The Quick Change Artist – Only a Grain of Sand

The Quick Change Artist

May 2, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

In a city apartment with a young American couple, husband and wife, sitting in the living room smoking marijuana. It felt like my own home, I was so relaxed. They were sitting on a couch, and I was sitting across from them, A self-absorbed life of pleasure and ease. We were having a good time. All of a sudden the husband morphed into a Iranian commando with black sun glasses and threatening murderous attitude. The American woman/wife simply disappeared in the confusion of my running out of the apartment, to flee the threat. In the seconds before my exit, as the man had torn off his disguise revealing who he realy was and what were his true intentions, loud rock-and-roll started blaring in the room. Confusion and Noise! The peace and camaraderie had immediately evaporated. It all happened at once. There was no time to think, just run.

In the hallway of the apartment building I searched for a hiding place, safety. I entered into a room, and calmed down, was sitting down. A group of ladies entered into the room. There were like a seniors craft group who got together regularly and did charity work, creative sowing and worked together on projects, in total harmony. They were a happy bunch of folks. One of them threw a hooked rug project that had just been started, into my lap. Like as if to say, “Get busy!”. End of dream


The dope was an old addiction of mine, for 40 years I struggled with (have been clean for many years now). I was still in my old man of sin ways. Not ready for what was coming. Dry Rot Awaits Delivering Heels! The Comfort Zone immediately changed into a War Zone. America represented in the wife, Simply Disappeared. Fleeing the situation, I must have repented, because the Lord took me to a Goshen/Refuge, but the important part to remember is I left it to the last moment. A big mistake. If you read this, Repent Now, don’t think you will be giving to the last minute. Many will be not given the chance to be removed from the coming horrors because they refused to change their ways or Repent. . They will have to live through the Great Tribulation. We are now in the Troubled Times of the Small Tribulation

Also I fled at the first second the threat appeared. The small flame that (Guardian Angel) will appear in from of you when it is time to flee is your signal to exit your home immediately. That means have a bug-out-bag ready. If the Lord has not already given you your instructions on your future nest, or you do not have the mission to build a Goshen/Refuge.

The seniors group who entered the room, were obviously mature in the Lord, had oil in their lamps and were ready for what was coming. They had prepared for what was coming, well. The hooked rug that was thrown in my lap is, we will all work together, what someone else had started, I will work on, participate in and help finish. We were all working in this together.

A final thought the shock of the Quick Change Artist was enough to loosen my bowels, the threat happened in a flash…be ready at all times! Stay In The WORD! Be Covered In The Blood Of CHRIST!

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