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The Putin Dream – Linda Hasche


The Putin Dream

December 30, 2021
Linda Hasche


Auto Generated Transcript

greetings brothers and sisters in christ
it’s thursday december 30th 2021
i’m being prompted to share
the putin dream that i had this morning
and i was going to write it down like i
normally do but i felt like i’m just
supposed to talk and share and the holy
spirit will bring to mind what i’m
supposed to share in jesus name amen
i need to state right now my citizenship
is in heaven
my siblings in christ or my true family
and that would be anybody around the
in jesus name amen here’s the dream
in the dream
president putin was in the united states
and was going to have a meeting
i found out about it and i knew that i
needed to take him
the post that i did with him in it
from whenever it was 2015 1617 somewhere
around in there
i couldn’t find it i kept looking all
over the house for it
and i was in a house of not where i’m at
and not where i’ve ever been
and my mom was in the house and suddenly
a flood came
and i was yelling this house is flooding
and tried to get into another part of
the house and then the flood subsided
and i started looking again
for that post
that i’ll link below
couldn’t find it
i decided to go ahead and try to find
putin anyway and just talk to him
so i went to wherever this was i just
showed up and he was sitting by himself
in like a lunchroom table
kind of casual looking i couldn’t really
find a good picture nobody else was
sitting around him he was getting ready
to eat a simple meal so i sat down
in front of him
wanted to share with him about that post
and what i was thinking i also wanted to
share with him was
we shouldn’t be fighting each other i
wanted to share with him
we need to be prepared to fight the
demonic forces but that never happened i
was never able to tell him that
and then when i woke up or maybe i was
half awake half asleep i don’t know
phrase shoreline
gallows came to mind that shoreline
still not quite awake not quite sure
what that was about and then i felt the
heavenly father say to me and i will
i want to clear putin’s name
and i kept hearing that throughout the
whole day and that dream stayed with me
the whole day again
my citizenship is in heaven my siblings
in christ are those who are around the
and the father let me know
whatever they’re going to be saying on
the main neat and stream lame stream
liars news networks
is not true
this world war three is not being caused
by putin
this is being masterminded behind the
by the global elite but ultimately
attack that’s coming on the usa is
judgment from the heavenly father and he
spoke in my spirit read
revelation 18
1-24 now brothers and sisters i am not a
bible scholar i know where revelation 18
is but i didn’t know it had 24 verses
so i’m going to read it from the holman
version of the bible
he is using president putin to bring
judgment on the united states
after this i saw another angel with
great authority coming down from heaven
and the earth was illuminated by a
splendor he cried in a mighty voice
it has fallen
babylon the great has fallen
she has become a dwelling for demons a
for every unclean spirit a haunt
for every unclean bird in a haunt for
every unclean and despicable beast
for all the nations have drunk the wine
over sexual immorality which brings
the kings of the earth have committed
sexual immorality with her and the
merchants of the earth have grown
wealthy from her excessive luxury
look at the epstein issue
verse 4 then i heard another voice from
heaven come out of her my people
so that you will not share in her sins
or receive any of her plagues
for her sins are piled up to heaven and
god has remembered her crimes
look at the slaughter of the innocents
before they’re even born and now post
post birth murder it’s not post birth
abortion is post post-birth murder
and satan is using the whole thing for
the rituals
the pedophilia the slaughter the
perversion done on little children
verse 5 for her sins are piled up to
heaven and god has remembered her crimes
pay her back the way she also paid and
double it according to her works in the
cup in which she mixed makes a double
portion for her as much as she glorified
herself and lived luxuriously
give her that much torment and grief
because she says in her heart i sit as
queen i’m not a widow and i will never
see grief
therefore her plagues will come in one
day death and grief and famine and she
will be burned up with fire because the
lord god who judges her is mighty
the shoreline gallows are death
coming on the shores
especially on the coasts
verse 9 the king of the earth who have
committed sexual immorality and lived
luxuriously with her will weep and mourn
over her when they see the smoke of her
burning that will be new york new york
watch manhattan the smoke will burn
they stand off they stand far off in
fear of her torment saying whoa whoa
the great city babylon the mighty city
for in a single hour your judgment has
the merchants of the earth will also
weep and mourn over her because no one
buys their merchandise any longer
merchandise of gold silver precious
stones and pearls fine fabrics of linen
purple silk and scarlet all kinds of
fragrant wood wood products objects of
objects of expensive wood brass iron and
cinnamon spice incense myrrh and
frankincense wine olive oil fine wheat
flour and grain
cattle and sheep horses and carriages
and human bodies and souls
yes the sex slave trade
verse 14 the fruit you carved has left
you all your splendid and glamorous
things are gone they will never find
them again
the merchants of these things who become
rich from her will stand far off in fear
of her torment weeping and mourning
saying woe whoa the great city clothing
fine linen purple and scarlet adorned
with gold precious stones and pearls
because in a single hour
such fabulous wealth was destroyed
and every shipmaster seafarer the
sailors and all who do business by sea
stood far off
as they watched the smoke from her
burning and kept crying out who was like
the great city they threw dust on their
heads and kept crying out weeping and
mourning whoa whoa
the great city where all those who have
ships on the sea become rich from her
wealth because in a single hour she was
rejoice over her heaven and you saints
apostles and prophets
beca because god has executed your
judgment on her
then a mighty angel picked up a stone
like a large millstone and threw it into
the sea saying in this way
babylon the great city will be thrown
down violently and never be found again
the sound of harpists musicians flutists
and trumpeters will never be heard in
you again no craftsman of any trade will
ever be found in you again
the sound of a mill will never be heard
in you again
the light of a lamp will never shine in
you again
and the voice of agreement bride will
never be heard in you again
all this will happen
because your merchants were the nobility
of the earth because all the nations
were deceived by your sorcery
death jabs
and the blood of prophets and saints and
all those slaughtered on earth was found
in you
pushed globally by babylon usa
we are under judgment
and the first kaboom that hits us will
be from us on us
and that’s what the father told me it
will not be from russia or anywhere else
i saw it
i saw it in a dream it was at night and
it was
going over the waters
coming from the west heading to the east
to the east coast to babylon the great
and it was a tomahawk missile
and it’s also the global elite pledging
in economic collapse
but the father
is bringing judgment upon the united
states for all the wickedness we have
done repent and again i say repent we
must be clean before oh holy holy lord
god almighty
creator of heaven and earth jesus is
coming back king of kings and lord of
lords the one who was and is and is to
and on that day of judgment will you
hear depart from me i never knew you
woe to you if you do not repent whoa and
woe again i say woe and repent in jesus
name i say repent


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