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The Powers of Cash

June 14, 2021 12:39 PM

October 9, 2019

In a waking vision, eyes closed, I saw a spinning globe and recognized the United States; written on this nation were the words, “CASH POWERS,” and an arrow pointed to these words.

In another waking vision, eyes closed, I saw stacks of dollars arranged in a PYRAMID pile, and a single hand pointed to this pile.

Americans are advised to have much more CASH ON HAND than usual. Natural and man-made crises will make it difficult for citizens to access their bank accounts and redeem shares of stock. Look at the FINANCIALLY RESTRICTING EFFECT OF POWER OUTAGES after tornadoes and hurricanes to have an indication of what will come on a larger scale.

Though it is currently wise to keep stacks of physical dollars for emergency use, in the second vision the stacks of dollars arranged in a pyramid indicate how the DOLLAR IS ULTIMATELY A PYRAMID SCHEME. Those who invested in the dollar earlier were able to redeem their investment at will with profit. Those who came later to the dollar will have difficulty redeeming their shares and earning a profit. Today those who come very late to the dollar may lose their entire investment. For as in a pyramid scheme, the dollar was never truly “invested” but moved from one fool investor to another, much disappearing into the Deceiver’s pocket.

Cash dollars, helpful in emergencies, will only take you so far in this world. BUILD YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN. May the saving grace and true abundance of Lord Jesus be with you today and in the coming times.


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