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The President’s Assassination – E. Aguirre

The President’s Assassination

June 18, 2020 11:50 PM
E. Aguirre

This was not a dream because I was awake. This happened in the Spring or Summer of 2017 while going through a hard time. I was asking questions and getting immediate answers.

One of the questions was about president Trump. This seemed to be the most detailed answer to  the questions that I asked.  He said that the president and his wife would be killed in a Washington D.C theater the year after he gets reelected. There was something said about the Kennedy assassination, maybe referring to a lone gunman involved or that a lone individual will be the scapegoat. Four unknown men in Europe planned it.

A civil war would ensue after this in which blacks and hispanics would fight against whites. There will be a million casualties, averaging 100,000 per month.

It is June 2020 when writing this, and racial tension is a significant part of the chaos sweeping the nation at this time.

We should pray against this from happening.

E. Aguirre


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