The Race & Chosen Will Enter the Boat – LynL

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The Race & Chosen Will Enter the Boat

September 11, 2023 8:32 PM

The Race- (Holy Spirit & LynL)
This is the Race I never knew I would sign up for. It is a direction I never thought I would go in (towards God). It was work that I swore I would never do (preaching in the streets). It was words I thought I would never say (my testimony). This race is unlike any race, that I thought I would ever participate in. It’s a race of a lifetime, a race I barely know I am in. The contestants are either in darkness or light and no matter which way I go I must keep my armor on, while I run in participation of this race. As I make it through each hurdle (avoidance of sins), I cleanse myself and refresh myself for the next hurdle. I am unaware of the presence of the contestants who shroud themselves in darkness, but I know they are there (demonic forces). They have always been there. I form my words and thoughts to bring them to their knees (spiritual warfare) and let them trip themselves up in the armor I have utilized (Speaking Gods Words).
The Race is going well now. Yes, there are valleys and peaks to contend with, but overall, I am winning the race. God is always with me while I participate in the race and provides me with my running apparel (armor). With God at my side, the hurdles seem non-existent, almost invisible like my opponent. Thank you, God, for the strength you give me, to continue in the race!

09/10/23 – Holy Spirit
Warning after warning after warning has been given, in advance of judgements, that will take place. I have informed all, that things will change. The norm that you have been accustomed to (even with Covid) will now change abruptly. Many will be sorry that they did not heed the prophet’s warnings. Many will lose their souls to the enemy’s camp. As judgements start to take place, I will be there, thru my chosen, to guide and lead those who are now willing to follow righteousness. Nothing will be the same as events move forward and change the landscape of your world.

09/11/23- Holy Spirit
The boat is about to sail away with my chosen. They are ready to take on their new assignments, new projects that will be given to them. They will be responsible for many souls making it to salvation. Their job is great, important and meaningful. They will stay focused on the job at hand and will accomplish what they have been set out to do. Each have different traits, suited to help certain groups of people. No matter where they are sent, they will be focused on their assignments and what needs to be accomplished. Warnings are coming to a close. Be ready for change to hit abruptly, swiftly and with precision. I Am is in control, at all times.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos



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