The Race Is On – Only a Grain of Sand

The Race Is On

Sep 10, 2019, 11:05 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

September 9, 2019

Humanity has traditionally gone into battle and wars, each Fall, for thousands of years. The harvests are trampled, burned, or ruined. The people suffer as pawns, in the hands of the kings, princes and leaders.

So now the season changes, from Summer to Fall; yours will be no different Babylon America. I AM has waited for all you followers of My only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to rise up, and turn over laws, that only destroy human life, peace, love, plenty, and work for the people. But there is only silence, or a muffled mutter of protest, against all this insanity, you have slowly swallowed, and grown accustomed too.

Collectively your nation will now choke to death. The death rattle will not be all at once, but the nation will stagger to and fro, before, the final blow is struck.

I AM will allow your evil leaders, their way, before they are removed, once and for all. Traitors against their own land, their own families, and Creator God; theirs will be an everlasting horror, without mercy.

The season is changing from Summer to Fall. Are you ready to taste the gall I AM was given, on the Cross at Calvary? The change will be sudden, and soon. The traps are set, the snare is ready, the players are primed, and chomping at their bits. The gate will open, and the Race of Doom, will be on. The mockers and blasphemers, will be silenced, when that day dawns. Your long wait My people, is over. The Race Is On!


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