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The Reign of the Anointed Ones – Watchman Marah

The Reign of the Anointed Ones

Monday, May 11, 2020 9:56 PM
Watchman Marah

Sisters & Brothers;

On Dec 22, 2018, I had a dream. It was not only personal for myself, but for many who are a part of the Bride; I dreamt, that I was in a horrible place. It was the USA but everything was devastated, buried under mounds of dirt. The whole land was barren, no trees or grass. Streams and rivers were polluted. I was filthy, no home, no water to drink or to wash in, and there were many around me in worse condition than I was. We were all digging in these mounds with our bare hands trying to uncover homes that may have useful items, food and water. We stayed in groups for safety and shared our finds.

I was digging in this one mound when suddenly a shaft of intense light comes down next to me and I heard the words, I anoint (a mans full name was said), King to Rule & Reign. I stopped digging and looked around to see who spoke.. and saw no one.
So I got up to move else where to dig, but then thought about going back to find this person. There was no one.

So I started digging once again, when I found myself enveloped in brilliant light and I saw myself as a beautiful Queen with long dark hair beautifully braided wearing a Crown and Royal robes. And a voice spoke saying I anoint (my name was given), Queen to Rule & Reign.

Then the dream ended.

The scriptures do mention that some will
be Priests and others will reign, Kings and
Queens, and other positions. Rev 20:4-6
Mat 25:21, 24

I believe that Christ will rule from the
The New Jerusalem and that His people,
which will be many will rule the nations under Him…
What do you think. Love to hear your

Watchman Marah


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