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The Red Horse and Time

February 7, 2021 1:43 AM
Nadia Isaac

Date: Thursday 4th March 2020

I had a dream on Thursday 4th March 2020, and in this dream 3 things stood out to me very clearly. The fact that there was a loud voice interpreting the dream, a Red horse and a Clock that had a particular set time on it and the dream was playing on real time. Just a short background about the dream, I am going to be honest I only really just remember the 3 main things in my dream that stood out to me and only one thing that the voice was saying about the time and also as the dream was playing in real time my mother was asking me what all of this meant and as it was happening I was telling her what the voice was saying.

Here is the start of my dream I was looking up the road outside not too far from where I live, there is a corner like about 2 mins walk from my house and also the road leads up to the corner to where a popular lady in the village lives. At that road by the corner, it was like a TV, but could not see the outer parts of the TV only the screen more like how you would project a film playing in a movie drive in and the picture reacted like how the pictures flashes like on the streaming pictures on Time Square in New York City . Also the movie only showed the dream playing on it blocking the middle of the road by the corner and no one could pass up the road or down the road not even cars because the picture blocked the road. I could also access the view of where my dream was projected on the TV from looking out the window of my house.

Everything in my dream was exactly the same as in my village except that TV screen, every single landmark was there and counted for. The first thing that showed up on the screen in my dream was the Big Ben clock in London with a specific time on it and it was slowly clicking… the clock said 3:00 , I assume it was afternoon on the clock because it was afternoon in my dream. For some reason I was a bit surprise because I’ve never been to London, England, I only knew it was London because I’ve learnt about it from school and saw a photo somewhere and then my dream switched then after that I then saw in the movie a picture with water ripples, just like when it’s raining outside and the rain droplets hit the water it forms a puddle on the water…that’s what it looked like on the surface of the water except underneath the puddles were whirlwinds looking like tornadoes were forming under the water, but it looked like whirlpools. And for every ripple from the raindrop there was a whirlpool looking like a raging tornado underneath the surface of the water. More like this and they were trying to come up to the surface then my dream switched.

After my dream switched I saw a big Red horse coming towards me on the screen and it kept riding and riding it just kept going like it knew where it was going, but strange enough it had no rider of the red horse. Then I heard the voice that I was interpreting said something like this is the time we are in and something else,but can’t remember what else the voice said as I pointed out in my background for the dream then my dream switched again and then in the movie darkness came in my dream, all I knew suddenly everything went dark… there weren’t even one light then I woke up from my dream. It was a bit of a surprise for me, so I went on Google after I woke up and looked for Red horse and Revelations Chapter 6 popped up to me saying the Red horse meant war, and given power to take peace on earth. It also talked about the other horses in Revelations, the white horse, the pale horse, the red horse and darkness.I am just highlighted this verse because I only saw the Red Horse in Revelation. Revelation 6:4 “And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.”

After that I looked up pictures of Big Ben, London England and for some reason was like shocked for a second because the same picture that I saw in the movie in my dream was the same exact picture someone posted on the internet with the very same exact time 3:00 o’clock from my dream …I was in awe. Then after that I was asking God to help me remember my dream. Then 3:11 just came to me looked it up and I was led to open Revelations Chapter 3 verse 11 “ which says Revelation 3:11 11I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your Crown.

Note, that I don’t understand why no rider was shown on the Red Horse from the Book of Revelation.

I believe that the time that I got the dream in March 4th, 2020, the Red Horse was upcoming to be released for war and peace to be taken from the earth. Also note that war and Peace had started to be taken from the Earth in 2020, but it got delayed, so God would give us more time to Repent. I did pray and asked when I should post this dream, and I got confirmation to post today. I beleive that this time is upon us soon since I got more than one confirmation on 6 February, 2021 and not just war and peace taken from the earth, but also the upcoming extreme weather patterns because I’ve been reminded by God to also remind my country about the Upcoming Polar Shift where Warm/Tropical Weather Countries will Change to Cold/Frigrid Weather Patterns with Snow Blizards and stocking up on food and necessities and to get Warm Winter Clothing for the upcoming Snow Storms/Blizzards—Bad Noreasters and other strange unexplainable extreme Weather and also the Whirpools that were looking like Tornadoes coming from under the Water puddles before the upcoming government lockdowns.

Please test the spirit, seek God and ask Him to reveal it to you. Jesus is coming back soon.

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