The Precipice Of War! – “the sounds of war are in the air” – Benjamin Faircloth

By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

Sunday April 16, 2017
The Precipice Of War!

“The sounds of war are in the air, armaments and military might stand and stare; ready to move, ready to dare! These are the signs of the times that I revealed to the world. These are the warnings that I revealed to you My Church, but are you heeding them?

Confusion reigns in your country and your churches. Leaders sworn in to proclaim truth but live in lies, and practice deceit!

My Church has become a playhouse for puppets, moved by the strings of politicians and hidden agendas of wicked men! Yet time moves forward, My Word is being fulfilled, but still My Church sleeps on!

Soon the sounds of war will fill your streets, a fire will rage beyond your control. Many will call on Me but it will be too late. I warn you now, your enemies are at the gate!

Refuse this warning at your peril, for soon you will witness the effects of a nation turned into hell!

(Scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 28)


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