Poem, War

The Red Horse – Ruth Johnson

The Red Horse

October 28, 2019 at 6:28:25 AM
Ruth Johnson

I received this last June, In His strength.

The Red Horse:

The red horse of war
Is rearing
Snorting out fire and sparks
The one on its back is in armor
It’s teeth as sharp as sharks
It is riding to divide you
One against another
Father against son
Sister against brother
Torn asunder
Then devoured

The sword will land
In every hand
Every hand that grasps them
A choice is made
With who to stand
If that choice was not made yet

Hail! Hail! Hail!
The battle cry
Let the wars commence!
Olympic Games not seen yet!
No civility contains them!
The swords are turned
Against each other
Live by them, die by them
Sister and brother

The blood will flow
To the red horse’s bridle
And the one riding it
Will fear no rival
He’ll swim in the blood
Drink it and chortle
Believing it somehow
Will make him immortal

In comes a white horse
Faithful and true
The One riding it
Has a mission to do
His white robe is dipped
In the blood of the saints
His name written
Clear stream, no restraints
It cannot be pronounced
He is King of Kings
Lord of Lords
And He has been announced

In writing for us all to read
In signs up in the sky
He walked this earth
For all to see
He taught us, then he died
A gruesome death on Calvary
He only taught us
The words of our Father
The word from Him on High
After three days spent in the grave
The Father brought Him back to life

The Creator’s first begotten Son
Will stand with the forgotten ones
The ones all shunned by the world
The ones persistent in keeping the Word
Close to their heart
And in their sleep
For they know they know
Their Father will keep them safe

The white horse rides
With our brother astride
The red horse rides with a foe

What one will you stand for?
It is time for you to know

Scripture references are:
Revelation chapter 6:3-4
Revelation 19:11-16


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  1. Welle

    so Father Lord Jesus Yeshua Emmanuel HA’MASHIACH did said know to post this ? i have another question : the war still goes on , people raging , many people spilled the blood of many innocence baby’s prophets and saints Christians , mark of the beast its here obama is antichrist , falls prophet francis pope here , and satan all behind scenes with fallen angels and all disastrous are here with all plagues and yet we all still here waiting ….. why still Father not showing up ? we all here in trouble even i and Father knows that .. .why ? i do believe but its hard to wait for so long amen.

  2. Aguinel Sá

    Welle, I feel the same way, every day this world squeezes us more and more. The cries for help and mercy seem to be ignored, how much longer will we have to endure the unbearable? How long will our souls be torn and torn? Tired of being tired. Broke!

  3. Welle, the problem is that many prophetical people bring their dreams as “imminent” but if we know the bibel, we know that many things musst happen before the day X. Where is the nuclear war in Israel, where Damaskus will be destroyed? not yet here. Where is the Asteroid/Meteorit/Planet, who will destroy most of the world and bring the Antichrist? not yet here. Where are the Elijahs? not yet here.
    I know everybody wants to go home but we will be still here because Jesus has His order and His time.

  4. emma

    ‘Approach all contact with clients with respect, definitely, but always on a professional-to-professional basis. If you are subservient, apologetic or lacking in confidence, the client automatically takes control and you will be lost’ So true, it is the same as going for an interview with the client, being confident, the first impression sets the tone of the whole meeting.

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