The Red Phone Dream – Sandy Martin

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The Red Phone Dream

June 21, 2023 8:58 PM
Sandy Martin

I took an afternoon nap a couple of days ago and had a dream. Where ever this was, many people were standing around. A man came up to me and ask me to buy a really large red phone, the old type from the 1950’s, but large. I told him i had a phone and didn’t need it. Then, the crowd had huge objects that would not fit in their cars and i decided i was not going to “loan” out my cargo trailer to strangers and walked on. Then a man and a boy came to me and ask if i would buy the wireless land line phone they had and i told i did not need it. What became clear to me was the red phone was like the Hot Line between Russia & the US, only much larger. That meant Emergency, and people were selling their phones, the reason was, i believed, the phones were of not use any longer. With all of the dreams on this site, i think we all need to hunker down & pray.

Sandy Martin

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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