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The Return of Donald Trump

July 28, 2021 9:03 PM

I had just finished reading a post on this site ‘’ titled ‘God’s Glory Is About To Be Revealed re: Trumps’ Return’ Sharlene Reimer 7.23.21. In this article the author had a vision in which Jesus shared that President Trump would be returning soon. The article also referenced ‘Lazarus’ – a name the Holy Spirit had just dropped in my spirit the same day. Below is an excerpt from Sharlene Reimer’s post.

‘Come on Lazarus, it’s time to rise up! You’ve been “dead” for 6 months!! I want to see Your glory Lord God Almighty!! I believe! Please come. Continue to pray for Trump and his family. Thank you.Shortly thereafter on 7.27.21 I received this word.’

On 7.27.21 I too received a word on Donald Trump. The word follows.

The return of Donald Trump. He is just a man but I will use him mightily to further my Kingdom – for it is always about the Kingdom that I have established. He will return to his throne and I will use him to destroy the evil that has seeped into the nation, nay into the world. Corruption, evil, demonic forces are at work to dismantle and destroy the work of My hands.

But I have a plan

I will destroy the wicked evil agenda which has come against My people. Reprobates, villains, charlatans, deceivers – all waiting in the wings to carry out their dastardly plans against mankind.

But I have a plan to destroy them

They will implode from within, turning one against another for the prize of defeating My chosen ones, My remnant, My church – who call out My name. I am watching to see who will stand with me in this hour and who will align with the enemy.

I WILL RAISE UP Donald Trump unto this nation and unto the world. I will use him to strike down agendas, plans – wicked plans meant to harm and destroy My people. I will use him to lead this nation back to Me one more time. He will be judged harshly for I have placed him in a high position of honor, a king among kings – yet a man of My own choosing.

My will be done upon this earth

Pray for your leaders, pray against the corruption that fills the earth and rises like a stench to My nose

Pray and repent for the sins against humanity – the sins of abortion, trafficking of the children, the blood sacrifices of the innocent

Atone for the sins of the world and the bloodshed of the innocent and the martyrs

I am coming soon to enact justice upon this earth and upon this nation

Be ye ready to receive Me!

Keep your garments white and your wits about you for evil never rests and is looking to devour whom he may

Pray children! Stay close to me always. Keep My word in your hearts and look up for your redemption draweth nigh!

Your Lord and Savior

King Jesus

Yeshua HaMaschiach

The Great I Am

I come upon the clouds of glory

Amen and Amen

I was also led to watch a You tube video that featured another prophetic word on President Trump’s return titled ‘Exposure Will be Great’ DrPatricia Show – 7.23.21.

In closing, the following morning at 12:05 am I heard in my spirit the name ‘Joe Biden’. On 5.24.21 I had posted on this site ‘The Demise of Joe Biden’. While there is no question Donald Trump will return soon – it does not bode well for Joe Biden. May God have mercy on his eternal soul.

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