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Jan 7, 2020
Looking towards the heaven for Jesus

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hi brothers and sisters in Christ and
hope everyone’s doing well today when
I’m back to do a another video this is a
warning for America and I’m gonna go
ahead and begin because it is very
lengthy okay the title of this word was
the pride of Babylon will cause her file
and file from her warhorse this was
given me on December the 10th 2019 from
1125 to 1134 p.m. in a supplemented I’ll
January the 5th and today January the
7th 2020 the new for a new year and
today is the day for release and upload
and here we go my little roads right now
words for that for they are faithful and
truth o Babylon Queen of Nations the
most powerful of all nations only
conquest to dominate you will follow you
will lose your power you will file from
your warhorse be strip tune out and
nation and this nation made desolate
where is your queen now where is your
power and victory I will be met with
fire and hidden under rocks of your
destruction for I am The Rock of Ages
that which that would you reject the
chief Cornerstone my waves my laws and
my warnings of the prophets which I sent
you have taken counsel with another the
false prophets have bailed whom their
false propaganda spews from their mouths
and I hear them not even their prayers
go unheard I do not know them those
flesh dwellers whom please themselves
America will not be great again but I
but what I do in this late I were to
make my presence known and my great
shaking will be of great exploits of my
have I not said there is no point of
return not turning back I have warned
for years I do not stand with
unrighteousness and unholiness it shall
not enter in or prevail
I will not strive with man for effort
and this is why you know it will not go
on just fun holiness and righteousness
all these things that keep piling up to
the heavens I do not stand with this
king or this nation of corruptness see
what it says correctness it’s just like
that word was used in a time of the days
of Noah but I watch over my brenda those
who walk with me they know me the LORD
thy God my ways and my laws however this
King does not follow me and illness and
ill-advised therefore he and this nation
will go along in their military and war
since I have blatantly been ignored
there would be no victory for Babylon
too great
she has prostituted herself with all
manners of abominations and evil to rise
up over all nations of the earth and now
they will see her fall as I have said my
hand has been lifted off Babylon degrade
my hand is stretched out in judgment
upon her my sword is sharp upon this
nation to penetrate into every fabric of
her even to pierce the darkness that
which comprehends it not in flees
therefore I will reject the unless you
repent and though that would be chosen
in you know in this nation of America
nye is coming a day of doom in my
vengeance and my fury there will be no
rest for the wicked hearken my words are
true and eternal may
a man’s is its mere mortal and that of
lies and lust above out that of pride
most of her people in her King King
Trump are of pride pride goes before
destruction and a haughty spirit before
file who are you less than two the day
of destruction cometh quickly choose
wisely I am the God of Abraham Isaac and
Jacob I am not the god of the dead but
but of the living
I want you to live to have life know me
and my love I am your Redeemer the Lord
of Hosts the Holy One of Israel I am
that I am and I am Yahweh okay guys
that’s it that’s it
and hopefully I’ll stay on the of some
more videos I’ve got two more I’ve got
to try to get out I went in a baby but I
love you I’ll thank you for listening
and sharing and God bless you Shalom

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