my Glory before the days of darkness. This is not the putting off of the corruptible and the putting on of the incorruptible. This is receiving the Power from on High. My fullness of my Ruach Ha Kodesh. For you to do Father’s everlasting works. Think not that you will be invincible while you are working for Me. For did not I say that some of my Son’s precious Bride will be martyred and tortured for His Name’s sake? Just allow Me to disclose to you what Father chooses to reveal. Take every message to Me. Some of my Saints think they have it figured out. No one will be able to know unless I reveal it.” Wendi, Message 2

“Many things will be happening all at once, My saints. You will be overjoyed when you are changed into My Glory. Father says, though, do not get this confused with being changed to go up into My heavenlies. Only an incorruptible body can come to My heavenlies permanently. However, I, God Jehovah will tell you, it will be close to it when you receive My Glory. You will just have to trust your Papa. Remember, not everyone will have the same gifts, but you will all walk in My power and My Son’s mighty authority. My Son’s name is mighty and above all things whether you call him Yeshua or Jesus. Either one is just as powerful. Never listen to anyone who says otherwise.” Wendi, Message 4

“Saints, can you not see what is before you; how you are going to be used for My Kingdom Purposes. Some of you feel like you haven’t known what you were supposed to be doing for Me. Father tells you, the minute you are changed, you will know exactly. There will be no question marks in your minds.” Wendi, Lay your fear at my glorious and only begotten Son’s feet

“The planet of mystery comes quickly. My Faithful, do you know what will occur when this planet shows itself? It means that you shall have only a few hours left if you are My Son’s Bride.” Wendi, The age is ending in the breakneck manner

“You know nothing about what is going to happen in that it will not be like you think. You are in the final hours of the world being as you know it. The doors of the Ark are about to shut and the flood that will come upon the earth the whole world will know it is of Me. I am not saying the Rapture but there will be a catching away and you will be changed. I will come to everyone of you that is ready, and you will be made perfect in this body and will be united with the rest of your Spirit and The Holy Spirit like never before. The world will be in darkness as they will not know where you are. There will be great and mighty miracles worked through you and you will show the light of God in you and through you like it has never been seen before. You will go through hospitals and it will be like they are out of business as everyone will rise and be perfectly healed.” Terri, As in the day of Noah

“When the wind blows north, it shall be a winnowing wind. You shall see fire raining down from heaven and things about you changing…glowing with brightness. My love do not be afraid, for it shall not hurt. You will be known as the ‘bright one’ helping others to see the truth. Remain calm, allow My peace to fill you. You will know what to do. I shall call your name and you shall be with Me in an instant. My child, time will have no effect on you and your disappearance will be as mere moments on earth. Fret not over your family for they are in My hand and I will protect them. Be ready My love, I am coming for you.” Di Oliviery, Word from the Lord from July 3, 2015

“I saw what appeared to be lit raindrops coming down from the sky. They were longer than raindrops, more like the length of a straw or a ruler, all lit, white in color. I sensed they were electrical somehow. I looked up above me and some were coming right at my head. I looked up and across the sky again. There at a distance off to the side, was Jesus sitting on a horse. I could not see up close, but I knew it was Him. He was sitting on a white horse and He was brilliant and the same hue as the horse.” Di Olivieri, Vision from July 27, 2014

“Keep Me near My love. Keep Me near for I shall fill you to overflowing, to the full. You shall know it is done by My hand. You shall know and see good things in your life this day. My love, ensure that all know who I am for I shall make My way toward you this day.” Di Olivieri, I Hear the Abundance of Rain!

J. “See you in two”

1) There will be 2 events before we are called home

“There will be two events that will happen before I call you Home.” Terri, In our hands

We do not know which events these are, but it will be obvious to all that God has had his hands in them. There were many things foretold – devastating Earthquake, planets / second sun in the skies, asteroids – we do not know what is meant by the 2 events, yet we are told it will be obvious when they happen.

2) The bride will split in 2 groups, each group having its own purpose

“In the messages I have given this messenger I have said I will be calling you, I did not always say calling you home. There will be so very many that will be called to go to the next place for training and many that will be kept in shelter from the storms to come before the Rapture, as they are ready to be taken home, but do not need to go through all that will happen before the catching away.” Terri, In our hands (In this message from March 2015 Jesus said that there are only weeks left till the start, but nowhere He said till the start of the rapture. He said till the start of the events. I do believe that the many earthquakes at various places plus what many can see up in the skies lately is what Jesus was referring to. If you still haven’t see what’s hidden in our sky, please watch this short video and subscribe to the channel for daily updates: )

There seem to be 2 groups within the bride: one group being a “warring bride” that has been promised to be taken to a place where she’ll be trained up for the next stage of spiritual warfare. This shall happen before the 3 DOD. The following scripture seems to be speaking of them:

Isaiah 5:26-30 “He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar, And will whistle to them from the end of the earth; Surely they shall come with speed, swiftly. 27 No one will be weary or stumble among them, No one will slumber or sleep; Nor will the belt on their loins be loosed, Nor the strap of their sandals be broken; 28 Whose arrows are sharp, And all their bows bent; Their horses’ hooves will seem like flint, And their wheels like a whirlwind. 29 Their roaring will be like a lion, They will roar like young lions; Yes, they will roar And lay hold of the prey; They will carry it away safely, And no one will deliver. 30 In that day they will roar against them Like the roaring of the sea. And if one looks to the land, Behold, darkness and sorrow; And the light is darkened by the clouds.”

You can read of dreams and visions about this part of bride for example from Di Olivieri and from Kerry-Ann Gidden. There are many that had dreams of being trained, of being on an island. Isaiah 60:9 seems to be speaking of this very place:

“Surely the coastlands shall wait for Me;

And the ships of Tarshish will come first,

To bring your sons from afar,

Their silver and their gold with them,

To the name of the Lord your God,

And to the Holy One of Israel,

Because He has glorified you.”

Then there seem to be the other group that will have a different purpose. This group has been promised to be protected in their homes during the 3 DOD. They should be transformed during the 3 DOD. Scripture:

Isaiah 26:20-21 “Come, my people, enter your chambers, And shut your doors behind you; Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, Until the indignation is past. 21 For behold, the Lord comes out of His place To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; The earth will also disclose her blood, And will no more cover her slain.”

3) We will be raptured “in pairs” – we will receive our partner for eternity

“You are all being brought into the ark in pairs.” Terri, You are my miracle

This is soothing especially for those who haven’t been blessed with a fulfilled relationship here on the Earth.

Also Rhonda Empson received a prophetic dream “See you in two”.


There will be multiple raptures – stages of the great rescue to Heaven.The prophesied event known as the three days of darkness is what Bible refers to as the day of the Lord. The day of the Lord begins the wrath of God.During the 3 DOD the nations are judged as it’s described in Matthew 25 and the multitudes have to make their decision for or against God.An invasion of the fallen ones commences with the 3 DOD.After the 3 DOD finishes begins the great harvest of souls. This is the bride’s main purpose: to harvest as many souls as possible for the Kingdom of God.The children / innocent are rescued / raptured / hidden away before the 3 DOD begin. It is possible the bride will get a chance to say goodbye to them, as this dream suggest.The bride – the elect are transfigured either before the 3 DOD and are gathered onto an island for rest and training, or they are protected in their homes and transfigured during the 3 DOD, receiving their “mission” to help the lost and lukewarm in the devastation.

2. Chapter two: What about the feasts?

“But My Feasts point the way to the end. To know them is to know Me for they are not about food, but for signs and revelation. Study them to show yourself approved.” channel Hope InHim, My feasts point the way.

Leviticus 23 informs us of feasts the Israelis were supposed to keep. The scripture calls them The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts. This is significant as it emphasize the idea that these festivals are more than fun way to bond society together.

It is widely known and accepted that when Jesus walked the Earth the first time, He fulfilled the spring feasts. It is speculated, that the fall feasts will be fulfilled by His second coming.

Since we already determined that Second coming of Jesus Christ is a series of events, when closely examining the feasts we realise that they really pave the way to some of the events described earlier in chapter one.

The following text comes from the God’s Kingdom Ministries website and is excellent in dissecting the feasts, their meaning, customs and assigning the various events from chapter one to it. Although it may seem like a long text, it is well worth reading, because it gives a great insight into Jewish customs surrounding these feasts and their possible connection to Christ’s second coming. The cited study from God’s Kingdom Ministries will be in blue.

A. Trumpets

The blowing of Trumpets on the first day of the seventh month (Hebrew calendar) prophecies of the resurrection of the dead. The Jews traditionally called it “The Day of the Awakening Blast,” and they often go to cemeteries to commemorate this day, because they have long understood this to prophesy of the resurrection of the dead.

Paul tells us in 1 Thess. 4:16 that “the dead in Christ will rise first.” This is the first event in the sequence of events fulfilling the Autumn feasts. Paul also says in 1 Cor. 15:52, in a moment (atomos, an atomic change), in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.

In those days the trumpet was blown to signal the beginning of each month when the witnesses caught sight of the first crescent moon on the horizon at sundown. The first day of the seventh month was a special trumpet called “the last trumpet,” because it was the final month of the original Mosaic feast days.

As for the timing of Christ’s return, Paul seems to indicate in 1 Thess. 4:16 that the Lord will “descend from heaven” at the time of the resurrection—that is, when the trumpet is blown on the morning of the first day of the seventh month. If so, there is more to the “return” of Christ than just His descent from heaven. The Head must yet be joined with the Body, but He cannot do so until the living saints are changed in their atoms and made immortal and incorruptible.

That change is prophesied to occur on the first of Tabernacles, which is two weeks after the trumpet of resurrection is blown. We will discuss the feast of Tabernacles shortly.

So the first day of the seventh month, the day of Trumpets, prophesied of the raising of the dead. But contrary to much modern teaching, not everything is to occur on this day. This is only the beginning of end-time events.

B. The Day of Atonement

The blowing of trumpets began a 10-day time of repentance and introspection that culminated on the Day of Atonement on the 11th day of the 7th month. When the dead are raised, many will repent, including many in the Church itself, because many Christians will be shocked and frightened when they see that the “rapture” did not occur—or perhaps they will assume that it DID occur, but they were “left behind.”

Some major adjustments in their eschatology will have to be made very quickly, because the living saints will not be caught away on the same day that the resurrection takes place. The catching away is scheduled for Tabernacles.

C. The Feast of Tabernacles (Booths)

Five days after the Day of Atonement is the beginning of the feast of Tabernacles (7/15). It extends a full week and ends with a final ceremony on the eighth day (7/22). This feast prophesies of the “change” that will occur in the bodies of those who are alive at the end of the Age. Paul says in 1 Cor. 15:51, Behold, I tell you a secret: we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.

The “change” will occur on the first day of Tabernacles. This change will allow the living to be united with those who were raised from the dead two weeks earlier. At this point, they will have the same kind of “flesh” for it will be spiritual flesh. The two groups cannot be united until they have the same body.

This is also the time of Birthing the “Manchild,” which is “Christ in you the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). Believers are impregnated with Christ by the Holy Spirit, following the same pattern as Jesus and His mother. Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35), making Jesus the product of a Heavenly Father and an earthly mother.

He was thus both Son of God and Son of Man, having two parents. This was necessary in order for the law to be fulfilled in giving Him dominion in both heaven and earth.

It is the same with the believers in Christ, for we are co-heirs with Him (Rom. 8:17). The great secret (“mystery”) of the Church is “Christ in you” (Col. 1:27). That holy seed in us is the spiritual fetus having a heavenly Father and an earthly “mother.” In that sense, we are all part of the Bride company, whether we are male or female in the natural.

When we experience the feast of Passover (justification), we are impregnated by the Spirit. Pentecost prophesied the growth of the child (sanctification). Tabernacles prophesied of its birth, and the eighth day of Tabernacles prophesied of its “circumcision” and presentation to God, which by law must occur on an eighth day.

This holy seed, “Christ in you,” is not Jesus Christ Himself. It is a new generation, “a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17). It is an extension of Christ, for it is His Body. Yet it is also “us,” because it is “the real you.” We are becoming that next generation, so to speak. Our “natural man,” like Rachel, “dies” in childbirth (Gen. 35:18), and we take on a new form of existence, immortal, incorruptible, perfected, and complete.

When the living saints are changed and the Manchild brought to full birth on the first day of Tabernacles, they will enjoy the same kind of perfected body that the dead had already received two weeks earlier at the blowing of the trumpet. At that point, they will be united in perfect harmony into one Body.

However, this Body will still be incomplete until the Head is joined with the Body. The Head cannot join with the Body until the Body itself is united as one, and for this reason the joining of the Head with the Body must come in the midst of Tabernacles. This must occur some time between the first day and the eighth day when this New Creation Man (having both Head and Body) must be presented to the Father in its perfected state.

D. The Midst of Tabernacles

The joining of the Head with the Body, I believe, will come some time between the first and the eighth day of Tabernacles. The biblical pattern for this event is shown in John 7, the only account where Jesus kept the feast of Tabernacles. We read in John 7:2, Now the feast of the Jews, the Feast of Booths [Tabernacles], was at hand.

Jesus told the disciples to go to Jerusalem ahead of Him in verses 6-8, Jesus therefore said to them, “My time is not yet at hand; but your time is always opportune… 8 Go up to the feast yourselves; I do not go up to this feast, because My time has not yet fully come.”

But once He had sent the disciples ahead, He went to the feast in secret. We read in John 7:10-14, 10 But when His disciples had gone up to the feast, then He Himself also went up, not publicly, but as it were, in secret… 14 But when it was now the midst of the feast, Jesus went up into the temple and began to teach.

This highly prophetic story gives us the timing of His second coming. The “temple” is the body of Christ (1 Cor. 3:16). Though He “comes” prior to his Temple appearance, it remains “secret” until the middle of the feast of Tabernacles. This prophesies, I believe, of the fact that Jesus Christ will “come” at or before the beginning of Tabernacles, but will not be in contact with His disciples (the true temple) until the middle of the feast.

In the story in John 7, He had to separate Himself from the disciples for a time in order to rejoin the Head with the Body in the midst of the feast. So also in the second coming of Christ, the Head cannot join the Body until the whole Body has been made “one flesh” on the first of Tabernacles. He must join with them before the eighth day when the complete Body must be presented to the Father. Hence, He comes in the midst of the feast.

E. The Eighth Day of Tabernacles

The “new man” is not allowed to be presented to the Father until the eighth day. This law is found in Exodus 22:29 and 30: 29 You shall not delay the offering from your harvest and your vintage. The first-born of your sons you shall give to Me. 30 You shall do the same with your oxen and with your sheep. It shall be with its mother seven days; on the eighth day you shall give it to Me.

The “birth” of this corporate Son occurs on the first day of Tabernacles. The presentation of this corporate Son occurs on the eighth day, according to the law (above). Any and all presentation of sons to the Father can only occur on an eighth day. After His birth, Jesus was presented to the Temple on the eighth day (Luke 2:21). After His resurrection-birth, Jesus had to present Himself to the Father on the day after the Sabbath (Lev. 23:11), commonly known today as “Easter Sunday” It was the eighth day.

Likewise, insofar as the corporate Son is concerned, the presentation must occur on the eighth day of Tabernacles, and this is why there are eight days associated with Tabernacles (Lev. 23:39). So also in the story in John 7:37-39, Jesus prophesied of the glory-fire of God coming on the eighth day of Tabernacles. 37 Now on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. 38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.” 39 But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.

There are some who believe that the great day of the feast was the seventh day of Tabernacles. Other scholars say it is the eighth day. The issue is resolved when we understand that it prophesies of the glory of God being manifested through the Sons of God. This is prophesied in Leviticus 9 as being on the eighth day. It is in the story of the priestly consecration in Leviticus 8 and 9. God told Aaron and his sons in Lev. 8:35 to 9:1, 35 At the doorway of the tent of meeting, moreover, you shall remain day and night for seven days, and keep the charge of the Lord, that you may not die, for so I have been commanded. 36 Thus Aaron and his sons did all the things which the Lord had commanded through Moses. 1 Now it came about on the eighth day that Moses called Aaron and his sons and the elders of Israel.

So the priests in that day were consecrated for a full seven days and then emerged from the tabernacle on the eighth day. The main event of the eighth day is expressed in Lev. 9:4, “for today the Lord shall appear [manifest Himself] to you.” Verse 6 adds to this revelation, saying, “the glory of the Lord may appear to you.” The actual fulfillment is found in verse 24, 24 Then fire came out from before the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the portions of the fat on the altar; and when all the people saw it, they shouted and fell on their faces.

Thus, the fire (glory) of the Lord was manifested to all of the people, and “all the people saw it.” This prophesies of the results of the manifestation of the Sons of God after their presentation on the eighth day. For this reason, I believe that the priests of God must be consecrated to God for a full seven days before being manifested on the eighth day. Hence, Jesus’ prophecy in John 7:37-39 on the last great day of the feast, prophesying of the outpouring of the Spirit, applies to the eighth day of Tabernacles.

Wasn’t that some fascinating reading? The author later on sadly concludes that there is no rapture as the scriptures suggest that the Lord will come to the Earth to dwell among His children, therefore there is no reason for the children to go up to His Heavenlies. This statement ignores 2 facts: that we were promised a place in Heaven that He went to build for us, and secondly that the Earth is sick and needs to be purified by fire and given some time to get better, therefore the mass evacuation is a no joke. Nevertheless the insights into all things surrounding the feasts of the Lord are amazing.

In no case we are suggesting that the events must unfold exactly the way the author described. We have only shared this article to demonstrate one possible version of how it may unfold.

Recent message on the channel Swift Passage suggests a different order: that once the trumpet is blown, the transfiguration happens and the bride is caught up, which could place this event on Feast of Trumpets. Yet no resurrection of the dead is mentioned in this message. We just have to wait and see how this event will manifest.

Either way, we don’t wish to predict exactly how everything unfolds, with exact timing. All we want to do is make you realise that these feasts WILL play a major role in the affairs of Christ’s return.

JasonAli youtube channel also recently came out with a video explaining the importance of the feasts of God. While we don’t agree the feasts must mark the rapture, we do agree that they are important dates for the process of the return of Jesus.

3. Chapter three: Could this be the year of His coming?

“No man knows the day or the hour” has almost become a course among the christian end-time circles. But what if there is a plain timeline given in the Bible, but we are so afraid to get it wrong that we’ve stopped asking the Holy Spirit to reveal it to us?

Consider this:

The Jews were told their captivity was going to be for 70 years.

Elijah knew when he was going to leave.

Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy foretold precisely to the day when Jesus was going to be baptized and crucified.

The wise men knew when and where to follow the star to find the new King.

Simeon and Anna were at the temple on the 8th day as Jesus was presented to the Father.



1 Thessalonians 5: But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.

We might not know the exact day of His return. We might not know the exact order of things either, or understand it correctly. But the day of the Lord, AKA the three days of darkness, during which the elect will be protected and transfigured, should not come as a surprise to us.

There are many that claim that Jesus is coming back this year, or that prophesied events concerning His second coming are going to unfold still this year:

Messenger Terri Taplin, Go get your brideMessenger Terri Taplin, It is comingChannel Swift Passage, Gabriel about to blow the shofarMessenger Rhonda Empson, dream of separating the wheat from the chaffMessenger Di Olivieri, SeptemberMessenger Di Olivieri, Jesus accomplished all from His side, next step is to get the brideMessenger Amanda Lynn, dream of rapture and sudden destructionChannel Trumpet sound !, dream of raptured childrenChannel Hope Faith, dream “there is no time left”Channel Godshealer7, The HomecomingMessenger Jeffrey, There will be no delayChannel Trumpet sound !, DreamJesus Rules, Ready in a moment’s notice

… and more confirmations coming in daily.

Daniel’s 70 weeks

I believe there is a solid timeline for the Second coming in the Daniel’s 70 week prophecy (read here: Daniel 9:24-27). Simple, logical approach to it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will lead to TWO ROUNDS of this prophecy. All we need to figure out is the beginning and the end of the 70 weeks for now.

Right now we are only interested in the overall length of the prophecy, which can be determined from verse 24:

Seventy weeks are determined

For your people and for your holy city,

To finish the transgression,

To make an end of sins,

To make reconciliation for iniquity,

To bring in everlasting righteousness,

To seal up vision and prophecy,

And to anoint the Most Holy.

The start:

There are three possible starting points of the prophecy. The timeline is triggered by “the command to restore and build Jerusalem” (verse 25). Historically there are three dates that could be used: 458 BC, 445 BC and 1947 (UN resolution to allow the modern state of Israel).

The length:

There are 2 possible ways to determine how long the prophetic timeline lasts for. One is to count the number of days it involves and apply the “year for a day” principal. 70 x 7 = 490.

The second way is the take the “weeks” from the text (“Seventy weeks are determined”) as term representing the Feast of Weeks, or the pentecost, as we call it. The Feast of Weeks is also called Weeks for short. And there is only one per year. That way we get the second possible length of the timeline – 70 years.

When you combine and 3 possible starting points and the 2 possible lengths, you get 6 different versions of which only 2 seems legit if compared to the historical data we have.

The First round of prophecy must have been fulfilled with Christ’s first coming, starting in 458 BC with the command to rebuild the temple, ending with His crucifixion in 33 AD. More details here.

The second round of the prophecy will be fulfilling at His second coming. It started in November 1947 with the UN resolution. Ad 70 pentecost from that month and the 70th feast of weeks happens to be in late spring of 2017.

It’s that simple. There’s no need to add any gaps, however long. It lines up with the messages given. It’s simple, and it fits the revelations we’ve been getting left, right and centre.

Moreover the celestial signs are ticking away with their heavenly story, estimating the arrival of Jesus for this year as well. If you don’t understand this comment, you need to watch this channel.

Fall feasts dates 2016

If we for the sake of the argument agree that this year MIGHT be the year of His coming, AND we agree that it will most likely concern the autumn feasts, let’s figure out when these feasts are.

Multiple messengers have been told that the Jewish calendar is off by a month and a day this year, since the rabbis added an extra month during the spring when the barley was already ripe. Therefore the dates for the feasts as set by the rabbis are invalid in God’s eyes.

The fall feasts start with the 7th new moon of the year (starting the month of Tishri) and there are two evenings that this might be happening: September 2nd or September 3rd. If the new moon is sighted from Jerusalem on September 2nd after sunset, then the feast days are as follows (from sunset to sunset Israeli time):

2-3: Feast of trumpets

12-13: Day of atonement

16-17: Feast of tabernacles

17-18: Feast of tabernacles

18-19: Feast of tabernacles

19-20: Feast of tabernacles

20-21: Feast of tabernacles

21-22: Feast of tabernacles

22-23: Feast of tabernacles

23-24: The eighth day

If the new moon is spotted in Jerusalem on the evening of September 3rd instead, the dates would move one day up, making the “last trump” sound some time on Saturday evening Israeli time after sunset.

If the author from God’s Kingdom ministries is correct in estimating the fall of the latter rain – the transformation of the bride – to happen on the first day of the feast of tabernacles, then that’s the most likely beginning of the 3 DOD. But we won’t know for sure until the time comes – this is not a prediction. A lot would have to happen between now and then.

What startles us is that at least two messengers (Jesuslives444, Di Olivieri) were given heads up to be watchful on 1st and 2nd September, which lines up with the possible start of the autumn feasts. They weren’t told what to watch out for, through.

4. The conclusion

We have tried to cover much in this study. We believe that while extra revelations are very important, God would always give them in a way that makes it possible to match them with the scriptures we already have as a point of reference. Even today many are skeptical about the three days of darkness being biblical. We hope we have given enough evidence to proof that this event truly is described in the Bible many times over, even though the Bible doesn’t disclose how long the event will take.

The catching of the bride seems to be a different event than the rapture. The Bride might be rescued, moved around, given different assignments, split into groups. It can disappear off the Earth and reappear again at later stages.

There will be many stages when you can be called to do your bit for the Kingdom. Every messenger and prophet only prophesy in part. There is MUCH that hasn’t been revealed. Knowing about these events doesn’t qualify one to actually receive the latter rain – the transformation. What qualifies is the meekness, pureness of one’s heart, complete surrender to Jesus and His ultimate will, denying one’s flesh, absence of arrogance. Many of those chosen to receive the latter rain have probably never heard of it and will be totally surprised when it happens.

The end times are upon us. Not only the messengers, but the Bible itself in Daniel confirms that between now and the spring many things have to come to pass. But as we said before: the knowledge of the end time events, the timeline and everything that is to it doesn’t qualify anybody to receive the latter rain or be raptured. The only thing that matters is: DOES JESUS KNOW YOU?

The devil, the fallen angels, they are very aware of the time line. They will try everything possible to deceive everyone on the face of the Earth. Fake rapture, real raptures explained away, everything is possible. You need to be sound in knowing the scriptures, having the Holy Spirit and resting in Jesus every day to even have a fighting chance of not falling for the lies. The worst position you can adopt is to think you KNOW how the events unfold exactly. Nobody knows, only God does.

The feasts will play a major role in the end times, yet we are not trying to predict which event will fall on which feast day. Let’s just keep an eye on when the real feast days are happening this year and let Jesus surprise us with how it will all work out.

5. Bonus: The great tribulation – challenging the standard timeline

The term “the great tribulation” is mentioned in the Bible only a handful of times: in Matthew 24 (and in Mark 13, without the “great”, yet obviously describing the same time period) and in Revelation 2 and 7.

Here’s what we know:

we learn that the great tribulation is triggered by the “abomination of desolation standing in the holy place” as mentioned in Danielthat it is the hardest time on Earth that’s even been or ever will bethat great multitudes came out of it to Heavenits duration will be shortened for the elect’s sake (who are the elect?)

The following text might be controversial to some as it debates the “standard” view of this period on Earth. Please let it not discourage you from reading further. Just take it to Jesus in prayer, ask Him to reveal to you His truth.

Let’s look at Matthew 25 together. In verse 15 we learn about the triggering of the great tribulation. Then in verse 23 we learn that immediately after that many false Christs appear and see Jesus’ warnings not to follow them. Then in verse 29 we read that “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”, which is the description of opening of the 6th seal of Revelation. My question is: why do people distinguish between tribulation from verse 29 (tribulation of those days, as in the days described in the previous verses) and the tribulation from verse 21? There’s is NOTHING in the text that would suggest it speaks of different times! Jesus is simply giving order of the events: 1. Abomination of desolation, 2. Great Tribulation, 3. False Christs, 4. Sixth seal broken. It is that simple. What people usually call “the great tribulation” is really the time of “sorrows” as Matthew 24:8 and Mark 13:8 suggest, along with a message given to Wendi from Sept 23, 2015: “…It is around the corner; for after the Great Tribulation, it will begin. My Bride will be My Great Helpers during the Time of Sorrows. They will help My Lost, and My Backslidden, and My Lukewarm, all of which will be left behind for their purification process to be completed, by showing them My Love, My Peace, which they will desperately need…” (whole message)

There has been a great debate on just what the abomination of desolation that starts the great tribulation is. I truly believe that it is a nuke send to Jerusalem. You can find a short explanation in this video starting at 13:40 mark.

If the above understanding is correct, the great tribulation starts with nuke detonating in Israel, continues with the appearance of false Christs (fallen angels’ invasion?) and ends with opening of the 6th seal. This reminds me of the order of events given to many messengers before the upcoming 3 days of darkness:

Iran-Israeli missile strikeDancing coloured lights appearing worldwide (northern lights triggered by huge solar storm)Reddish skies worldwideAppearing of a near-earth planetary objectsGlobal earthquake immediately followed by 3 days of darkness

There should be less than 3 days between the northern lights appear and the earthquake hits and the world turns to darkness very shortly after the worldwide earthquake (read more).

It would seem as if the above signs copy the description of events surrounding the great tribulation from Matthew, but that is only my opinion which I do not wish to force onto anyone.

6. Bonus 2: is hell temporary or final destination?

There is still much we don’t know, but from our research it would seem as is hell is a temporary holding place while the lake of fire is the final destination. They do not seem to be identical. Please read an essay by Di Olivieri (http://goo.gl/rrpflO).

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