Prophecy, War


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Oct 20, 2022, 11:38 PM
Trupti Desai

Dear Sir,

This word was received on Oct 19th, 2022 @ 12:27 pm

I believe this word is associated with Hebrews 12:27

(King James Version)

27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain

It was the prophet Haggai that first announced to Israel that God was going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea also, and the dry land. Haggai challenged God's people to re-examine their priorities and practice, to re-establish God back into the center of their lives - and to trust Him to faithfully keep His promises

Oh no!

Istanbul has fallen!
Allies are fleeing the ship
The Bear has been poked and now there will be a new world order!
The East and the West are at odds
The North gains in power in the copper fields
You will see a resurgence of floods flowing across the Red Sea

I have come to make WAR
This hour is not for the faint hearted
It is time to destroy the nations whose hearts have turned away from me
It is my judgment to bring back souls to me
In travail they will remember that there is only ONE TRUE GOD

IDOLS are not going to save them
Money will be of no use when they cannot find warmth and food is scarce

Oh no!

There comes a mighty Red Horse
The Red Horse has left the STABLE!
Pawing and nostrils flared ready for DESTRUCTION

Red Russia, Red China, India in the mix
Mighty nations combining forces to start alliances against my America
They will not win against this nation
But there will be a time of travail
The whole earth is under judgment NOW
Churches to fall one after each other
Kings will fall and rise quickly
Judges will die suddenly leaving room for my JUSTICE to stand once more
I have raised up my Deborah’s and Samuel’s
They are ready and waiting in the wings

Ah the White House blackened by evil
It is sordid and rotten from within
It is nearing the return of the True King
I raise up KINGS and pull them down at my WILL

Prophets of old declared that his time would come
Chaos and calamity everywhere
Creations groans for the sons of God to manifest and stand in this hour to Harvest souls and to bring back order for a TIME and a TIME

We are no longer in congruence
Convergence is upon us
The Heavens are splitting as a mighty battle ensues
Good versus Evil
Don’t you SEE!
Don’t you hear the cries of the children?
Why are you deaf and blind?
Congregations. Bewitched like the Galatians
I will tear down your religion!
I will tear down your monuments and buildings meant for evil

I am creating a new way and a new day
Stand steadfast in me and my WORD
Nothing can save you but ME
Foolish ones who do not hear or see
Come out of her and her fornication and wine
Come out and follow me!

We are nearing a catastrophe of great proportions
It is a set time and date
Bombs exploding in the oceans
Rockets being fired from the China Sea
Taiwan you are in grave danger
See that you do not tarry
Your time is nearing for Takeover
You are no opponent for the Bear and Dragon

Splits of mountains
Splits of States
Deep rifts being exposed from under the earth
The evil is being released
My angels are on standby
Now we will see a death of Great Proportions not seen on earth
Lei lines will be destroyed
Trains derailed
Planes falling out of the sky


Who would have thought Europa would fall
Who would have thought that their mighty plans would fall

NATO NATIONS your plans will fall
Allies once loyal will leave
They see the writing on the wall

They will align with Russia and Istanbul will rise up in due time
Now they must undergo Judgment as the sickle and the star will rise
Damascus is nearing destruction
Oh Damascus how I yearned for you to change your ways
Now destruction must take place

Birds will act unusually
Why are they not flying home for the winter
They know that something is a afoot
They know that creation is groaning and the earth is changing like never before
The bees are communicating
The Lions who walk the Serengeti are on guard
Creation is aware of the mighty changes and are on high alert

Senseless man does not know what is about to befall him
Foolish ones who choose deception
Be not comforted by the things of this world
Be ready to meet your maker
You will not be able to withstand what is to come
Shock and horror will cause many to faint

My beloved ones are ready with my ways to comfort many
If I do not allow the destruction then my people will perish for naught
Call upon my name in this hour of travail and I will hear you
My mighty harvest will BE SO!

Stay strong NOW
I have not forsaken my beloved ones
I seek JUSTICE for the children
As the oceans churn they will expose hidden secrets
All lies must be exposed!

Your Father who Art in Heaven


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