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The Path To Destruction

May 4, 2021 10:29 AM

Wherefore doth thou goeth oh lost soul, that wanders the earth in a daze and haphazardly? Thou hath traded thy birthright as a Son or Daughter of the Most High God, for a dish of lentils. Sit down, think it over, while there is still time to Repent. Look up, look at the horizon. Is all well with the world, humanity and nature? O Restless One!

You deceive yourself with denial, distraction, rebellion, haste, fear, hesitation, gluttony, intoxication, anger, lust, hate, pride… pointing the finger in every direction but at you, yourself. The sun sets on this age but you prefer the moon anyways. It hides your secrets, your sins. That all Heaven sees plainly and shudders in horror at your coming destruction.

And so to bed… your uneasy sleep disgorges chaotic dreams of guilt, confusion, morsels of the past unresolved, unrepented. Memories of family, friends, lost potential, mistaken directions taken over the course of your life, your refusal to do the Will of your Creator, to fulfill the mission that was given to you alone from all eternity. But you say I will awake to continue on my path next morning. Maybe Not? You Are Only Given Today!Tomorrow Is Not Promised To Anyone! Repent!


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