The Reason for the Lockdowns: ROBOTS, MUTANTS, AND HUMAN-HYBRIDS – Sergeant of the LORD’S ARMY


The Reason for the Lockdowns: ROBOTS, MUTANTS, AND HUMAN-HYBRIDS

January 3, 2022 11:56 AM
Sergeant of the LORD’S ARMY

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Greetings brothers and sisters, and welcome to the Sergeant of the LORD’S ARMY channel! Today, I want to share a dream about the future coming technology of the Beast System. The LORD gave me this dream on January 2nd, 2022.

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Context of the dream:

In this dream, I was a businessman working for a robotics agency. I had a suit and tie, and a briefcase which I always carried. The job I had in the agency was to translate documents for public speeches in French, English, and Spanish. Throughout the dream, I wasn’t comfortable with having this job in a place full of technology, but I was forced to work with them. I saw myself coming in and out of a big auditorium or theater, passing translated papers to a woman scientist who was doing a promotional speech in front of an audience.

Her speech was all about promoting robotics, human hybrids, and mutants, and brainwashing people into accepting these beings as part of normal human society. Throughout the entire dream, this woman was in this crowded auditorium delivering her speech in favor of the agency. I understood later that she presented the Media; i.e. the news media that most people listen to today. The people in the auditorium were people of every class in society and they all had casual clothing. They most probably represented the rest of the people in the world, apart from the elite; but I did not perceive them as representing anything in particular. They were just normal people forced to sit and listen to this lying scientist; they could not get out of the theater because there were guards at the exits. In this future time, I saw that the building I was working inside of was fully integrated with this artificial intelligence, and that all the cities in the world were also fully integrated to this Beast System of the devil. It was to the point that it was almost inescapable and people lived surronded by living technology. The only things I saw that were not integrated with AI were highways and roads. But all buildings, especially of this robotics agency, were within the system.

The leaked information and mutant “people”:

In this dream, as I was doing my job, I was handed a new document to translate. But when I read the document, I noticed that this was a classified paper from the robotics agency which had been given to me by accident. I don’t remember reading words from the paper, but when I received it in my hands, I had the knowledge of what the document was about and I saw myself reading it in the dream. Before anyone noticed the mistake, I hid it in my suit, and went rushing towards the convention to expose the truth to the public. As I ran, I noticed that I was being chased by a small flying robot with the head of a fox and it wanted to stop me from reaching the auditorium. As I ran faster and faster it got to the point where I began to fly, because I was going too fast. This has happened to me in dreams when I am being chased by something or running too fast. So I flew out of the building and passed by an elevated highway with few cars.

I saw a group of ten mutant people, as they were known, who had superpowers and looked like aliens, and they asked me where I was going. The LORD told me to ignore them and don’t get close to them, since they were demons who pretended to be movie superheroes and spoke with soft words to persuade me to talk to them. Just so that you guys can have an idea of what they looked like, they looked like the aliens in the movie Men in Black, and some of them could fly, stretch their arms, and do all the things that we only see in the movies. I guess by now you can see why the entertainment industry is pushing the idea of aliens and humans abiding together through movies and TV shows. When I finally reached the auditorium, I had shaken off the robot that chased me and I slowly began to get closer to the ground and get a seat in the theater.

The auditorium:

After I went to take a seat, I noticed that many of the people there disliked the propaganda being pushed on them. I was aware that there was this “social controversy” of whether or not people should accept non-human beings into society, since they could be seen roaming cities everywhere around the globe, so they were commonly seen by everyone. Now, I want you guys to understand from the LORD’s knowledge, that these beings exist right now. The difference between the future and today, is that they are still waiting for the right moment to appear to society and people will think that it is the first time they’ve come to this planet. But in reality, they are currently living with us in the same earth, mixing with our population and though they look are humans, they are not. Some of them had human-like characteristics, but they were not God’s creation.

Okay, so back to the dream; I slowly went down to take an empty seat in the front rows, and I sat looking towards the seat, rather than sitting correctly. I was looking down towards the back of my seat and I noticed two women who were sitting closest to me at both sides. When they say me flying down to the seat, they felt this repulsive disgust towards me, and I noticed that I was not human, but a chimera with synthetic skin. (A chimera is a type of human-animal hybrid which is currently being made in labs today.) I don’t know what had happened to me in the dream to cause this change in me, but for the dream’s purposes, I had changed into this humanhybrid with plastic synthetic skin. I had a vision of my forehead and my forehead was made of a plastic, synthetic material with some artificial powder left on its surface, and it had the color of light human skin. I was terrified, because I realized that I was not longer human and I had no salvation from God whatsoever! I began to cry and I told myself: “Am I really a hybrid now?!”. As I tried to understand what had happened to me, I heard the women scientist read the leaked document out loud, or at least she stated the idea of what the document was about. This is what she said in her exact words,

PLEASE HEAR THIS CAREFULLY. She stated the following:

“The reason for the lockdowns has been so that, in the future, people can be introduced to robots,
mutants, and human-hybrids, so that these beings can help fix the lost human-touch brough as a result of the lockdowns.”

After hearing this statement, I froze in shock. I could not believe what I had just heard! Now it made sense to me why the governments of the world have been placing all of us under temporary house arrest. They wanted us to break all human social bonds, become desensitized to human relationships, only speak with each other through video chats… and, as this process developed over time, people have become irritated by each other because there is no sharing of ideas anymore between individuals, face-to-face.

Just as Matthew 24:12-13 states,

“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall ENDURE UNTO THE END, the same shall BE SAVED.” (KJV, Authorized Version)

After this, I woke up and wrote the dream.


According to what the LORD made known through this dream, the governments will attempt to bring out robots, mutants (people with demonic superpowers), synthetic people (people that are CURRENTLY and have always lived with us in cities, but are not REAL people!), to “fix the broken human bond cause by the lockdowns”. Yes, there are people in this world that look like people, have emotions like people, eat, marry, go to work, but are NOT real humans beings that God created in the beginning. We must have spiritual discernment by the Holy Spirit of God so that He can warn us in our daily lives of people we should avoid.

This information should NOT cause fear on anyone who hears this. You must understand that God is exposing the devil and his hidden works from humanity all this time, because there little time left and God is giving us all this revelations NOW so that we know what to expect. (I thank GOD for HIS GRACE and MERCY that HE has had on this lost world; HE has been patient and I appreciate that.) But judgements have begun, because it is finally the appointed time.

The devil has been hard at work deceiving humanity and trying to find ways to destroy us for good, so that nobody can meet Jesus anymore. We fight spiritual enemies, Ephesians 6, and the LORD wants that to be very clear in our souls, that this world is NOT WHAT IS SEEMS TO BE, nor what it says it is.
Pray for spiritual discernment from the Holy Spirit, repent daily of your sins and CONFESS them out loud to Him. Say why you commited this and that sin. Saying why you did the sin is crucial, because then you are being OPEN AND CLEAR with the LORD in the genuine intentions you had when you did the sin. HE wants us to be clear with Him just as He is clear with us. I have learned to do this thanks to how GOD has used His servants in speaking to my life through His Holy Word. When you do so, BELIEVE and READ 1 John 1: 1-10. I will place the core passages here, but the entire Chapter is equally important.

Here is the Scripture:

1 John 1: 6-10
“If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
If we say that we have not sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.”

Because this post is pretty long already, I want to post a helpful passage about faith in a different post. The LORD had led me to it by His Will, and it speak of such helpful information about what we must add to our faith and get stronger in the LORD. If you want to read it by yourself, it is: 2 PETER 1: 1-11
May God bless you all throught this message and let you know what He has in store for you lives. Amen!


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