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The People, The Slaughter House, The Mark of Distinction!

September 3, 2019 5:49:37 PM
Merab Olfert

I write this to you as I sit in the emergency care of a hospital here. I am waiting to see the eye specialist because my left eye has been painful and watery ever since yesterday morning. Bright light seems to be suddenly bothering me.

It started yesterday morning when I opened the curtains to the windows in my living room. Extreme pain hit me in my left eye and it was very hard for me to even go to sleep last night.

I prayed to Yahuah Father to heal me and after that I was able to sleep. This morning the pain was gone but my eye is still watering like crazy.

I still praise Yahuah Father for His presence never leaves me nor forsakes me. I am still peaceful. Very peaceful. Nothing disturbs my peace within.

I decided while I wait I will share another dream with you.

This dream is from 2011-2012.

In this dream I was in a movie theater. It had red chairs. Red chairs were very plush and extremely comfortable to sit in.

I wasn't there to sit and watch a movie.

I was lead to walk down the isle in the middle.... From the highest row of seats in the movie theater all the way to the front row close to the screen.

Then I was lead to go out the exit door to the right side of the screen and it took me outside the movie theater.

Now I was in the back of the building and saw myself standing on the side of dark mountain (as if something had burned on it so it looked like it was smoky, brown, gray, with dull light on it - imagine the dull light you see just before it goes totally dark at night).

So I look around and at a distance in this dull light I see a long queue of people of all ages. I ran upto them. I saw their faces. They were alive and walking in a queue, one behind another, bound in a rope of some sorts. They had no face expressions. Their faces were flat, droopy, all looking downwards and just walking up this mountain, one after another, following in each other's footsteps, never breaking the line. I realized that they were kind of hypnotized. They couldn't even think independently. They couldn't even question why they were bound or where they were going? No rational ability whatsoever.

I shake one person saying, "Wake up!" and he doesn't even lift up his face to look at me.

I go to another person ahead in this line and try to shake their hand and shoulder and no response.

Then I go to the third person further up in this line, then 4th person, then frantically I go to everyone in this line.... Try shaking them all up... And no one responds... No one even looks at me.

I yell - why don't you all listen to me??? Look at me!!! I am not bound like you.... Break away these chains on you... I can help you.... Let me pull these off of you.... It's easy.... Break away from this chain.... Can't you see.... Look at the me.... Look at me!

I got no response whatsoever.

I get frantic thinking this couldn't be right.... These people don't even know where they are going yet they just want to stay in this crazy lineup. I tried taking the chains off of some people but they resisted and fought me and held on to those chains very tightly.

It was amazing to me that those chains were even bound tightly on them.... They were so lose... Even a kid could easily pull them off and break away from this crazy lineup going to the top of the mountain.

Now since the people wouldn't listen I decided to run all the way to the top of the mountain and break the chain right there so people would not be pulled to the top by it.

I get to the top and see a shack there. These people were being pulled into the shack. It had a broken tin roof, broken windows, broken door and also the wooden planks on floor were broken in some places.

I saw two creatures there.

Body of a man, head of a wild boar.

They took the people in - one by one - lead them to a wall in that shack which they had broken.

Now they would stand the people on the edge of the broken wall of this shack, pick up the a large chopping blade and cut their heads off. They would roll the head out the wall, down the mountain, then they would remove their gold chain, gold earrings or whatever gold the people were wearing, pile up the gold to their left side - on the floor and then push the headless bodies of the people off the mountain.

I thought - "oh so they want the gold from the people."

Soon as I turned around one of these creatures stood right in my face and cornered me into the wall.

I quickly took the gold chain off of my neck and my gold earrings and my gold ring and put it before his face to take it and let me go.

Quite surprisingly he moved my hand down, stepped back and said - "You shouldn't be here. This places is not for you."

He didn't want my gold or my life or anything from me.

Then he lead me out of that shack and pointing me to a certain direction, said - "Go that way. That is your way."

The dream ended there.

In 2011-2012 I was in the prosperity gospel, fake gospel, false gospel move. I did not understand the true word of Yahuah Father and His Son Yashua. I literally did not know the truth even though I was a Christian all my life, born in a Christian household.

This is amazing grace and mercy of Yahuah Father that He showed me this dream during that time when I was steep into false gospel. Now I can witness that He had chosen me even from the very beginning regardless of me being in the wrong place. Atleast no one can tell me that this dream is of the thoughts of my own head. Truly this dream was Yahuah Father’s doing because of His great love for me.

I do feel for the people who are bound and won’t wake up no matter what we do. I understand that they will be lead to the house of destruction and eventually their ultimate end will be death at the hands of the beasts that are assigned to this task.

It is insightful to understand that the same beastly creature who would kill these people would have nothing to do with me. They do know those who are not to be in that place of death. I believe they can see some sort of mark that distinguishes the ones to be killed from the ones that are not to be killed.

In service to our Saviour and King – Yashua ha’Mashiach!

Sister in Yashua,


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