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Voice of Hope

August 28, 2018


My precious one,

The land of promise is without doubt. I said I would do it and I will. It is impossible for Me to lie. What you are going through is the process to the promise.

When I gave Israel My Word on Canaan, they went through a wilderness. That wilderness was their process.

I gave Joseph a dream. I showed him his great future. Then he went through lots of rejection, mistreatment, false accusations, slavery, isolation and multiple afflictions. This journey was his process.

When a woman is conceiving, it is usually an enjoyable process. But the process of carrying the baby and bringing the child into the world has it’s challenges and pain. That period of gestation and labor is her process.

Many times, the scroll is sweet in your mouth but bitter in your belly. But it’s in the belly that food is digested and assimilated into the body for nutritional benefit and growth.

My precious, endure the process. Before you can be a display of My Splendor, you must go through the moulding process like clay in the Potter’s Hands.

There is a reason why I said so often in Revelation, “Those who endure to the end……..”

The race belongs to those who finish it. I know it’s been tough My precious, but keep your eyes fixed on Me, eyeball to Eyeball. I am with you till the end. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Your Potter,

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