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The Perfect Remnant/Bride in Action – Christian Robert

Vision: The Perfect Remnant/Bride in Action
May 26, 2019, 4:21 PM
Christian Robert

The Lord said in His Word “without a vision my people perish”.

Here is a young man, an unbeliever, asking Jesus Christ to show him a sign. He then fell asleep with the Bible under his pillow. The Lord answered him that night. He received a vision of the perfect remnant / bride in action.

This vision of the remnant in action blessed me, and I believe it may also be a blessing and source of encouragement to others. During my prayer time yesterday I felt prompted to share it. Here is his dream and the interpretation:

Dream Title: “I had a crazy dream last night. It might be connected to God?”

“To start off I must say I’m not a religious guy but I am very open minded. I pray that if Jesus is real if he can give me a sign. Last night I grabbed a Bible my mom had bought me awhile back and I was going to read it but I had been watching a secular movie and fell asleep. Before I fell asleep I placed the Bible under a pillow right next to me.

Then I had this dream.

It was early in the morning and I had walked into my mom’s room to tell her good morning. Her blinds were fully open and I looked outside, what I saw had frightened me. My mom asked what I was looking at. I said ‘You don’t see it?’ ‘The sun?’ she replied. I said ‘No… That’s the sun,’ and I pointed to the second ball in the sky. Then there were pretty big rocks falling from the sky, about the size of a small dog, but not a lot. My grandparents showed up out of nowhere (they live 15 minutes away from us.) They were all panicking and I said we have to go somewhere safe. I had told them that it was Wormwood which is a name I never used before. For some reason I also mentioned Martial Law and I’m not 100% sure what that is. I knew it was the beginning of the end… of everything. We quickly packed up everything we needed and we went outside. All of a sudden I didn’t know where my family was and I started freaking out, there were people running around panicking.

Then I saw this lady and her little girl holding hands and standing in the street. They were giving off a bright light. I walked over to them and the lady said ‘Don’t be afraid, you’re safe here.’ I held her hand and I was shining too. I was watching everything horrible that was happening, but while I was holding that lady’s hand I truly felt at peace and that everything was going to be okay.”

Here is the interpretation:

2nd Ball in the Sky: Nibiru or Planet X = the destroyer.
Grandparents: This is an indication of the timing of these events = while they are still alive.
Family Disappeared: Indication that in those days no person can help or protect you = ONLY Jesus can do that at this point. All people will be “alone” so to speak.
The Lady: The Remnant / Bride.
The Little Girl: The Baby Christians that will be saved during the great last harvest.
The Bright Light on the Lady: The glory of God on the Remnant / Bride.
The Peace of the Lady: She has NO FEAR despite all the awful things happening around her. More than that, she will be a source of peace for those close to her.
The young man shining after he held her hand: He received salvation through the remnant / bride in the very last second.

This dream is amazing.
It is kind of the story of an unbeliever delivering a vision to the chosen remnant / bride illustrating her future role and assignment, without having any knowledge or wisdom about the subject at hand, in order to encourage her to fulfill her calling, so that many unbelievers (like himself) will be saved during those days that will be shortened.

Truly, God’s ways are higher than man’s ways. What an awesome God we serve.

The message for the remnant here is this:

Look at this lady, she is a vision of your future role. Do not fear, you will be shining brightly with the glory of God, you will have supernatural peace, nothing will harm you, and many will be saved as you fulfill the calling that has been placed on you even before the foundations of the earth – to the glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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