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The Play Suddenly Stopped, This Make-Believe World Is Over!

September 17, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

I was on stage with actors in the midst of a stage play, though I did not seem to have a speaking part. When all of a sudden one of the actors, a woman, stopped giving her lines, abruptly, deciding she had had enough of this make-believe world, and left the stage in disgust. It was not a case of her forgetting her lines; she didn’t want to play anymore. There was momentary confusion on-stage, among the other actors. Then some of the others decided to do the same. They threw in the towel; the play was over. Looking out into the audience, I noticed it was packed, and they were in shock, and totally silent.

I left the stage after her, realizing the play was finished, and followed the woman, out through a door, into a well-lit hallway. She was standing in front of an elevator, and had pressed the button. The door opened and I was surprised to see some of the stage actors, also already inside the elevator car. The woman got in and I followed her, the door closed and we went down, many many floors. I then realized that the theater was in a high-rise office building. I had a feeling it was New York City!

Next thing I know I am back on the floor with the theater, and had reentered the stage itself, looking out into the audience, the hall was totally empty, now, everyone had left. Woke-up hearing “Write It Up.”


The stage play is the false world we live in and call reality. Some of us are tired of the lies, evil, false values and have decided to “stop playing the game”. The audience were like the sheeple, compliant, silent, auditors only. The end will come suddenly, and the play will be terminated forever, in a shock ending, that can not be resuscitated or revived.

This dream smells like the Kick-Off Event, as the office tower hallway, reminded me of the Empire State Building, when I visited it years ago. Pray for NYC!


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